Random music news for Friday, August 31, 2018

Random music news for Friday, August 31, 2018
Michael Jackson: The Mini-series. Here’s what they sounded like. Make it a good one. Speaking of which, all sorts of allegations are being levelled at this late music manager. Has the mystery of the Cuban sonic attacks on diplomats been solved? So THAT’S the woman on the cover of the British edition of The Strokes This Is It album…
Is the old canon of rock over? There’s an argument to be made for that. It backfired spectacularly. These financial traders used Salt-N-Paper lyrics as code when they were rigging rates. Mrs. Annie Lennox has a nice place in the Hollywood Hills. Doubtfire: The Musical. Aretha Franklin’s funeral procession will feature 130 pink Cadillacs. Here’s some music news to discuss for August 31, 2018. Before was a big-time actor, Ben Stiller was in a high school band. Blame the digital age. And here’s an interesting Beatles fact for the 21st century. This is actually some pretty healthy advice for people addicted to their headphones: listen to the sound of silence. Last long weekend of the summer. Don’t. Here are some facts. The Beatles’ “Hey Jude” was released 50 years ago this week. Could this work? DJ Khaled wants to sell you a throne and some gold-plated furniture. A bit nichey, but still…
SONOS has released some new audio gear that looks pretty cool. And it plays music? A robot bellman? Love the infinity pool. It sounds explosive from a #MeToo perspective. Texas Republicans tried to use a Democrat opponent’s punk rock past against it. There’s a new streaming service called TREBEL. I cannot wait to read this book. No, Harry.

How much do you know about music torrents? This infographic will help.

How much do you know about music torrents? This infographic will help.
So can you torrent in a way that your activity won’t be tracked? Now, the majority of listeners prefer to use apps like Spotify for a steady stream of their favorite tunes. VPNs allow you to browse securely so that your traffic is inconspicuous and can’t be tracked, even if you are torrenting. [A guest post from Zach. Gone are the days of Napster and Limewire. Many people criticize torrenting, while others see nothing wrong with it. – AC]
here do you get your music from? Others prefer something along the lines of Soundcloud, where they can upload any content — including their own — to curate playlists for themselves or others that follow them. Still, some like to torrent their music. What people fail to realize is that it’s really a matter of privacy: The fact that your internet service provider can throttle or even cancel your service if you use sites like BitTorrent is an invasion of basic internet privacy. Yes, and it’s called using a VPN. Finding a VPN that supports torrenting, however, takes some research. Please include attribution to thebestvpn.com with this graphic. Here is what to look for:

Jurisdiction – You want a VPN with IP addresses outside the US
Logging Policy – You want a VPN that doesn’t maintain logs
Speed – You want a VPN that downloads files fast
Torrenting Policy – Most importantly, you want a provider that permits torrenting

To learn more about how torrenting works, and how you can do it safely, check out the infographic below.

Glenn Gould to the be subject of a new exhibit in Toronto next month

To help promote the exhibit, which will also coincide with Gould’s 86th birthday, a prop grand piano will be set up in different sections of Toronto leading up to the opening. Here’s the press release:
Uninvited Guests, along with Canadian radio broadcaster and writer Alan Cross, will launch a Glenn Gould Exhibit opening on September 20 at the 156 Gallery in Toronto. The exhibit, which is free to the public, will be open through September 25 and will focus on Gould’s predictions on technology and entertainment, illustrating the newest music composition technology. Gould would often refer to the artist of the future as an “uninvited guest” which made the name fitting for this exhibit. Here’s a trailer for the event. The Toronto based collective dug deep into the Gould catalogue with the intention of using his piano samples to build modern hip-hop, pop, and electronic songs, or “remixes,” around them using the popular music production software, Ableton Live 10. To mark the occasion, a special exhibit will run at 156 Gallery in Kensington Market in Toronto beginning September 20. A number of televisions will be placed on top of the piano and will play a different CBC video clip of Gould predicting the future. Uninvited Guests is working with Primary Wave/Glenn Gould Limited to bring the genius of Glenn Gould to a fresh and younger audience. More information on the exhibit can be found at www.univitedguests.ca. The collective even took it one step further by manipulating historical CBC video of Gould to make it look as if the pianist was performing the new compositions himself. Their goal was to retain the musical integrity of the original recordings, yet make new songs that fans of these genres would enjoy. Uninvited Guests will be performing the “remixes” in the basement of 156 Gallery throughout the 5-day exhibit. As a Gould fan, I’m involved in this whole thing. September 25 would have been Canadian pianist and futurist Glenn Gould’s 86th birthday. Locations of each piano will be revealed via Glenn Gould’s social media pages so fans should be sure to follow Gould on Facebook and Twitter.
Glenn Gould to the be subject of a new exhibit in Toronto next month

