The latest hip-hop rich list is out. Guess who’s on top?

Guess who’s on top? The latest hip-hop rich list is out.
  Dre: $35 million
6. 1. Future: $30 million
10. Jay-Z: $76.5 million in earnings over the last year. With their latest list of hip-hop stars, Jay-Z was ranked first, leaping past Diddy, who was number one last year. J. All figures are in US dollars. Kanye West: $27.5 million
Find the entire Top 20 here. 2. Cole: $35.5 million
6. Dr. Kendrick Lamar: $58 million
4. Diddy: $64 million
3. The people at Forbes have a thing about estimating the earnings of celebrities. Nas: $35 million
8. Here’s how things look. Drake: $47 million
5. Pitbull: $32 million