Random music news for Saturday, September 22, 2018

Interesting: How can an artist preserve the right to self-expression without alienating their fans? Still in Vegas. If not, read this. Looks like it. And there are no dead bodies under the bed. Apple fans seem to really like the super-expensive new iPhones. American teens don’t use their smartphones for phone calls. And yes, there were lineups. No baby crying anywhere my room. No tiger in the bathroom. Remembering Hole’s Celebrity Skin album on the 20th anniversary of its release. Gawd, I hope not. Is there a podcasting bubble? Will Facebook release its video-equipped smart speaker next month? Why do these same songs keep coming up in movie trailers? Do you know the rules of etiquette for metal music? Suge Knight pleads guilty to manslaughter. And Facebook’s new dating app has gone live in Colombia. But I think we knew that about teens. Dallas Green’s City and Colour now has its own imprint under Dine Alone Records. Is it bursting? Wanna buy Bjork’s penthouse? That means up to 28 years in jail. What am I doing wrong? If you miss Knight Rider, then you need to listen to this. Elton John has a new multi-level deal. All I can do is report on music news for September 22, 2018. This app can apparently make a budget set of headphones sound like a much more expensive model.
Random music news for Saturday, September 22, 2018

Check This Out: Rare Video of Ramones Performing “She’s The One”

Check This Out: Rare Video of Ramones Performing “She’s The One”
The latter package include two different mixes of the record, with unheard rough mixes for every track and a 1979 New York concert recording, housed in a hardcover book featuring rare photos and artwork. Ramones unearthed a previously unseen video for their surging love song “She’s the One.”
The punk icons presumably filmed the bare-bones clip during the same 1978 session that yielded their visual for “Don’t Come Close.” Throughout the video, the quartet perform with their trademark manic energy, singer Joey Ramone tilting the microphone forward and guitarist Johnny Ramone thrashing his axe as his bangs flail wildly. Read more on Rolling Stone. The clip promotes the Ramones’ newly issued 40th anniversary edition of their fourth LP, Road to Ruin, available as a remastered single album and a deluxe three-CD/one-LP box set. This one has a purpose! I love seeing unearthed treasures of music history.

New From Amazon: Dot, Echo, Microwave! Wait, What?

Again we don’t know when these devices will be available outside the US. That’s $59.99, shipping later this year. The presentation began with David Limp, VP of Alexa at Amazon, announcing a sequel to the Amazon Echo Dot that will ship for the same price – $49.99 (£49.99 / AU$79). That’s not weird. That will be $29.99 in the US and ships later this year. Thanks a lot Amazon! It will have an LED for timers which can tick down when it’s close to zero, and flashes when a timer is done. Read about all the products here. There’s also the Amazon Echo Input, which will cost just $34.99 (£34.99), and which removes the speaker from the Dot and focuses on voice input. Naturally, the Amazon devices that many of use for music consumption are included:
In an event today at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters, the company announced a slew of updates to its infamous smart assistant – and a whole load of new devices that go way beyond smart speakers. “1 potato”). And then, there’s these:
Two of the stranger products Amazon announced today were the Amazon Basics Alexa Microwave and Echo Wall Clock. That’s not weird at all! The Amazon Basics Alexa Microwave works with connected devices as well as having a regular interface, and can connect to a nearby Echo. The Wall Clock is really an extension of Alexa’s widely used timer feature. It has Dash replenishment for popcorn, and an Ask Alexa button that you can tap and tell the microwave what’s cooking (e.g. To enhance the audio of existing Amazon speakers, there’s Amazon Echo Sub – a subwoofer that pairs with Echo speakers, and which leaked yesterday – the Echo Link Amp and Amazon Echo Link, which add Alexa voice control to your existing audio setup. I’m still waiting to be be able to say, “Alexa, please flush, number two”. As the variety and skills of home devices continues to expand, the amount of time we will spend talking alone in the house will grow.
Wait, What? New From Amazon: Dot, Echo, Microwave!

