Random music news for Monday, September 3, 2018

Did Drake sleep with Kim Kardashian? (Via Andrew)
What does Elon Musk and Tesla have in common with Spinal Tap? I plan to do no labour at all today–except maybe a little reporting on the music news for September 3, 2018. All this appreciated, but you should go outside and play.)
If you’ve got a kid and really, really want to go to a concert, don’t do this. How about 70,000 Tons of Metal? Abbey Road has undergone an upgrade to be more accessible and user-friendly. Why would anyone labour in radio? Here are some interesting stats about things like radio listening and podcasting. Tom took that advice and is now enjoying his Labour Day.)
A German train network had this idea about music, but it’s given up. Even though he’s dead, the new AC/DC album will feature guitar parts from Malcolm Young. Again, apparently. So Gwyneth Paltrow is really still Gwyneth Martin? (Still more Tom)
Can you imagine having a lifelong earworm? Let’s count the reasons. Even though she died without a will, it looks like Aretha Franklin’s estate will go to her four sons. I love this ex-punk rocker who’s running for the US Senate in Texas against Ted Cruz. That’s the thread of a weird Twitter theory. (And even more Tom)
Even Buckingham Palace played Aretha Franklin on the day of her funeral. (Tom? This. (Via Fred)
Looking for a cruise this winter? (Tom again)
A San Jose Sharks defensemen has gone all orchestral. (Via Moe. Apparently. Labour Day. Smash Mouth’s “All-Star” was written about climate change and anti-intellectualism? Nice of Vladimir Putin to show up to this singer’s funeral. Could it be a microwave weapon behind the Cuban sonic attacks? The Village Voice, New York’s 63-year-old alternative newspaper, is shutting down completely. Here’s one of his songs. (Via Tom)
If you were ever a fan of the band Streetheart (I’m from Winnipeg, so it was required), this will warm your heart.
Random music news for Monday, September 3, 2018