Jack White Takes a Knee in New Concert Film

Jack White Takes a Knee in New Concert Film
Jack White: Kneeling at the Anthem D.C., coming out Friday, September 21st exclusively via Amazon is a combined rockumentary and six-track live EP, recorded when the Third Man Records boss played the US capital early in the Boarding House Reach tour. White believes we’re all “Connected by Love“, but has made no secret of his disdain for the toxic presence currently stinking up the White House. premiere will include a Q and A with Malloy, whose name Canadian fans may recognize from him previously doing Under Great White Northern Lights (which celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2019, hard to believe). Mr. September 18th is my wife’s birthday, Jack – I haven’t got her a gift yet and she’s a big fan, so if you want to fly us out to be among the first to see your Kneeling at the Anthem D.C., we can make ourselves available! Hmm, maybe he’ll pull another Kanye like he did at TIFF. Between a pair of shows at the less-than-one-year-old venue, White and his crackerjack backing band also paid a surprise visit to Woodrow Wilson high school, where students jammed out with Jack on “Seven Nation Army” in a video that went pretty viral at the time. You can RSVP here, and the L.A. Icky Trump, anyone? The Instagram-worthy moment was professionally captured by director Emmett Malloy as part of this new package, which has its own drool-inducing trailer:

While there were no reports of Jack White actually kneeling during either show as if he was trying to be the Colin Kaepernick of alt-rock, unlike his new BFF Eddie Vedder last year, the title he’s chosen is sure to ruffle a few feathers. For any readers in La-la-land, a free screening is being held on Tuesday, September 18th at Ace Hotel. White isn’t scheduled to be in attendance, although he does not have a concert date that night. Well, not literally.

Foo Fighters facilitate mother-daughter act in Vancouver (except it wasn’t a mother-daughter act)

Foo Fighters facilitate mother-daughter act in Vancouver (except it wasn’t a mother-daughter act)
Madi Duncan and Roxanne Engli are not related, but they do share this bonding experience. If you’ve been following the Foo Fighters Concrete and Gold Tour, you’ll know that Dave has been bringing members from the audience up onstage to perform with the band. Nope. In Vancouver, though, the band went for a duet that was originally identified as a mother-daughter trick. We’ve seen a bunch of kids, some dudes and a woman or two.

Random music news for Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Random music news for Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Another 36 hours or so should do it. Meanwhile, I’ve found some music news for September 12, 2018, that has nothing to do with today’s Apple event. Still lost in the Far East, but I think I’ve found a way out of here. Thirty years ago, acid house swamped the UK. Alexa: helping bad parents since 2017. This collection of flyers explains a lot.

More Music From The Inbox 12 Sept 2018 Sun-El, Big Red Machine, The Radio Dept and More!

Artist: Sun-El Musician, “The Wave”  
Album: Africa To The World

Beat brilliance out of KwaZulu Natal
Sounds like:  it’s building

Artist: Big Red Machine, “Air Stryp”
Album: Big Red Machine

A side project from Aaron Dessner and Justin Vernon
Sounds like:  digital flight

Artist: The Radio Dept., “Going Down Swinging”
Album: N/A

Timely stuff from a recent years favourite
Sounds like:  the politics of shoegaze

Artist: Villagers, “A Trick of the Light”
Album: Fool

Ireland is home to this awesome talent
Sounds like:  slow, low jam

Artist: Thus Owls, “Future/Past”  
Album: The Mountain That We Live Upon

More to come from this Sweden/Canada connection
Sounds like:  looking both ways before crossing time

Artist: Foxhole, “After The Walk”
Album: Well Kept Thing

Back with new tunes after a dozen year hiatus
Sounds like:  stories to tell
More Music From The Inbox 12 Sept 2018 Sun-El, Big Red Machine, The Radio Dept and More!

