As if the whole QAnon nonsense wasn’t crazy enough, a musical connection has emerged

As if the whole QAnon nonsense wasn’t crazy enough, a musical connection has emerged
“Q chose this song for a very, very meaningful reason. Because an adherent from Ireland asked Q to suggest a song for his wedding that he might be dedicated to the movement. From there, the post talks about connections to China, Hillary’s emails and more. First, an introduction to QAnon. According to this interpretation of the bread crumbs, the song acts to call out Joe Biden for what he REALLY knows. Under the names The Great Awakening and The Storm, this is where phrases like “deep state” and “paedophile ring” come up. Wikipedia has a good summary of what QAnon followers believe and where all this came from. Normally I stay away from batshit crazy Internet conspiracy theories like QAnon, but now that there’s a weird music connection, I feel like I have to take a look–if only to highlight how bonkers this batshit-ness is. “Pain,” it says, “is coming.”
UPDATE: There’s now another music connection. It might be instructive to watch the play count of this particular video. Born deep within 4chan, this is a complicated conspiracy theory that first appeared in October 2017 put forth by a person known only as Q or “Q Clearance Patriot.” This source–thought to be an American inside the US Government–claims to have access to all sorts of classified information that’s being kept by both the Trump administration and its foes. Why has this obscure alt-rock song from the 90s been adopted by the QAnon community? “Pizzagate“

It goes on, but you get the idea. Pay attention to the first few seconds of the video. Hey, hey, Joe, Joe
Whatcha know, whatcha know? Kim Jong-Un is actually a CIA puppet. Meanwhile, they’re also involved in the above-mentioned child sex trafficking ring. Former DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz hired MS-13, the notorious El Salvadorean gang, to murder DNC staff member Seth Rich. What is he trying to tell us?”

“When in the action?” What does that mean? Hey, hey, Joe, Joe
Whatcha know, whatcha know? Are people actually buying into this? Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and George Soros are planning a coup. Someone following this situation closely pointed out to me that there’s now an odd musical connection involving this 1993 song from a short-lived industrial group called Dink. Some suggest that members of the US military have used the song to get pumped up before going into battle. For some reason, this song has taken off amongst the QAnon faithful. There’s an even deep examination of the song’s relevance. When Q returned with Dink’s “Green Mind,” the community exploded. Go deeper and you’ll run into the following:

The biggest names in Hollywood (including Tom Hanks and Stephen Spielberg) are involved in an international paedophile ring.