Has the EP mortally wounded the album? Maybe.

Maybe. Has the EP mortally wounded the album?
Artists are now releasing new music like social media posts on sites like SoundCloud. If it seems like more acts are releasing EPs over the last few years, it’s not your imagination. Instead, they’ll throw out a random single that may or may not be tied to any forthcoming album. Keep reading. The music industry has basically become its own form of social media, as fans have come to expect rapid fire releases from their favorite artists, and it’s changing the way we experience musical media. “Luminous moose” aside, he’s not alone. Hypebot looks at the rise of the EP and the decline of the LP. Beck just did it a few years back with the tandem of “Dreams” and “Wow,” well before he included them on his eventual album Colours. Thanks to digital streaming, YouTube, Record Store Day, and any other distribution platform out there not named MTV, more than ever, music comes at us fast, furious, and in bite-sized pieces. Artists don’t take time off between albums anymore. The new economy of the music industry makes releasing an EP a smarter financial move.