Devices are turning teens into anti-social screen drones

Devices are turning teens into anti-social screen drones

[Another sidebar: Back in the day, request lines at radio stations were jammed with teens trying to make requests or win contests. You KNOW that I’m driving to meet you! Read the analysis at Axios. CALL ME ON THE FREAKIN’ PHONE so I can answer you via Bluetooth. Hell, people won’t even call on the phone anymore. [Side note about something that grinds my gears: If I’m meeting you for something and you’re wondering where I am, DON’T TEXT ME. Today, banks of phone lines go empty because no one calls anymore. I texted you.” You flippin’ moron. It’s all about texting. When I finally show up, DO NOT say “Where were you? Rant over.]
Take a look at this chart detailing how today’s teens prefer to communicate. Does no one value face time (NOT FaceTime) anymore? Texts? From my totally unscientific anecdotal empirical research (can I even say that?), fewer and fewer people prefer to communicate face-to-face. This isn’t a “hey-you-kids-get-off-my-lawn” post, but it’s close. It’s not that they’re not listening (ratings data says they are but because they won’t use a phone to make a call. We now get plenty of those.]
I find this kinda frightening.

What makes these artists and their songs great? Let’s break it down.

But what, exactly, do those songs possess that make them that way? (Thanks to Walter for the links.) These two instructional breakdowns help explain a lot. Most of know a great song when we hear it.
What makes these artists and their songs great? Let’s break it down.

Rock My World Canada, Chapter 3: The Dead South

Get your copy here. With gritty vocals, soaring harmonies, blazing banjo licks, and prominent cello melodies, The Dead South blends elements of folk, bluegrass, classical, and rock which results in a unique, modern, and authentic blend of toe-tapping acoustic music. Follow on Facebook and Twitter, too. While The Dead South’s signature blend of bluegrass and classic folk is familiar, it’s also eminently fresh; fueled by the kind of energy and ethic you’d associate with a punk band. [Mike Carr has put together a massive volume on Canadian music history entitled Canadian Alternative & Indie Reference and Collector’s Guide. – The Dead South

Find out more about Gandharvas and hundreds of other Canadian artists in the softcover edition of Canadian Alternative & Indie Reference and Collector’s Guide. This is the latest excerpt from his book. – AC]

The Dead South is a four-piece acoustic ensemble based in Regina, Saskatchewan. It’s an incredible discography of hundreds of bands. “A lot of our inspiration comes from an old school feel, but our sound is an amalgamation of the music we all like, and the punk influence is definitely there,” says vocalist/guitarist Nate Hilts.
Rock My World Canada, Chapter 3: The Dead South

Geeks and Beats podcast, episode 200: Zombie

Geeks and Beats podcast, episode 200: Zombie
But we still have our fixed costs. How far back does the “cover song” go? If you’d like to support the show (please?) go here. The geeks look back at its unusual origin, famous modern-day covers, and the surprisingly sexist original version of Aretha Franklin’s greatest musical contribution to feminism. Also: Alan Cross gives marital advice. Make us feel loved

Reddit By the way, we’re a total non-profit operation that performs this selfless service for benefit of all humanity. Listen now! http://media.blubrry.com/geeksandbeats/p/www.geeksandbeats.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/S06E02-Zombie.mp3
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Visit the Geeks and Beats website to sample all kinds of geeky goodness provided daily by our crack staff of writers and contributors who are offering up fascinating content every single day. But why? Plus, Dolores O’Riordan’s final hour before The Cranberries singer’s tragic death in January and the heavy metal cover song she was supposed to contribute to the next day.

A member of Pussy Riot hospitalized in critical condition. Was he poisoned by Putin’s people?

