The Ongoing History of New Music encore presentation: A not-so-brief history of ska, part 2

The Ongoing History of New Music encore presentation: A not-so-brief history of ska, part 2
This, by the way, is a great option for American listeners who are prevented from listening to the show live because of geo-blocking,

We’re still looking for more affiliates in Calgary, Kamloops, Kelowna, Regina, Saskatoon, Brandon, Windsor,  Montreal, Charlottetown, Moncton, Fredericton, and St John’s and anywhere else with a transmitter. In fact, ska occasionally roars back in a way that sometimes dominates our attention. Songs on this show:
The Specials, Concrete Jungle
The Toasters, 2 Tone Army
Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Someday I Suppose
Gangster Fun, Wish You Were Here
The Untouchables, Twitch’n’Shake
Fishbone, Party at Ground Zero
Rancid, Salvation
Sublime, Date Rape
No Doubt, Just a Girl
Planet Smashers, Surfin’ in Tofino
Less Than Jake, All of My Best Friends are Metalheads
Want a playlist of all of the above? As I said in the preamble to part one, ska seems to be one of those immortal musical genres. And like metal, goth, punk and a few others, ska has a rich, rich history that extends back decades. And while the music’s popularity is cyclical, it’s never gone away.   Don’t forget that you can get the podcast version of this podcast through iTunes or wherever you get your on-demand audio. The Ongoing History of New Music can be heard on the following stations:

102.1 The Edge/Toronto – Sunday night at 7
Live 88-5/Ottawa
107.5 Dave-FM/Kitchener
FM96/London – Sunday night at 7, Monday night at 11
Power 97/Winnipeg (Sunday nights at 11)
Rock 97.7/Grand Prairie – Sunday nights at 6. Eric Wilhite has taken care of that. Sonic 102.9/Edmonton
The Zone/Victoria
The Fox/Vancouver
Live 105/Halifax
WAPS/WKTL The Summit/Arkon, Canton, Cleveland, Youngstown The show runs at 11 am Sunday. If you’re in any of those markets and you want the show, lemme know and I’ll see what I can do. Part two of this not-so-brief history of ska will start with a quick recap of the Second Wave before moving into the Third Wave, a tsunami that’s still being felt today.