The Foibles of Touring In China

China has always been a difficult get for touring artists. The mandate from Beijing is clear: while music is meant to entertain, officials tell industry executives, it should not recklessly promote what may be seen as unhealthy ideas or dangerous behavior. There’s a lot more to this story. Thus, every single show needs to apply for a permit before being approved the sell tickets. China is the ultimate enigma for the music business: It has seemingly unlimited potential as the most populous country in the world, but artists and their concert promoters are still facing unique obstacles to growth there. And while Ultra Music Festival managed to pull off its Beijing event last weekend (Sept. Dua Lipa recently had the experience of this first hand. “Going ahead with the club takeover could have affected the outcome of the full 2-day Beijing event and therefore was cancelled so as not to jeopardise the main ULTRA China Beijing Festival,” an Ultra rep says. After a brilliant debut Chinese performance in Guangzhou, a bizarre incident at Dua Lipa’s performance Sept. Officials are a common scapegoat when event planners can’t properly complete all the proper preparations to launch an event in coordination with authorities, but Ultra’s statement didn’t blame the government or local authorities. Doing music business in China demands a nuanced understanding of — and collaboration with — the government. Sources vary on reasons for the cancellation: The event’s public statement cryptically blamed communication and circumstances outside of expectations. Read the whole thing here. 15-16) after an unexplained postponement in June, Ultra’s Shanghai club takeover, which had been slated to start Sept. 8, was canceled just days before showtime. 12 in Shanghai highlighted the continued adjustments ahead for artists and promoters in the country: security officials removed fans at the Shanghai show for simply standing and dancing. Cultural restrictions abound and can often be a moving target for anyone hoping to perform live. This is hardly an unusual story as authorities tend to be inconsistent in every aspect of the business. Background checks, lyrics of the proposed set list, and more are all critical factors subject to review by the local authorities.
The Foibles of Touring In China

Spotify Is Adding Direct Upload Tools. How Will Labels React?

That’s certainly got people talking. By the time Spotify came along, there were already companies like CD Baby and TuneCore that would offer that kind of service to any artist for a nominal fee or commission, with those firms already working with DIY acts that wanted to sell downloads via iTunes. Its impact on record companies and music distributors will likely be nominal at first, but it’s the latest in a number of developments that are forcing labels and distributors to think harder about how and where they add value. And while a move in this direction has seemed likely for some time, it is certainly a significant moment. However, to date, anyone wanting their music on a platform like Spotify needed a label or distributor to facilitate the process. Check out the full story. Universal Music has also been active in this space for some time via its Spinnup business and Warner Music quietly put a similar set-up into beta earlier this year called Level Music. They then charge the artist an upfront fee or take a cut of subsequent royalties for their trouble. The number of companies offering this kind of service has grown over the years. It’s DIY distribution services of this kind that could potentially be impacted by Spotify allowing artists to directly push their music into the system without paying any fees or commission, especially if Apple and Amazon were to follow their rival in offering this option down the line. Why pay a distributor fees or a commission when you can have a direct relationship with each service and not have to share income with any third parties? It said the new feature was being launched in response to feedback from the artist community. I can’t imagine labels being too thrilled with this news. What could it mean for them? “You’ve told us time and time again that sharing your work with the world should be easier”, the company wrote in its post. There’s a lot more to unpack with this. Until now that is…
So, Spotify allowing artists to upload music directly into their platform then. While anyone with a YouTube account can upload videos, Spotify has always been restrictive in allowing artists direct access to upload their music. Spotify announced the new direct upload feature within its Spotify For Artists platform in a blog post yesterday. It added that feedback from the artists who have used the direct upload tool already “was instrumental in shaping the feature”. That label or distributor negotiates a licensing deal with the streaming firm and then builds the technology to actually deliver the music. The digital firm has already been testing the new feature with a very small number of acts, and yesterday’s post was inviting other artists to apply to participate in further beta testing.
How Will Labels React? Spotify Is Adding Direct Upload Tools.

Take a listen to this unreleased Chris Cornell track from new upcoming collection

Full details about the release can be found here. How much material did Chris Cornell leave behind? It’s uncertain, but we have this song from an upcoming 64-track box set due from Universal Music on November 16. “When Bad Does Good” is one of 11 tracks in this collection.
Take a listen to this unreleased Chris Cornell track from new upcoming collection

Critics? Eminem don’t care about any stinkin’ critics

The reviews on Kamikaze, the new album by Eminem, have been, er, decidedly mixed with some being downright viciously negative. Take a look at this ad for the album published in The Hollywood Reporter. That, however, hasn’t stopped it from being a big seller. But like the honey badger, Eminem don’t give a f**k about what the critics say.
Critics? Eminem don’t care about any stinkin’ critics

The Glenn Gould Hologram Tour. Yes, You Read That Right!

