Random music news for Monday, September 10, 2018

Not one bit. John Lennon now has his own US postal stamp. Difference is, they didn’t like it. Then try folk music. Take a look at Jammber. It was just last week that we heard Mastodon’s manager had pancreatic cancer. Fornite Monopoly. Pussy Riot: In jail AGAIN. Are you a musician/composer who isn’t getting the credit you deserve when it comes to projects to which you’ve contributed? Not everyone is happy about that. Got a drought? He’s now passed away. No rain? An interesting juxtaposition in gaming, no? Like this. And long before Colin Kaepernick helped Nike boost sales, the Beatles did it. Apple has just released 116 charts tracking music popularity on its platforms. Ram horn rock stars. I’m now somewhere in the Far East, which means it’s actually Tuesday for me (damn dateline time travel), but for everyone back home, this is your regular music news dispatch for Monday, September 10, 2018. Score an EGOT for John Legend, Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber
Olivia Newton-John is fighting cancer for the third time. What keeps Paul McCartney writing songs at age 76? (Via Bobby)
This fall is all going to be about things having to do with Led Zeppelin’s 50th anniversary. And the “most-trusted” audio/video streaming service is… Really? Let’s ask. Twitter and Periscope now have audio-only live broadcasts. Wait–what?
Random music news for Monday, September 10, 2018

New Music from the Inbox for September 10, 2018: TV COMA, Elle King, Super City, & More!

New Music from the Inbox for September 10, 2018: TV COMA, Elle King, Super City, & More!

  This song, the lead single, is a catchy, sass-filled song. Watch:

Artist: Elle King
Song: “Shame”
Album: Single

Gearing up for the release of her second studio album next month, Elle King continues to make the bluesy, soulful music that she’s known for. Watch:

Artist: Super City
Song: “Hurry”
Album: Single

Based out of Baltimore, this alternative five-piece is known for their unique sound that blends heavy rock and danceability to create catchy music. Listen here. Watch:

Song: “Hvernig kemst ég upp?”
Album: Single

If you enjoy dark, goth post-punk, you will definitely want to check out Iceland’s KÆLAN MIKLA. It’s a fun, tongue-in-cheek track. Artist: TV COMA
Song: “Trudy”
Album: Single

UK quartet TV Coma just released the video for their new single “Trudy”, a power-pop track that the band says is “inspired by quinoa and sadness”. Their second album is set for release early next month. Artist: Lizzies
Song: “No Law City”
Album: Single

Spanish band Lizzies are full of pure power, fury, and hard rock. Artist: SKEGSS
Song: “Stop”
Album: Single

This Australian surf-punk band just released their debut album and plans to tour the US in 2019. Listen here. Their bright, upbeat music brings the feeling of sunny weather of their hometown Byron Bay to us as we enter the fall and winter in the Northern Hemisphere. This first single from their upcoming third album fuses melody and melancholy.

Cool! The museum of forgotten sounds.

Here’s a sample. For example, if you’re of a certain age, you’ll be familiar with the squawks of a dial-up modem connecting with a host. Just as the music of the past provides a window on how the world used to work, so do once-ubiquitous sounds that have been squeezed out of existence by technology and obsolescence. And then there’s the sound of re-spooling the loose tape in a cassette using a pencil. Or the warble of a fax machine. These sounds tell us what the world used to be like for everyday people. Museums collect and protect all kinds of physical artefacts. ; Damn, I just got all weirdly nostalgic…

CONSERVE THE SOUND – Teaser from CHUNDERKSEN on Vimeo. Or the sound of a rotary dial phone made. This is where an online museum called Conserve the Sound comes in. This online museum is different in that it looks preserve forgotten sounds. If you’re under 25, it’s possible you’ve never heard the clack of a typewriter.
Cool! The museum of forgotten sounds.

BBC changes their iconic theme for the World News Service. I don’t like this kind of change.

  Because I spend so much traveling to different parts of the world–in fact, I’m writing this in the EVA business lounge at Taoyuan International Airport in Taipei–I like to maintain a relationship with certain universal touchstones. “The experience of listening live is still strong and our audience is growing, so I wanted it to say that serious and authoritative news is still at the heart of the World Service.”
Maybe it’ll grow on me. While there are compositional and stylistic nods to the old theme (gotta get the time pips in there!), the new one sounds a little too…chipper to my ears. (If you listen to my stuff on the radio, you can probably guess which bespoke pieces are BBC World News theme derivatives. But why fix something that wasn’t broke? I know that I’ve connected to something familiar when I hear the World Service theme, which I still believe to be the best news theme anywhere on the globe,

When looking for and commissioning pieces for my own radio projects, I’ve often looked to this BBC composition for inspiration. For example, I find it comforting to be able to turn on a TV almost anywhere on the planet and get my news from the BBC World Service. No gravitas, you know? From The Guardian:
“Musical identity is important to a station, not just for hunting for it on the airwaves, but to give a sense of what the station is about,” said [BBC controller Mary] Hockaday. VERY major key. I make no apologies for that, either.)
Well, the BBC has just mucked it up. The English language World Service has a new theme.
I don’t like this kind of change. BBC changes their iconic theme for the World News Service.

