Next Music from Tokyo: Volume 13 Comes to Canada This Week

You can hear them here. Four-piece otori’s unique sound blends no-wave, hardcore punk, krautrock, and noise. Taiwanese math-rock trio Elephant Gym recently signed with Topshelf Records and their performances here in Canada kick off their first-ever world tour. Here’s what they sound like. With each year since Next Music from Tokyo’s formation, Tanaka has proved again and again that music played with energy and passion can be appreciated by any audience. The second of five featured bands this year, Mass of the Fermenting Drugs (MOTFD), is the first band to make a third appearance. Since 2010, Toronto-based anesthesiologist Steven Tanaka has brought a different group of Japanese bands to Canada annually. This trio plays a ferocious and melancholic post-punk. This is what they sound like. This year, for the first time ever, Next Music from Tokyo features a band from outside Japan. They move effortlessly from smooth and technical to vicious and thunderous. Female math-rockers paranoid void from Osaka is known for impressive live performances. The annual tour introducing Canadians to innovative Japanese indie and underground music scenes returns this week. Elephant Gym has gained a significant following in Japan, making them a fitting choice in this edition’s lineup for NMFT. The band has an optimistic tone with intricate yet clean instrumentation. This is their second appearance at NMFT. Listen to them here. Check out their music here. He travels abroad multiple times a year to scout out the best possible lineup for each edition. Finally, UlulU, a garage rock revival trio has a sound similar to The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys. Here is the schedule for Next Music from Tokyo: Volume 13
October 5: Toronto @ Rivoli
October 6: Toronto @ Lee’s Palace
October 7: Montreal @ Le Ministère
October 10: Vancouver @ Biltmore Cabaret
For more information, you can check out the tour’s official website here.
Next Music from Tokyo: Volume 13 Comes to Canada This Week