According to Nikulshina, Verzilov started feeling unwell shortly after a court hearing on Tuesday. They said they can’t admit her. More here. In 2012, Tolokonnikova, Maria Alyokhina, and Yekaterina Samutsevich became international celebrities when they were tried and convicted of “premeditated hooliganism performed by an organized group of people motivated by religious hatred or hostility.” During the trial, Verzilov presented himself as Pussy Riot’s “producer.” In this role, he helped generate global media attention for the group, recruiting dozens of world-famous musicians to pledge their support to Pussy Riot. They kept pointing at this sheet of paper, saying that they can’t disclose [any information] until the patient signs a release himself, but he’s unconscious,” Verzilov’s friend told Meduza. “[At the hospital] they said they don’t have the right to disclose any information… They sent her away and were rude. That time may have come. Pyotr Verzilov is currently receiving treatment at the toxicology wing of Moscow’s Bakhrushin City Clinical Hospital. On the way [to the hospital], in the ambulance, he was already babbling. they suddenly moved Verzilov to the hospital’s toxicology wing.   At six in the evening, he laid down to rest. He’s begun to lose his site, his ability to speak and overall mobility. Here is the band’s statement in full:
‘First it was his vision, then his speech, and then his legs’ Pussy Riot member Pyotr Verzilov is hospitalized in critical condition and friends fear he was poisoned
Pyotr Verzilov, a member of Pussy Riot and one of the publishers of the independent news website Mediazona, was hospitalized in critical condition late on September 11. Pyotr Verzilov became a public figure in Russia in the late 2000s as a member of the “Voina” artist-activist group, where he performed demonstrations with his then-wife, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova. You have to admire the group’s dedication, especially when you consider how many of Putin’s enemies have been, threatened, hurt, assassinated or disappeared. Pussy Riot has been poking the Russian bear with a very sharp stick for years. Take the case of how Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned with radioactive tea. The Novichok poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal. Staff refused to tell her if he’d been diagnosed with “poisoning,” explaining that her status as his common-law wife “doesn’t entitle her to any rights.” “The doctor only said that his condition was serious, but his behavior was improving and he’d started responding to his own name,” Nikulshina said. […] He fell into such a half-asleep, half-unconscious state that he stopped responding to me and didn’t even recognize me anymore,” Veronika Nikulshina told Meduza. Arrests, show trials, jailing, and time in a gulag hasn’t stopped the members from speaking out against the thuggish Vladimir Putin, his state-sponsored Russian Mafia buddies, and all his cronies dedicated to keeping the kleptocracy alive. First it was his vision, then his ability to speak, and then his ability to walk,” she told Meduza. A long list of anti-Putin journalists. Pytor Verzilov, a member of the band and the publisher of the band’s website is now in hospital in critical condition. In 2014, Tolokonnikova and Alyokhina established the news website Mediazona, with Verzilov as its publisher. His partner, Veronika Nikulshina, told Meduza that he’s started losing his sight, speech, and mobility. “When the paramedics arrived, he answered all their questions, saying, ‘No, I didn’t eat anything. No, I didn’t take anything.’ He was getting worse even faster, and then he started convulsing. Nikulshina says the doctors’ original analysis “didn’t turn up anything bad,” but around 1 a.m. Two hours later, when Nikulshina got home, Verzilov “woke up and said he was starting to lose his sight.” “Between eight and ten, his condition got exponentially worse. And that’s just a start. Verzilov’s friends told Meduza that his mother came to the hospital on the evening of September 12, but staff wouldn’t let her see her son, and even refused to describe his condition or inform her about his preliminary diagnosis. (More here.)
How long would it be before someone in Pussy Riot suffered the same fate?
Was he poisoned by Putin’s people? A member of Pussy Riot hospitalized in critical condition.

RIP iPhone X, aged 1 year. Thoughts about the prices on the new iPhones?

Thoughts about the prices on the new iPhones? RIP iPhone X, aged 1 year.
A lot. The answer? Wow, huh? You? Should you choose to pre-order tomorrow (for the iPhone XS and XS Max; the XR will be available for ordering on October 19), here’s what you’re looking at in terms of Canadian pricing:
iPhone XR (aka the “budget” iPhone)

64 GB: $1,029
128 GB: $1,099
256 GB: $1,239

The iPhone XS (aka the closest thing to a direct replacement for the iPhone X, which is dead)

64 GB: $1,379
256 GB: $1,589
512 GB: $1,859

The iPhone XS Max (aka the plus size model)

64 GB: $1,519
256 GB: $1,729
512 GB: $1,999

Add in tax (which brings the price of the most expensive model to $2,259) plus Apple Care, you’re looking at a phone that costs a touch over $2,500. We heard plenty about 7-nanometre chips, super high-res displays, a better camera, dual sim capability and yada, yada, yada–but HOW MUCH ARE THE DAMN THINGS GOING TO COST? I think I’ll be fine with my discontinued iPhone X for a while. When Apple unveiled their new iPhones on Wednesday–the iPhones XR, XS and XS Max–the company wasn’t totally forthcoming during the presentation about how much the new devices cost.

New Music From The Inbox: First Aid Kit, Alexandra Streliski, Rina Sawayama, and more!