Photographs from the Offspring-311 Never-Ending Summer Tour

Photographs from the Offspring-311 Never-Ending Summer Tour
Into the pit went photographer Andrei Chlytchkov once again with orders not to come out until he had some great shots of the Never-Ending Summer Tour at the Budweiser Stage in Toronto on August 28. Dexter Hollands was supported by three backup vocalists, plowing into a new song (“It Won’t Get Better”) before heading into “Want You Bad,” “Lightning Rod,” “Staring at the Sun,” “Gotta Get Away” and probably the biggest singalong of the night, “Bad Habit.” And just for good measure, the band broke into AC/DC’s “Whole Lotta Rosie,” which worked much better than you might think. 7 pm: Gym Class Heroes
The mosh pit was already jammed when GCH took the stage. L. A brand new tune “The Best Part of Revenge” followed. The early crowd at the Bud Stage were well rewarded for their efforts to get there in time to see the openers. Their 17-song set included hits from their 25-year career: “Do You Right” from the first album, “Applied Science” (off the band’s second release, Grassroots) and “Beautiful Disaster” (from the Transistor) during which Hexum and guitarist Tim Mahoney performed harmonic in-sync double lead solos. The band opened with the “Stereo Hearts” and then moved into “Peace Sign” and Ass Back Home.” Singer Travie McCoy said that it was “awesome to be on tour with “The Offspring” and that “there would be no Gym Class Heroes” without “311”, a nod to their touring mates. Offspring T’s were everywhere as the group roared through “Americana,” “All I Want,” “Come Out and Play,”–all the hits, basically. Benny Sanders provided the review. The band closed with “Down” (a song that The Offspring revere so much that they are covering it on their upcoming album to be released this fall.  
8 pm: The Offspring
Gypsy music played from the darkness as The Offspring took the stage to a now-jammed amphitheatre. The set ended with “Gone Away,” “The Kids Aren’t Alright” and “Self-Esteem.”

9 pm: 311
311 opened to a smaller but definitely enthusiastic audience with lead vocalist Nick Hexum yelling “Let’s have some fun!” Opening with “Come Original” (lead single from their album Soundsystem), the band led into the very funky “All Mixed Up” from their third album, the self-titled 311. “The Fighter” and closing number “Kid Nothing and the Never-Ending Naked Dream” (with the machine-gun lyrics of McCoy and its screaming finish) held the crowd, but it was “Billionaire” from McCoy’s debut solo album that had the masses singing their hearts out, dreaming of money in the bank. Other highlights included “Amber”, “Flowing” as well as one selection from the 2017 release Mosaic, “Too Much to Think”. “Cupid’s Chokehold” gave the audience a chance to sing along (with the line originally from the Supertramp hit “Breakfast in America” “take a look at my girlfriend…”).

Looking for a Labour Day Weekend mashup? How about “Paranoid” vs. “Who Are You?”

“Who Are You?” Looking for a Labour Day Weekend mashup? How about “Paranoid” vs.
Take, for example, this mashup of Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” and “Who Are You” from The Who. Details here. I have great respect for mashup artists and their ability to hear crucial similarities and compatibilities in songs.

Well, this in an interesting guitar

If Jack White can make a guitar out of a piece of wood and a couple of nails…

…then why not make a guitar out of a shovel?
Well, this in an interesting guitar

New Muse? Yes, please

Yes, please New Muse?
To coincide with the announcement comes this new single. Matt Bellamy has been watching a lot of Netflix, apparently, Stranger Things has really affected him. And if you need all the versions of the album, start saving now. The band used several producers, including hip-hop star Timbaland. After dribbling out a series of singles over the last couple of years Muse has announced the imminent arrival of Simulation Theory (yes, that refers to some very esoteric physics theories) November 9.   (Shades of Chris Cornell? It’s very Muse. Let’s hope not.) and promises a video for every song.

An interesting case: Why won’t Japan get on board with streaming?