The Internet is forever: Remembering Donald Trump’s nasty tweets about rapper Mac Miller

Jesus, Trump really did tweet a lot about the late Mac Miller, didn’t he https://t.co/EYzhVuMWGw pic.twitter.com/xwkQwylBTX
— Asawin Suebsaeng (@swin24) September 9, 2018

In case you missed it, here’s the song. It looks like it. He really didn’t like Mac. The guy did have issues), the Internet has coughed up a series of unsavory tweets about Mac by one Donald Trump. While the hip-hop world is still attempting to come to terms with the sudden death of rapper Mac Miller (An OD?
The Internet is forever: Remembering Donald Trump’s nasty tweets about rapper Mac Miller

Random music news for Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Random music news for Tuesday, September 11, 2018
The guy’s done TONS in the business (like playing the riffs on Michael Jackon’s “Beat It”) so it should be a good read. Speaking of books, Toto’s Steve Lukather has a new memoir. Apparently. I mean, REALLY sure? It is VERY tough to be in the concert business in Israel these days. (Via Tom)
What does America’s only deaf football team do during the national anthem? If you’re a fan of Kate Bush, you might want to look into this new book of her lyrics. Seriously? That’s not a dumb question. What’s the right font for your band? Ever hear the name Ron Delsener? That’s not a bad number, but a far cry from the old days. Are you sure you want to be a YouTube star? Emimen sold 252,000 physical copies of his Kamikaze album in the US its first week out. Here’s what’s making music news. If you’ve ever gone to any kind of concert, you should know about him. Maybe he’ll explain his whole involvement in the PornHub Awards. This guy is making six figures annually by teaching online guitar lessons. Here’s a look at music streams year-to-date. Professor Kanye? Nice gig. It’s even more difficult when it falls on a Tuesday, just like it did back in 2001. Analysis here. September 11 is always a difficult date. (Via Moe)
Canadian music sales and streams vs. Here’s why. Next up for the Westboro Baptist Church? So does this mean we’re getting closer to the new Tool album? If Trump forces Apple to build iPhones in the US, watch prices spike up. Here’s another remembrance of The Who’s Keith Moon, 40 years after he died at age 32. Apple Music has fixed the way it displays albums and singles. Fall Out Boy. This. this time last year: Total albums, -19.1%; digital albums, -20.0%; physical albums, -18.6%; CDs, -22.5%; digital tracks, -22.6%; vinyl, +38.5%; streams, +50.6% (1.116 billion streams last week). Smart speakers could have nearly 50% market penetration in the US after this Christmas. Read more here. How streaming is changing everything about music. Read this first.

New Music From The Inbox – Tuesday Edition! (Sep 11, 2018): WOOZE, David Philips, Art d’Ecco, and more!

True-to-form classic rock revival that would delight any fan from the 60s to 80s, the latest release from unstoppable torch bearers Greta Van Fleet continues to deliver. Overlaid vocals, intertwined guitars and synths, and a general raucous cacophony of blitzing sound really makes for quite the ride. Sounds exactly like the kind of song the real trouble child with blare. An amazing second offering from British/Korean duo WOOZE, bet on more greatness from this group soon. Androgynous vocals, anchoring bass, and shimmering synths tie together this lifting tune. Watch/Listen: 

Artist: Greta Van Fleet
Song: “Watching Over”
Album/EP: Anthem of the Peaceful Army

Oh boy, if you haven’t heard about this band’s meteoric rise then where have you been lately. Watch/Listen: 

Artist: Rotten Mind
Song: “Trouble Child”
Album/EP: Fading Into Oblivion

Dark and anxious rock with plenty of angst to bear, “Trouble Child” flirts with gothic and emo themes while staying firmly rooted in full post-punk form – fretting, caterwauling guitar, droning vocals, dissonant backing and all. Swishy hi-hats, sprightly synths, and a rocking bass that just doesn’t quit fit pretty appropriately into the proud theme of the song’s namesake. Watch/Listen: 

