Random music news for Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Spotify stock is really suffering. Donald Trump is not going to like this new song from Tim Heidecker called “Ballad of Incel Man.”
Now it’s Bon Jovi vs. Maybe. Is the next iPhone going to have a third camera? The concert industry will be worth at least $31 billion USD by 2022. Remember those AC/DC coins issued by The Royal Australian Mint? They’re now selling for big dollars on eBay. Wow. Still smart speakers. And this new smart speaker from Huawei that looks awfully familiar. Weekly Canadian music sales and streams vs. (Via Steve again)
A new BBC app hopes to attract more young listeners. Music news for All Hallow’s Eve Eve: October 30, 2018. (Via Steve)
A street in New York has been named after Steely Dan founder, Walter Becker. If you’re into High-Res Audio (and you should think about it), check out this cool new device. (Via Moe) Of that, $24 billion will be ticket sales. (One more from Steve)
Is Pearl Jam’s Vs album really 25 years old now? Why? Kim Kardashian. The new palm tree sign for the refurbished El Mocambo in Toronto will be hung and lit November 15. The biggest trend in consumer audio? this point last year: Total albums, -21.2%; digital albums, -19.6%; physical albums, -22.1%; CDs, -25.8%; vinyl albums, +28.1%; streams, +48.5% (1.516 billion streams last week). Samsung’s folding phone is almost here. Is DAB radio in Norway being threatened by the US Navy? (The story is Norwegian, but that’s what Google Translate is for.)
A member of the metal band Manowar has been arrested on child porn charges.
Random music news for Tuesday, October 30, 2018