This is the summer of Toto’s “Africa.” Here’s why.

4. Toto returning the favour
Toto is on tour (playing “Africa,” of course) but they’re also performing Weezer’s “Hashpipe” as a thank you. One appeared this week. The summer of 2018 has turned all that on its head as “Africa” has become an unlikely meme-worthy hit, thanks to:
1. 3. Thirty-six years ago, Toto released their IV their (surprise!) fourth album. How about a black metal version of the song? 2. No problem. Tucked away at the end of side two was “Africa,” a co-write between drummer Jeff Porcaro (later to die in a bizarre gardening accident that turned out to be not-so-bizarre) and vocalist Bobby Kimball (who is still with us). Weezer’s milking of their cover
Seen this performance of Weezer performing the song with Weird Al? The song was a solid hit, going gold or platinum in half a dozen countries even though Toto considered it inferior to “Rosanna,” the big single from the album. Weezer’s cover
What began as a dare from a 14-year-old fan named Mary and a troll of that fan by the band has unexpectedly turned into Weezer’s biggest hit in a decade.
This is the summer of Toto’s “Africa.” Here’s why.