An interesting case: Why won’t Japan get on board with streaming?
In 2018, though, a couple of years after the major streaming players debuted in this country, the status quo remains largely unchanged. The reason? The only digital music destination that’s flourishing is YouTube, which has become the default go-to for younger viewers wanting not just music, but all forms of entertainment. There’s even more to the story. Nowhere is this more apparent than Japan. There are still a few places on the planet where CDs rule and streaming struggles. Reluctant artists. Streaming services are available, but for the most part, they’ve barely made a dent in the CD market. Unfortunately, the streaming experience remains incomplete. Coincidentally, one of the first big names to make their music available on a streaming service was Hamasaki, whose 2016 album “M(a)de In Japan” appeared exclusively (for a time, at least) on Avex’s AWA streaming service. Many of J-pop’s biggest releases aren’t uploaded at the same time as when they come out in stores, which was also the case during the days when Japanese labels tried to create their own streaming platforms — it’s still a case of physical sales first, convenience second. Keep reading. Why? From The Japan Times:
Streaming services were supposed to change Japan’s music industry, or at least that was the line trotted out by tech evangelists and people who were sick of overpriced CDs.

Oh Hello, New Eminem album

He doesn’t predate Beastie Boys however; Eminem’s idea of a compliment in 2018 seems to be appropriating the artwork of their masterwork Licensed to Ill. I don’t think there may be an angrier way for surly students to storm back into school next week than with Mr. 🖕#KAMIKAZE Out Now – https://t.co/ANw73KbwMt pic.twitter.com/qfQoTYBTUy
— Marshall Mathers (@Eminem) August 31, 2018

That is until Detroit freestyler dropped the brand spankin’ new Kamikaze in the middle of the night on the last day of August. Whereas Em caught flak for encumbering Revival with pop stars such as Ed Sheeran and P!nk, and failing to go viral as he raps on “Greatest”, co-executive producer Dr. The only present-day artists who apparently escape Slim Shady’s “Venom” are the guests on this surprise 11-track album, namely Joyner Lucas doing his best to keep up on “Lucky You”, diminutive associate Royce da 5’9″ (“Not Alike”), as well as Bon Iver himself Justin Vernon adding calm backup vocals to “Fall”. For a guy who released Revival back in December of 2017 and spent the earlier part of the summer headlining festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo, Eminem had been a little quiet lately. And I’m still not a fan of her nasally emissions, but Canadian Jessie Reyez is actually a good fit on her dual “Nice Guy”/”Good Guy” appearances. Dre and him strip things to bare bones…and doesn’t hold anything back, spitting fire and hurling profanity-laden insults at Lil Yachty, Ja Rule, Vice President Mike Pence, music journalists and many, many others I couldn’t keep track of as Eminem’s streams of consciousness hurtled out of control. Hip-hop sure has changed in the 32 years since fighting for your right to party was considered taboo; if you don’t give Kamikaze a fair listen like I did, at least pay homage to the three kings who happen to have a memoir coming out in a few months by respinning a Golden Age classic! Mathers’ rapid-fire lyrics blasting in their ears. There’s a prophetic line on “Stepping Stone” where it sounds like he disses Cardi B while saying how fame is fleeting, but that he’s an OG and will probably outlive all these Johnny (and Jeanine) Come-Latelys. Tried not 2 overthink this 1… enjoy.
Oh Hello, New Eminem album

The Ongoing History of New Music, encore presentation: Alt-rock concept albums, part 2

Songs heard on this show:
Everclear, AM Radio
Smashing Pumpkins, Stand Inside Your Love
Streets, Fit But You Know It
Green Day, Boulevard of Broken Dreams
My Chemical Romance, Welcome to the Black Parade
Nine Inch Nails, Capital G
The Antlers, Kettering
As usual, Eric Wilhite has created a playlist for us. Sonic 102.9/Edmonton
The Zone/Victoria
The Fox/Vancouver
Live 105/Halifax
WAPS/WKTL The Summit/Arkon, Canton, Cleveland, Youngstown The show runs at 11 am Sunday. Pro-rock bands were all over them and the more complex, the better. But then a funny thing happened in the 1990s. And by the time we got to the first years of the 21st century BAM! But what if you’re a composer and you have a story that’s too long and complex to fit inside a standard four-minute song? Other songs are actual stories, complete with a narrative, characters, and drama that unfolds through a beginning, middle and end. Don’t forget that you can get the podcast version of this podcast through iTunes or wherever you get your on-demand audio. Too heavy, actually. Do this enough times and you’ve created a concept album, a record where the story (or perhaps a series of themes) link everything together from front to back. Your four-minute musical short story has grown into basically an hour-long musical novel. Then you have to start thinking about breaking up the story into its constituent parts and maybe spreading things out over multiple songs. I still get lost in the first side of Rush’s 2112 with its Ayn Rand inspiration, the Red Star of the Solar Federation, the priests who run the Temples of Syrinx and command over their existence, and the rebel guitar player who discovers music, rises up and then commits suicide. The concept album was slowly and carefully resurrected. Heavy sh*t. When punk rock came along with its two-minute two-chord songs of burning hate, the concept album fell out of favour for a long, long time. This is part two of the history of the concept album. Every song comes with some kind of story. Sometimes it’s just the story of a feeling (good for bad) or just a way of getting a point of view across. This, by the way, is a great option for American listeners who are prevented from listening to the show live because of geo-blocking,

