One more time: You cannot equate money made from STREAMS with money that came from SALES. Here’s why.

Payout? David Crosby is mad about the money he’s making from streaming. And yes, those payouts can be pitifully small–extra small if you’re under the impression that streaming should pay as much as record sales. Literally pennies. Crosby is conflating streams with sales. Peter Frampton is upset, too. is heard by the same number of people as in the example above) EXCEPT that we’re dealing with a million individual listens instead of a million group listens. Apples and oranges. A million streams is NOTHING. Streaming is essentially ultra-individual radio and not the same as selling records, CDs and digital downloads. Now let’s switch to streaming. How much money goes to the artist is determined by the terms of their deals, not at the discretion of Spotify or whoever. They get the cheques from the streamers and then distribute fees to the artists. A song gets streamed a million times (i.e. Let’s look at it this way for the benefit of Mr. Got a problem with those Spotify cheques? Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, and all the rest of them pay out what’s demanded by the labels. Crosby. Talk to your label A song gets played ten times on the radio in ten different cities across the continent. The labels, then, act as middlemen, proprietors of a big, black box where the money gets dumped on the way from the streaming companies to the artists. In other words, ten plays of the song reaches a million listeners. Neither is 55 million streams. Pennies. The results are nice cheques from SOCAN, ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and other performing rights organizations. And if Crosby and Frampton have issues with the royalty rates being paid for streaming, they need to take it up with their record labels. A million listens, in other words. Let’s say that with each play, the song is exposed to 100,000. But over weeks and months, those pennies add up, especially if you have several songs that make it on the radio. A few bucks, which, in many territories can HIGHER than radio airplay while delivering the same number of ears. The payout for this? Once again, streams are not the same as sales and will never will be. *Sigh*  Neither one of them gets it.
Here’s why. One more time: You cannot equate money made from STREAMS with money that came from SALES.