Random music news for Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Random music news for Wednesday, September 5, 2018
Here are tips on how to maintain your mental health. It’s coming to London. (BTS and Love Yourself: Answer was #1 with 141,000 copies.)
I guess Jon Rich of the country duo Big & Rich won’t be buying Nike gear anymore. Robbie Williams. Yesterday was Google’s 20th birthday. They’re seeking to dismiss a $60 million supplier lawsuit. What’s a person to do? Are you a struggling musician? So many podcasts, so little time. Worst neighbours in the world: Jimmy Page vs. this time last year: Total albums, -19%; digital albums, -20.7%; digital tracks, -22.5%; physical albums, -17.9%; CDs, -21.9%; vinyl, +40.6%; streams, +51% (1.094 billion streams)
Be careful what you tweet lest you think that Linkin Park is going to name a replacement for Chester Bennington. (Via Tom. ABBA dinner theatre? Were Freddie Mercury still alive, he would have turned 72 today. And on that topic, Alice in Chains’ Rainer Fog debuted at #2 on US SoundScan by selling less than 29,000 units. He’s back.) It was possible to make the Top 10 on the US SoundScan charts this week by selling less than 7,000 physical units. Troubles continue for bankrupt Gibson Guitars. Here’s how much things have changed. The fight continues. “Is my record collection trying to kill me?”
Could this be the future of home entertainment? In India, 17 women were rescued from an “orchestra band” which abused them sexually. The manager of Mastodon is battling pancreatic cancer. And in music news for September 5, 2018…

Canadian music sales and streams vs. It took all of 556 records to make the Top 200. Watch this.