Geeks and Beats podcast, episode 194: Scientologadetry

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Visit the Geeks and Beats website to sample all kinds of geeky goodness provided daily by our crack staff of writers and contributors who are offering up fascinating content every single day. Noted Scientology debunker Scott Simpson joins us to break down the breakdown of that E-Meter used for the weirdo street-side “personality tests” after talking about Tom Cruise. Lots of running. Plus: why the geeks might regret booking Ed the Sock for the big Live on Facebook Live from Michael’s Back Deck Show show. But we still have our fixed costs. If you’d like to support the show (please?) go here. It turns out the secret to the box office success of the high-ranking officer in the cult is running. Wait, what? By the way, we’re a total non-profit operation that performs this selfless service for benefit of all humanity. Aliens less ancient than the ones who brought the first Scientologists to Earth 76 million years ago apparently made 7″ records.
Geeks and Beats podcast, episode 194: Scientologadetry