Someone has written an entire album about Elon Musk.

Someone has written an entire album about Elon Musk.
Larry Lootsteen takes a look at something that might cheer Elon up. He’s had a rough couple of months, what with that errant tweet and all. [Poor Elon. It notes how he’s disrupted the fossil fuel industry with Tesla’s electric cars, solar roofs, and batteries. It asks whether Elon himself could be disrupted for disrupting such industries, with the recurring sonic motif of a Tesla door closing and a creepy robot saying “Elon?”
It looks at how the human race could be disrupted by an extinction event, as has happened to many other species in Earth’s history, hence the mission to Mars. It illustrates how he’s disrupted the space industry with SpaceX’s cheaper, reusable rockets. It touches upon how he disrupted the financial industry with what became PayPal. It disrupts sounds from SpaceX to make them into musical effects. It disrupts a Wikimedia Commons image of Elon to turn it into a wavetable synthesizer patch that plays the last note on the entire album. It disrupts Elon’s voice to make him talk in tune and in time along with the singing robots that appear throughout the album. So maybe it isn’t so surprising for a band to consider him a good subject for an album. Er, okay. – AC]
As humans go, Elon Musk can be impressive, elusive, confusing and inspirational. Enter musician Mat Ward. It warns how artificial superintelligence is on the cusp of disrupting the entire human race, hence his projects to try to fight it, Neuralink and OpenAI. The patch is included in the deluxe version of the album. I used AI tools to mix the album, which produced better results than my own mixing. While I was making the album, albums were released that were generated entirely by AI. It disrupted my outlook while I made it, as I went from being totally depressed about the future to thinking that this is actually an incredible time to be alive. While the whole album can be found here, let’s start with a single song. It’s living proof that musicians may be about to be disrupted by artificial intelligence. It posits that the mission to Mars could disrupt the entire human race by getting us to think beyond our divisions here on Earth. I quote:
The album is called Disrupted for many reasons: 

It charts the life story of probably the greatest disruptor of our times, Elon Musk.