We’re still looking for more affiliates in Calgary, Kamloops, Kelowna, Regina, Saskatoon, Brandon, Windsor,  Montreal, Charlottetown, Moncton, Fredericton, and St John’s and anywhere else with a transmitter. If you’re in any of those markets and you want the show, lemme know and I’ll see what I can do. Concept albums were big business in the late 60s and through the 1970s. We got tons of them–and most from alt-rock bands, the spiritual descendants of the punks who killed the concept album in the 70s. It’s like a short story that’s sung instead of written down in a book. All that in about 22 minutes. The Ongoing History of New Music can be heard on the following stations:

102.1 The Edge/Toronto – Sunday night at 7
Live 88-5/Ottawa
107.5 Dave-FM/Kitchener
FM96/London – Sunday night at 7, Monday night at 11
Power 97/Winnipeg (Sunday nights at 11)
Rock 97.7/Grand Prairie – Sunday nights at 6.
The Ongoing History of New Music, encore presentation: Alt-rock concept albums, part 2

Random music news for Saturday, September 1, 2018

Random music news for Saturday, September 1, 2018
Arkells are ambitious. And in case you missed this embarrassing gaffe at Aretha’s funeral, let’s relive it. Don’t laugh. And now, music news for September 1, 2018. Aretha Franklin is going to have a park in Detroit renamed after her. I’ve heard of it being done as early as late September. Damn. I went to see New Order in Toronto the other night. Rapper Brooke Candy has directed a video for PornHub. Now that it’s September, I wonder how long it’ll be before some radio station flips to its annual all-Christmas format? The TAVES show–a big hifi show in Toronto–has been cancelled. Marshall, the guitar amplifier people, now have a smart speaker. Here’s a story on the band’s relationship with the city. Er, what? They call this woman “the rock star whisperer.”
Rod Stewart’s classic Lamborghini could sell for big bucks. No President Kanye until at least 2024. Kevin Lyman, founder of the Warped Tour, has been hospitalized. Here are my weekly music picks for GlobalNews.ca. In case you missed it, the announcement for the new iPhone (allegedly to be called the XS and XS Plus) will be September 12. Not music related but related to porn: HBO has purged all adult entertainment from its schedule. They take their politician rock stars seriously in Uganda. It’s good when a Canadian band thinks big. This new Led Zeppelin box set for The Song Remains the Same looks cool. How to enjoy music festivals as a sober person. And did the Secret Service really interview him as a possible Trump threat? A hint when it comes to posting stuff on YouTube: don’t use ALL CAPS IN YOUR TITLE because that could affect views. In case you still need details on Eminem’s new album, Kamikaze…
Still more Em news here.