Yes, You Read That Right! The Glenn Gould Hologram Tour.
It’s appropriate he should be on the leading edge. Glenn Gould’s vast catalogue, recorded as part of his long-term relationships with CBS/Sony Masterworks and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, continues to attract listeners and fans worldwide. He is one of the best-known and celebrated classical pianists in modern history, renowned as an interpreter of the keyboard works of J.S. Bach, Brahms, Beethoven and others. These hologram tours are going to be more frequent in the years ahead. His unique interpretations and thoughtful performances of a diverse range of classical works remain revered by listeners around the world and frequently cited as a major influence by the world’s most celebrated pianists. Gould, who passed away in 1982, was known for an irreverent playing style that was both deeply expressive and technically precise. “It does not take a classically-trained ear to hear the genius in Glenn’s work, but we know that to truly experience his musicianship is to see firsthand how he commanded the piano and made it bend effortlessly to his will. “Seeing Glenn Gould play his most famous works as only he could, accompanied by orchestras in some of the world’s most famous concert halls, is the best way to experience this incredible artist’s work and contributions to modern classical music. Live music’s premier hologram production company Eyellusion and Primary Wave Music Publishing today announced plans to bring legendary and innovative musician Glenn Gould back to the stage via hologram. That is the vision for what is sure to be a groundbreaking production.”
In 2017, Primary Wave Music Publishing announced that it had acquired the rights to Gould’s publishing, certain master recordings and audiovisual works, as well as his name and likeness. “Glenn’s live performances were always an event and we are thrilled for fans old and new to be able to experience what it was like to see him on stage.”
“Jeff, Ahmet Zappa and the rest of the team at Eyellusion have been amazing to work with as we put this deal in place,” said Mestel. We look forward to working with Primary Wave to create yet another incredible production that honors and passes down the legacy of one of the most important musicians of our time.”
“Glenn Gould would have loved this new technology that will bring his very best performances to venues across Canada and around the world,” said Faye Perkins, on behalf of the Glenn Gould estate. His creativity knew no bounds and his life and music continue to influence to this day. Gould has received numerous accolades for his work, including four Grammy Awards, three Juno Awards and the RIAA Lifetime Achievement Award. Performance dates are expected to be announced in late 2019. Glenn Gould was an innovator. “We knew right away they would be the perfect collaborators to present Gould’s music to new audiences.”
Read more about Eyellusion here. “Glenn had a deep appreciation for technology and we’ve long known that as soon as the medium was ready to support a full scale tour, that a hologram production would be the best way to reintroduce him to the stage,” said Primary Wave founder and CEO Lawrence Mestel. “Considering how much of a perfectionist Gould was about his music and performances, and Primary Wave’s deep respect and understanding of his music and artistry, we are honored to have the opportunity to collaborate closely on such an innovative production,” said Jeff Pezzuti, CEO of Eyellusion. Eyellusion is expecting to deliver a level of precision to these shows to match the perfectionist nature of Gould.

Rock My World Canada, Chapter 6: The Veer Union

– AC]

The Veer Union is an alternative hard rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia. The band was formed in 2004 by founders Crispin Earl, and Eric Schraeder, under the original name of “Veer”. Find out more about Gandharvas and hundreds of other Canadian artists in the softcover edition of Canadian Alternative & Indie Reference and Collector’s Guide. Follow on Facebook and Twitter, too. [Mike Carr has put together a massive volume on Canadian music history entitled Canadian Alternative & Indie Reference and Collector’s Guide. Get your copy here. The band released their debut album, Against the Grain, on April 21, 2009 which reached number 32 on Billboard’s Top Heatseekers., and its first single, Seasons, reached number 10 on Billboard’s Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, number 16 on the Rock Songs chart and number 30 on the Alternative Songs chart. It’s an incredible discography of hundreds of bands. This is the latest excerpt from his book.
Rock My World Canada, Chapter 6: The Veer Union

Arcade Fire Performs Funeral Album In Full

Arcade Fire Performs Funeral Album In Full
Arcade Fire performed Funeral in full for the first time last night, opening their set at L.A.’s Greek Theatre. The fan account quotes Win Butler saying, “We’re not sentimental, but it’s just been 14 years since Funeral so we felt like playing it.”