Artist: At Pavillon
Song: “Lions”
Album/EP: Single

Flashy and groovy indie rock straight from Austria of all places, “Lions” is a brash and bright tune with flair to spare. David Philip’s strong baritone vocals, peppy backing band, and casually meandering guitar lend energetic passion to this ballad. Watch/Listen:  Watch/Listen: 

Artist: David Philips
Song: “My Gravity”
Album/EP: Get Along

Funky and smooth acoustic pop with that quintessential upbeat coffeehouse vibe, “My Gravity” plays like a John Mayer/Michael Bublé mashup. Artist: WOOZE
Song: “Party Without Ya”
Album/EP: Single

Steamy party pop with a killer psych rock streak and a hell of a catchy riff, “Party Without Ya” is an enrapturing journey from start to finish. Watch/Listen: 

Artist: Art d’Ecco
Song: “Nobody’s Home”
Album/EP: Trespasser

Glamorous and exquisite art rock with an enigmatic yet triumphant current, “Nobody’s Home” is a pleasant mix of indulgence and honesty wrapped within a shifting and gripping package. “Watching Over” pulls worldly influences, rock god inspirations, and fiery, full vocals into a tune that could be mistakenly accredited to many of the legends.
New Music From The Inbox – Tuesday Edition! (Sep 11, 2018): WOOZE, David Philips, Art d’Ecco, and more!

Here’s who you can trace an 80s hip-hop beat back to–wait for it–1910

Yet as this video shows, you can trace an 80s hip-hop beat all the way back to this era. Rock’n’roll was still more than 40 years in the future. Let’s break things down. Hell, jazz hadn’t even coalesced into anything recognizable yet. (Via ReCode) Back in 1910, the popular music of the day was classic, marching music (think John Philip Sousa), religious music (including Negro spirituals) and various flavours of folk.
Here’s who you can trace an 80s hip-hop beat back to–wait for it–1910

Do NOT commit these music store faux pas

Do NOT commit these music store faux pas
But unless you’ve ever had to sit around a music store for hours listening to the same amateurish beats from dozens of (non-buying) customers, you wouldn’t understand. Can anyone confirm or deny?)
To avoid any further embarrassment, watch this Loudwire video. Do NOT be like these guys. Back when I worked at a drum store, we had an unofficially policy about customers who wanted to play a kit on the floor:

No “When the Levee Breaks.”
No “Walk This Way”
No “Rock’n’Me”

True, this was a bit prickish. (Rumour has it that Mike Meyers was thinking of Steve’s Music on Queen Street in Toronto when he wrote that scene. To put it another way…

Wayne’s World might have been just a movie, but it’s based on real-life experiences.

What kind of technology scared parents in the 1930s? Radio.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, right? If you’re a parent, you probably spend a lot of time worrying about what little Johnny and Britney are getting up to on their computers, tablets, and smartphones. She added that the biggest worry radio gave parents was how it interfered with other interests — conversation, music practice, group games and reading. Now let’s rewind a bit. Getting up to no good with SnapChat? Sexting? Read the whole article here. Are they watching porn? In the early 1930s a group of mothers from Scarsdale, New York, pushed radio broadcasters to change programs they thought were too “overstimulating, frightening and emotionally overwhelming” for kids, said Margaret Cassidy, a media historian at Adelphi University in New York who authored a chronicle of American kids and media. Parents have always worried about how their kids might use new technology in the way they inevitably will. Viewing YouTube videos that will put weird thoughts in their head? Called the Scarsdale Moms, their activism led the National Association of Broadcasters to come up with a code of ethics around children’s programming in which they pledged not to portray criminals as heroes and to refrain from glorifying greed, selfishness and disrespect for authority. As this article points out, parents of the 1930s were freaked out about their kids using this thing called “radio.”
“The radio seems to find parents more helpless than did the funnies, the automobile, the movies and other earlier invaders of the home, because it can not be locked out or the children locked in,” Sidonie Matsner Gruenberg, director of the Child Study Association of America, told The Washington Post in 1931. God knows what evil you’d commit. And your own phone? Your folks might have been dead against you having a TV in your bedroom because they were sure I’d spend all your time watching stuff you weren’t supposed to.
What kind of technology scared parents in the 1930s? Radio.

My car’s infotainment system is a DISASTER! Here is a warning to all contemplating a new vehicle purchase.

