How much do you know about music torrents? This infographic will help.

How much do you know about music torrents? This infographic will help.
So can you torrent in a way that your activity won’t be tracked? Now, the majority of listeners prefer to use apps like Spotify for a steady stream of their favorite tunes. VPNs allow you to browse securely so that your traffic is inconspicuous and can’t be tracked, even if you are torrenting. [A guest post from Zach. Gone are the days of Napster and Limewire. Many people criticize torrenting, while others see nothing wrong with it. – AC]
here do you get your music from? Others prefer something along the lines of Soundcloud, where they can upload any content — including their own — to curate playlists for themselves or others that follow them. Still, some like to torrent their music. What people fail to realize is that it’s really a matter of privacy: The fact that your internet service provider can throttle or even cancel your service if you use sites like BitTorrent is an invasion of basic internet privacy. Yes, and it’s called using a VPN. Finding a VPN that supports torrenting, however, takes some research. Please include attribution to with this graphic. Here is what to look for:

Jurisdiction – You want a VPN with IP addresses outside the US
Logging Policy – You want a VPN that doesn’t maintain logs
Speed – You want a VPN that downloads files fast
Torrenting Policy – Most importantly, you want a provider that permits torrenting

To learn more about how torrenting works, and how you can do it safely, check out the infographic below.