The rest of last night’s setlist comprised songs from their remaining albums. Read more at Pitchfork. They’re rumored to be doing the same at Greek Theatre shows tonight and tomorrow in Berkeley, California, according to Arcade Fire Tube. Well, that’s quite a way to open your set at Los Angeles’ Greek Theatre!

Reflections on America’s most unusual music festival: Las Vegas’ unique Life is Beautiful, part 1

And yes, those helicopters above the site were there for surveillance. To revitalize a part of the city that’s fallen on hard times (i.e. This was his first return to Las Vegas since the shooting last year. Here are a few more pictures from day one. Visual artists from around the world are brought in to paint murals on the sides of buildings. A series of stages of various sizes are set up in vacant lots and parking lots and feature everything from world-class headliners (Florence and the Machine, Arcade Fire), a great selection of hip-hop (N.E.R.D., Tyler, The Creator), plenty of EDM, a strong helping of indie rock, and even a b-boy competition. There are also sculptures and kinetic pieces. Everything offers unlimited opportunities for selfies and Instagram posts. You’d think that there would be a massive security presence, but it was all but invisible. His goal? Now in its sixth year, the festival isn’t in a park or designated venue. metal detectors, and restrictions on the size of bags one could bring in, but that’s all one could see. He takes his proceeds of that sale and buys an Airstream trailer, which he sets up in a downtown trailer park in Vegas. Since then, though, the project has grown into something far beyond its original ambitions. This is the truth-life story of Tony Hsieh, co-founder of Zappos. How? Before you ask, Life is Beautiful is a good 20-minute drive from The Strip and the site of last year’s Route 91 Festival, the site of that horrible massacre last October 1. Another note: I’ve never seen so many porta-potties in my life. This is where the Life is Beautiful Festival comes in. No one knows why Stephen Paddock opened fire on the crowd from a window at Mandalay Bay. Several venues become HQs for big-name comedy shows (Hannibal Burris, Michelle Wolfe)

Some 200,000 square feet of grass sod are trucked in to cover up the cement so people can lie down on the ground. With art and music. Imagine this: An eco- and socially-conscious entrepreneur based in Las Vegas helps build an online shoe-selling company which is then sold to Amazon for $1.2 billion. Plane Finder view of helicopters over Life is Beautiful Festival

Meanwhile, across town, Jason Aldean, the country singer who was performing was at the IHeartRadio Music Festival. It was the deadliest mass shooting by a single person in the history of the US. More info coming tomorrow. the old part of Vegas that had been forsaken for development of The Strip). However, a chatty cop mentioned that there were snipers on the surrounding buildings and loads of undercover armed private security in the crowd. Instead, 18 square blocks of downtown Vegas (much of which is now owned by Hsieh) is enclosed by five kilometres of fencing. The bigger junk of his money goes to buying up all manner of buildings and empty lots in the neighborhood. There were the typical bag searches. Dozens of food trucks are brought in.   Hsieh’s Downtown Project began in 2009 when he began work on an area where Zappos people could work, live, and play. Lines seemed unusually short, even though there were some 50,000 people on site. Hotels, restaurants, and businesses inside the fence become part of the festival’s footprint.
Reflections on America’s most unusual music festival: Las Vegas’ unique Life is Beautiful, part 1