While I’m waiting for the factory to get back to my dealer with a fix (I’m not holding my breath), less than 50% of my infotainment system remains utterly useless and non-functional. THE. Please. It is a NIGHTMARE. “And I’m afraid that Jaguar-Land Rover isn’t currently speaking with Apple to resolve this issue. Adding insult to injury is that Jaguar-Land Rover is apparently defaulting to Apple CarPlay in 2019. I should have insisted on test-driving the infotainment system before I bought the goddam thing. It takes up to seven years for a car to go from design to showroom floor–and that includes developing whatever proprietary software is in the dash. Here, then, comes my cautionary tale. When a fellow at Jaguar corporate called to ask how I was doing with my car, I explained the iPhone issue. This, of course, is ultimately all my fault. Cede the ground to Apple and Google. There’s a 3G SIM card that’s supposed to connect the car to an online service that offers everything from traffic conditions to emergency communications to remote starting. They make AWESOME infotainment gear. Meanwhile, here is my warning to you: If you are shopping for a new vehicle, demand that the salesperson allow you to play with the infotainment system until you’ve made a proper evaluation of its functionality. Most don’t work as advertised, or are poor imitations of more popular apps (why not just inclued Waze?) The ones that do work are so slow and kludgey that they’re useless. From CNET:
Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) brought the surprise announcement that Apple is opening up CarPlay to more third-party developers, and the company even teased Google Maps (iOS, Android) and Waze (iOS, Android). “Sorry, sir,” the dude said, “but your system isn’t compatible with iOS versions above 11.1.”
“What? Can’t plug your smartphone into your car? They’re up to 11.4.1 and iOS 12 is coming in a few weeks. When it’s not plugged into my ar, of course. Meanwhile, I keep getting emails from Jaguar’s chosen 3G provider partner demanding more money because I’ve used up my data allotment on a system that doesn’t work. We’ll let you know.”
If you’re reading this Jaguar, and if you can’t fix my problems pronto, I will never, ever buy another one of your vehicles again. “That is correct, sir,” he replied. Dealbreaker. Therefore, for the good of their customers (and the for the sake of their JD Power ratings), they should give up. Trust me on this. And I will tell everyone thinking about buying one of your products the same thing. Like Kia, for example. Wanna bet that there won’t be a solution? That took a whole day. Bottom line? Whenever I plug in my iPhone via USB, the whole thing crashes dead. With cassette players gone (the last factory-ready cassette player came in the 2010 Lexus SC 430) and with CD players disappearing (I didn’t even notice my new car came without one), the focus is now on things like Bluetooth, satellite navigation, 3G/4G connectivity, WiFi and especially smartphone integration. I can’t wait to see what the company does to the customers they’ve screwed over with their crappy system. Others fight until everything crashes. It is HORRIBLE. How? There’s no way any auto manufacturer can keep up. It has never, ever worked. “Sorry, sir, but the factory has not got back to us with a solution. Apple has moved on long ago! Not that long ago, car-buying consumers were focused on features like horsepower, air conditioning, power windows, and other comfort and convenience features. This required a trip back to the dealer to have the system reloaded. Fantastic. If you like, I can provide you with a list of phones that are compatible with your vehicle.”
WHAT. That move accomplishes approximately bugger-all. And I won’t be able to use any of those new tools, features that I use all the time on my iPhone. The dealer has tried many, many times to fix it and ultimately just gave up. Surrender. The infotainment system in my wife’s Honda C-RV is, while maddeningly short of proper knobs (since corrected in newer models), is bulletproof. Those things still matter, but one of the main considerations in buying any new vehicle is what’s in the dashboard, specifically the infotainment stack. And it gets better. Within a week of taking delivery of the vehicle, the infotainment system began spontaneously crashing dead 90 seconds after I started the car. Meanwhile, Apple and Android are iterating new versions of their automotive software every few months with a complete upgrade coming every year or so. Do not repeat my mistakes. The factory will work it out.”
That was back in March. “Try unplugging the USB cord and plugging it in again,” says the car. I check in every couple of weeks and only get a sad shake of the head. Total dealbreaker. They don’t. At least you’re not alone. Failure to do so may result in you really, really hating your new ride. “We’ve referred the problem back to the factory with 18 other owners of ’18 vehicles. This is why I believe that all auto manufacturers must get out of the infotainment software business and farm everything out to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Jaguar corporate has asked that I take my vehicle into the dealership later this month with instructions to explain (again) the problems I’m having. Let me count the ways. If I had done that, I would have found another manufacturer. My current ride is a Jaguar with Jaguar-Land Rover’s proprietary infotainment software. You’re telling me that my year-old iPhone won’t work with my six-month-old so-called state-of-the-art infotainment system? F**K? Meanwhile, CarPlay is set to be updated with the release of iOS 12. Jaguar-Land Rover has a series of apps called InControl that are supposed to make the connections between smartphone and car seamless. Even though I was assured it was state-of-the-art for 2018, it SUCKS.
Here is a warning to all contemplating a new vehicle purchase. My car’s infotainment system is a DISASTER!