So how are smart speakers doing in Canada?

So how are smart speakers doing in Canada?
What about other tech? Here’s what Canadians own:

Televisions: 93% (23% own on with a screen 65 inches or bigger)
Smartphones: 86% (+6% from 2017; highest penetration is in Alberta with 92% and Ontario with 89%)
Laptop/notebook: 75%
Wireless headphones: 37% (+10%)
Wireless earbuds: 27% (+11%)
Action camcorders like GoPros: 21%
Smart watches: 14%
Smart thermostats: 13%
VR headsets: 7% (+6%)

More data can be found here. According to a new study by the Consumer Technology Association, smart speaker ownership is the fastest-growing tech segment in the country. A year ago, market penetration was around 3%. That lags far behind the US largely because smart speakers were late to the Canadian market. Now about 15% of Canadian households have at least one smart speaker like a Google Home or an Amazon Alexa product. We’ve heard plenty of data from the US and other countries about how quickly consumers are adopting smart speakers.  
  But what about in Canada?