Random music news for Thursday, September 20, 2018

The Happy Mondays cheated on a game show? Dickie Betts of the Allaman Brothers is scheduled for brain surgery after an accident. The Stones never miss a trick, do they? Meanwhile, Drake lost nearly $200K gambling in Atlantic City. Sony will have a retro PlayStation Classic on sale this Christmas. People keep dying from drug overdoses at music festivals. At lastly, after nearly 40 years in the business, I finally got mentioned in Rolling Stone. Space Jam: The Sequel? Christian rock: it just keeps going and going and going…
If you’re a DJ or musician, you might be interested in this new mobile gear. Bono’s parenting skills were put to the test at a special gig at a Paris restaurant. Another poisoning in Britain by Russia? Spotify has been sued over its sales teams heading to strip clubs…
….while The Weeknd and Daft Punk are being sued over “Starboy.”
And Drake has sued a woman over some false rape allegations. What could possibly go wrong at an outdoor music festival in downtown Las Vegas? What are these new “interactive albums?” Oh. Is this what Google has planned for its next smart speaker? Bono has talked to the pope (naturally) and says that Francis is “aghast” at the church sex abuse. Meanwhile, here’s music news for September 20, 2018. Off to Vegas for the Life is Beautiful music festival. Plus: Players gonna play and players gonna sue Taylor Swift. (And with LeBron James, too!)
Holland America has a new Rolling Stones-themed club aboard one of their cruise ships. Finally! If you grew up in the 70s and 80s, you might be excited about these new retro-style JBL speakers. It’ll come with 20 games. The latest casualties are in the US and Vietnam.
Random music news for Thursday, September 20, 2018

New Music From The Inbox: Maribou State, The Pack AD, Party Nails, and more!



Artist: The Pack AD
Song: Woke Up Weird
Album: Dollhouse
This gritty and strange rock song is about “numbness one can start to feel from the daily barrage of very obvious indicators that we are seriously harming this planet and feeling helpless that immediate economic gain trumps the longevity of human existence.”

Artist: Party Nails
Song: I Go To You
This intimate acoustic guitar track is super sweet! Watch/Listen:  Artist: Maribou State
Song: Nervous Tics
Album: Kingdown In Colour
This is a colourful, dynamic song that is both laid back and makes you want to dance. Groovy! Listen:

Artist: Winnetka Bowling League
Song: Feeling California
Catchy and conversational with a playful pop vibe. Listen: 

Artist: Young & Sick
Song: Sleepyhead
This version of Sleepyhead takes the manic energy out of the original Passion Pit version and replaces it with sparkling chimes and strings and an infectious bass line.
New Music From The Inbox: Maribou State, The Pack AD, Party Nails, and more!

Rock My World Canada, Chapter 5: Sum 41

The band released their debut album, All Killer, No Filler in 2001. The band achieved mainstream success with their first single from the album, “Fat Lip”, which reached number-one on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart and remains the band’s most successful single to date. This is the latest excerpt from his book. Follow on Facebook and Twitter, too. Find out more about Gandharvas and hundreds of other Canadian artists in the softcover edition of Canadian Alternative & Indie Reference and Collector’s Guide. In April 2013, former drummer Steve Jocz announced his departure from the band. It’s an incredible discography of hundreds of bands. The band was formed in 1996 and as of 2014 consists of members Deryck Whibley (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Tom Thacker (lead guitar, backing vocals), and Jason McCaslin (bass guitar, backing vocals). All Killer No Filler was certified platinum in the United States, Canada and in the United Kingdom. – AC]
Sum 41 is a rock band from Ajax, Ontario. [Mike Carr has put together a massive volume on Canadian music history entitled Canadian Alternative & Indie Reference and Collector’s Guide. Get your copy here.
Rock My World Canada, Chapter 5: Sum 41

Hut, Hut! Maroon 5 to Tackle Super Bowl

Pepsi are allowed to have whoever they want act as b(r)and ambassadors, even though there is another group who will be celebrating 50 years together, have an illustrated book coming out, and are also rumoured to be launching their own concert streaming service. It’s not like I intent to put up a stink over America’s #1 spectator sport being tarnished by vanilla-flavoured pop rock and burn a pair of Nikes while they’re still on my feet or something similar along racistly stupid lines such as those. I’ll even take another wannabe Prince hologram! No, not residency casinoers Aerosmith, although they would assuredly put on a better show too. (My birthday!)
Do I have to start calling it the generic “Big Game” already? I love writing for Alan Cross and his Journal of Musical Things, but there are times when he expects me to report on news impartially and unbiasedly, even when it pertains to artists I am not particularly fond of. It is my duty to tell you then that Maroon 5 have all been confirmed as the Super Bowl LIII halftime performers, to be decided at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on February 3rd, 2019. I’m already out of my football survivor pool, so my only rooting interest is to see rock return to the Super Bowl. Anyway, no matter how catchy “Moves Like Jagger” still may be, I’m not a big fan of Adam Levine even if he really isn’t a douche.
Maroon 5 to Tackle Super Bowl Hut, Hut!