Katy Perry says Dr. Luke never raped, drugged her

Katy Perry says Dr. Luke never raped, drugged her
Billboard identifies this CEO as Geffen A&M Records chair and CEO John Janick, according to Lady Gaga’s testimony. “There is nothing worse than abuse and sexual assault. Luke,” to which Azoff replied that Luke would be put “in the penalty box.” Further, he said “Around every corner Luke goes I will be waiting to slap him silly. Luke of raping her, or at least confided in Kesha about an assault. That is not what happened here,” the statement reads. What an idiot,” Billboard recounts. Luke: He’s credited as one of the writers of her song “Dark Horse,” for which she’s being sued for copyright infringement by Christian hip-hop artist Marcus Grey. Luke’s team of lawyers is also questioning whether other music industry higher-ups were, in fact, part of such a campaign, including Kesha’s managers, Jack Rovner and Ken Levitan, and Irving Azoff, chair of Full Stop Management. Kesha’s voluntarily dismissed rape claim has caused great harm to Dr. Luke’s legal team’s assertion that today’s evidentiary record reveals something Kesha didn’t want the public to see, Kesha has consistently requested that the evidence in this case be unsealed, while Dr. Luke’s lawyers, saying Kesha was hell-bent on “inciting a deluge of negative media attention and public pressure on the basis of the horrific personal abuses presented in the lawsuit. Now Dr. The statements were “heavily redacted” but among the information made public: Perry knew Kesha accused Dr. Luke of raping her, but Perry said she was never raped or roofied by him, was never in a sexual relationship with him and never told anyone that he had assaulted her. Kesha’s attorney now says she and Lady Gaga, in text messages that were read in court earlier this summer, heard from a “major label CEO” that Perry had been raped by Dr. He added that her deposition is not directly related to the case at hand. In his testimony, Janick said he was a bystander to any such conversation, denies taking part of a campaign to tell musicians and others not to work with Dr. “It is also horrendous to falsely accuse someone of a heinous act. Luke has fought vigorously to keep the evidence from seeing the light of day. Luke due to Kesha’s allegations. Luke’s meritless $40+ million damage claims at summary judgment or trial.”  
There’s one other mostly unrelated snag in all this and it, too, involves Perry and Dr. That is what has happened here. Kesha looks forward to defeating Dr. She filed an emergency motion early in the week trying to keep her deposition sealed – it’s been rumoured that she accused Dr. Luke. Luke supports any woman or man who seeks to address sexual abuse in the legal system. Luke’s Kemosabe label, “Rovner emailed Azoff — who was chairman on Live Nation at the time — with an update on their negotiations, asking Azoff to ‘please keep the jihad going’ against Dr. Perry wanted to keep her deposition sealed and away from public eyes, as a matter of protecting her image. All of this prompted a statement from Dr. Luke lawsuit  It’s all just getting increasingly ugly. Hudson’s deposition testimony is particularly appropriate because disclosure — in light of her public profile — obviously could unfairly affect and even cause ‘significant harm’ to her ‘career and reputation,” according to Perry’s lawyer and as reported by Vulture. Now Katy Perry is spending time in the middle of the never-ending Kesha-Dr. Dr. Back in 2012, when Kesha first claimed the assault and started working to get out of her contract with Dr. Luke, his family and his business.”
To which Kesha’s team replied: “Contrary to Dr. By Wednesday, however, the court dismissed her appeal and Perry’s testimony was unsealed. This week’s headlines focus mostly on Katy Perry. If that lawsuit isn’t settled, she’ll have to stand trial and defend their work, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “The sealing of Ms.

Hugo Boss has reissued Michael Jackson’s white Thriller suit

Hugo Boss has reissued Michael Jackson’s white Thriller suit
Shop now! How much? Just when you thought the white suit died with Tom Wolfe (and, frankly, no one other than Tom rocked a white suit since Miami Vice was canceled), Hugo Boss has reissued a version of the suit Michael Jackson wore on the cover of the Thriller album. I mean, it is Labour Day weekend, a time when white clothes start going back in the closet for another season. Bad timing? Then again, Boss wanted to get it out for what would have been Jackson’s 60th birthday this past week. Lest we forget, this was November 1982. Just $1,195 USD. Yet Hugo Boss thinks they can bring it back.

A David Bowie-themed cocktail bar? Yes, please.

Yes, please. A David Bowie-themed cocktail bar?
“Darkness and Disgrace”–taken from “Lady Stardust”–is an espresso martini crossed with a rum flip. (Via The NME)

A drink called “Tigers and Vaseline,” which is a phrase from “Hang On To Yourself.” It’s apparently a new interpretation of the pina colada. And of course the drinks and meals menu will be inspired by the 1972-73 era of Bowie’s career. If you ever find yourself in London and looking for refreshment, hop the tube to Picadilly and head to the Hotel Cafe Royal on Air Street in Soho. And the hotel will soon be home to a David Bowie-themed cocktail bar,
Bowiephiles will know the address as the place where he held his “Last Supper” in July 1973 celebrating/commemorating/mourning the death of his Ziggy Stardust character. Naturally, the place will be known as Ziggy’s. It’s not a cheap place–rates run above $500–but the location is great. That will extend to the decor (lots of photos from that famous meal, which featured guests like Iggy Pop and Lou Reed) and a jukebox filled with Bowie records. A food menu should be available soon.