New Music From The Inbox – Monday Edition! (Oct 15, 2018): SKRAECKOEDLAN, Mr. Koifish, TSVI, and more!

Not quite the kind of fire and brimstone you’d expect from a heavy Scandinavian group, but every bit as loud and impressive. You’d almost expect to see this tune performed on an electric drum kit, but the rudiments are so heavy that it could only be computer generated…right? Watch/Listen: 

Artist: Mr. The subtle acoustic guitar hidden amongst the forest of synths and percussion especially adds to the song’s effect – and before you know it, it’s gone. Koifish
Song: “Hang Our Coats”
Album/EP: Single

Even and shimmering indie pop with a decorum leaning partway between dispersed and minimalistic, “Hang Our Coats” is a deceptively bright tune despite the misleading sombreness in its vocoder vocals. Even the vocal register – you know the one, slightly nasally and high enough to belt for any voice range – fits the bill perfectly. Watch/Listen:  Elements of metal are present but take a backseat to the prodigal guitar displays, pulse-pounding drums, and grit. I’m posting them because stupid WordPress isn’t working for him. Watch/Listen: 

Artist: After the Calm
Song: “Stuck on Repeat”
Album/EP: Single

Good-old-fashioned mid-2000s-era heavy pop punk with a strong emo leaning, “Stuck on Repeat” will help fill that My Chemical Romance-size hole that previous generations of screamo left us. Watch/Listen: 

Artist: TSVI
Song: “Hossam”
Album/EP: Inner Worlds

Now this is interesting. A primarily percussive song with hardly a hint of traditional melody or songwriting structure, “Hossam” is all about pattern fluctuation, syncopation, and varying metre to produce an incredibly fascinating and compelling modern techno track. Anyone want to help out with these annoying ERROR_500s? – AC]

Hardcore heavy rock with a monumental, grandiose, gothic tone, this Swedish export feels oh so characteristically rugged and grim. [Mat Kahansky is back with more music recommendations.
Koifish, TSVI, and more! New Music From The Inbox – Monday Edition! (Oct 15, 2018): SKRAECKOEDLAN, Mr.