Do NOT commit these music store faux pas

Do NOT commit these music store faux pas
But unless you’ve ever had to sit around a music store for hours listening to the same amateurish beats from dozens of (non-buying) customers, you wouldn’t understand. Can anyone confirm or deny?)
To avoid any further embarrassment, watch this Loudwire video. Do NOT be like these guys. Back when I worked at a drum store, we had an unofficially policy about customers who wanted to play a kit on the floor:

No “When the Levee Breaks.”
No “Walk This Way”
No “Rock’n’Me”

True, this was a bit prickish. (Rumour has it that Mike Meyers was thinking of Steve’s Music on Queen Street in Toronto when he wrote that scene. To put it another way…

Wayne’s World might have been just a movie, but it’s based on real-life experiences.