Artist: Rina Sawayama
Song: Cherry
Cinematic, sparkling pop music with groovy vibes a sugar rush of a chorus. Watch/Listen:

Artist: First Aid Kit
Song Rebel Heart
Album: Tender Offerings
Heart thumping folk music with riveting harmonies from Swedish sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg. Watch/Listen: It “was written in the desert after a night of experimenting with an Oujia Board and other occult themed board games,” and that darkness seeps through in the haunting melodies. Their new album is out on September 14th! Watch/Listen:

Artist: Sasha Sloan
Song: The Only
A brooding, catchy anthem for the lonely people of the world! Artist: Alexandra Streliski
Song: Changing Winds
Album: Inscape
A stirring, emotive, heartbreakingly beautiful piano composition. Watch/Listen:

Artist: Art D’ecco
Song: Nobody’s Home
Album: Trespasser
This bass driven  indie-pop song is dark, quirky, and most importantly a whole lot of fun!
New Music From The Inbox: First Aid Kit, Alexandra Streliski, Rina Sawayama, and more!

And now, robotic music played by actual robots

Techno has always been music made with machines. More here. Man machine indeed. In this case, though, we have actual machines making the music. When Skynet finally gets birthed, this is what our new robot masters will be dancing to on weekends.
And now, robotic music played by actual robots

Nickelback covered Metallica and are getting high praise for it

Nickelback is a lightning rod for hate, something that I maintain is completely unhinged and undeserved–at least at the levels at which it is projected at the band. Now, though, Nickelback’s Metallica cover is making some hater say “You know something? This is pretty good.”

Fuck. #sadbuttrue https://t.co/VYbXr15cMF
— Comfort, Revenge (@kristinelevine) September 11, 2018

See/hear for yourself. — Cody Paysinger [+] (@_cpay) September 9, 2018

Done making fun of Nickelback. Now I actually have to say I like something nickleback has done. They won me. https://t.co/EtCk53hp8c
— RuineR (@x_LifeRuiner) September 8, 2018

I’m convinced Nickelback should release a cover album of Metallica songs.
Nickelback covered Metallica and are getting high praise for it

Ever lose yourself in music and then find hours have gone by? Why does that happen?

The mind gets hijacked and when you finally come out of it, hours may have gone by.   You really should keep reading. Nearly two centuries ago, the composer anticipated the neurological underpinnings of time perception that science has underscored in the past few decades. The sensation was powerful, visceral, overwhelming. Although I’ve learned to manipulate subjective time, I still stand in awe of Schubert’s unparalleled power. I was at a performance of Schubert’s String Quintet in C major. When the music is right, it’s easy to get lost in some sort of fugue, the kind where time seems to contract. Why does this happen? During the second movement I had the unnerving feeling that time was literally grinding to a halt. It has been my goal ever since to compose music that usurps the perceived flow of time and commandeers the sense of how time passes. It was a life-changing moment, or, as it felt at the time, a life-changing eon. One evening, some 40 years ago, I got lost in time. The human brain, we have learned, adjusts and recalibrates temporal perception. Let’s go to this article from Medium.com.
Ever lose yourself in music and then find hours have gone by? Why does that happen?

We could be looking at a new standard called “HD-Vinyl”

We could be looking at a new standard called “HD-Vinyl”
Read more at Digital Music News. Why bother? One term that’s being thrown around is HD-Vinyl, records created by a new laser-guided process that allegedly results in a longer-playing record with better fidelity than anything we see today. That’s about to change. To keep the vinyl train running, of course. Labels love the high margins they get on the stuff. Some new upgraded specifications are sorely needed. The standards for the manufacture of vinyl records have served us well, but because of the rise of the CD in the 80s and 90s, none of those standards have been revised since 1978. All recorded music formats are made to international standards. With vinyl sales into their 11th year of double-digit growth, the recording industry has decided that it’s time to bring the old manufacturing standards into the 21st century. And yes, it has to be backward-compatible for turntables and styluses used today. But like what? This way we know that a CD/tape/vinyl album recorded and manufactured in Indonesia will work on equipment anywhere in the world. The goal is to create a premium level of vinyl above whatever we have for premium today.