Random music news for Monday, August 27, 2018

It’s for sale. Or maybe you’d rather spend your money on a rare Apple I computer. How about Keith Richards’ 1972 Ferrari Dino? Mike Shinoda explains how he’s dealt with the death of Chester Bennington. Has Nicki Minaj lost it? Donald Trump and Kayne West: The lovefest continues. Have your bingo cards ready. The porn industry wants the US to take a look at copyright laws because it’s running into the same problems as the music industry. However your weekend went, it wasn’t this noisy. The first Beatles biography came out 50 years ago this month. Prince’s family has sued the doctor who prescribed him pain medication. Don Jr? You just knew that PETA was going to say something about Aretha Franklin’s fur coats. What kind of week is Donald Trump in for? Former Allman Brothers guitarist Dicky Betts has suffered a minor stroke. If the iHeart MMVAs mean anything to you, here’s who won what. Too much information, courtesy Ed Sheeran. Or maybe you’d prefer this Austin Mini that was used to promote the Beatles “Penny Lane” film. You might want to start here. Roger Stone? It was written with the band while they were still together. Who’s next to go down? In front of 15 witnesses, too. Jared? Meanwhile, in Australia, an actor is accused of killing a rapper with a Samari sword. Looking for a car? And now, music news for August 27, 2018. Not enough information about fast radio bursts. Confused by K-pop?
Random music news for Monday, August 27, 2018

New Music from the Inbox for August 27, 2018: Ellevator, SWMRS, Long Range Hustle, & More!

New Music from the Inbox for August 27, 2018: Ellevator, SWMRS, Long Range Hustle, & More!
The Toronto band is currently on tour. The whole album itself examines the failure of capitalism from a human perspective. Listen:

Artist: Major Love
Song: “Toughen Up”
Album: Single

Currently on tour, Major Love just released their self-titled debut album. Watch:

Artist: Long Range Hustle
Song: “Morning Clover”
Album: Single

The latest track from Long Range Hustle is the first single from their upcoming album set for release next year. This song is about the duality of the world and anxiety for the future. Listen:

Artist: Jet Black
Song: “All Is Wrong”
Album: L’Ère du Vide

From their latest album, Jet Black’s “All Is Wrong” looks at the desire to escape from a world stuck in a downward spiral. Listen:

Artist: Moonbeau
Song: “Like the Night”
Album: Moonbeau

This synth-pop band from Cincinnati blends 80s new wave with modern, danceable beats. The music video for this song was filmed in Toronto and Kingston. Watch: Watch:

Artist: SWMRS
Song: “Berkeley’s On Fire”
Album: Single

Oakland punk quartet SWMRS combines the sounds of various historical punk bands to create a sound of their own. Artist: Ellevator
Song: “New Survival”
Album: Ellevator EP 

From their self-titled EP, Ellevator explores the duality of the self in this track and the accompanying video. This track comes from their upcoming debut. The band is getting ready to head out on tour in October.

With apologies to Simon and Garfunkel, here’s a nod to the late-night/early morning tweets by Donald Trump

It does feel that the walls are closing in, doesn’t it? The events of the last couple of weeks are getting to Donald Trump. Jared? Don Jr? No wonder Donald is up late, tweeting in the middle of the night. His former campaign chairman, his former lawyer-fixer, his buddy at the National Enquirer, and the Trump’s organization’s accountant (a guy who also worked as Trump’s personal accountant) have either been convicted of crimes, pled guilty to crimes, or been promised immunity by prosecutors. Who’s next? Roger Stone?
With apologies to Simon and Garfunkel, here’s a nod to the late-night/early morning tweets by Donald Trump

The 2018 world champion air guitarist is a woman from Japan

The 2018 world champion air guitarist is a woman from Japan
Rachel Sinclair                  ”Agnes Young”            USA
12. Lyrae (Lily) Freriechs         ”Lily Rocknroll”            AUS At the end of it all, the winner was Nanami Naguara of Japan. Fifteen finalists unpacked their imaginary instruments and did their impress the judges and the crowd with their, uh, fakeness. Dana Schiemann      ”Dana-Saurus Rex”        CAN               [34,2]
4. Patrick Culek                     ”Ehrwolf”                     GER
11. She was presented with a real guitar. Jason Farnan             ”Lt Facemelter”            USA                [32,6]
7. @airguitarworldchampionships @nanaminagura @helsinginsanomat #makeairnotwar #airguitarworldchampionships #airguitar #oulu #visitoulu
A post shared by Air Guitar World Championships (@airguitarworldchampionships) on Aug 25, 2018 at 3:34am PDT

Here are the final standings. 1. Daniel Oldemeier             ”Moredrive”                 GER
15. Andrew Finn                 ”Flyin Finn”                USA                [33,7]
5. Brittany Diaz                     ”Georgia Lunch”          USA
13. Toshio Kado                      ”Shariten Kd”               JPN
13. #Repost @leinoan ・・・ Seven Seas aka Nanami Nagura from Japan is the new Air Guitar World Champion! Sven Smith                 ”Sven Spandex”           UK                  [33,4]
7. Alex Roberts              ”Jinja Assassin”           AUS                [32,6]
9. You know it’s approaching Labour Day when air guitarists from all over the world assemble in Oulu, Finland, for the world championships. Nanami  Nagura           ”Seven Seas”               JPN               [35,8]
2. Vincent Roussel                  ”Lord Scrat”                 FRA
10. Her act–she performed dressed as a cleaning lady under the name Seven Seas–was enough to take the 23rd annual prize. Matt Burns                    ”The Airistotle”          USA                [35,1]
3. Kate Rose                   “KitKat”                       USA                [33,4]

Is this a drum solo or a psychotic break?

Is this a drum solo or a psychotic break?
(Via Danny) Can you figure it out? I love me a good drum solo, but I’m not entirely what’s going on here.

Mike Shinoda and Sum 41 paid tribute to Chester Bennington and…wow. Chills.

Chills. Mike Shinoda and Sum 41 paid tribute to Chester Bennington and…wow.
Later in the set, Mike was joined by Sum 41 for this performance of Linkin Park’s “Faint.” At this past weekend’s Reading Festival, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda paid tribute to Chester Bennington with help from Sum 41. Here’s part one.

A William Shatner Christmas album? Looks like it.

A William Shatner Christmas album? Looks like it.
I was replaced by an empty chair and could only watch from the audience. Henry Rollins
2. Well, there hasn’t been a Christmas album yet. I couldn’t take it. Dani Bender O Come, O Come Emmanuel Feat. 😳😱😉 pic.twitter.com/8kIH6YrrHq
— William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) August 26, 2018

And if that’s not strange enough, look at the guest appearances in this tracklisting. Elliot Easton
7. Iggy Pop? We still keep in touch, too. Rick Wakeman
8. During rehearsals for the first show, Bill gamely went through the song but couldn’t get the rhythm right. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Feat. “Well, if you’re doing a Canadian tour in November, there’s really only one choice,” I said. Run Rudolph Run Feat. Judy Collins
13. “It’s gotta be ‘The Hockey Song’ by Stompin’ Tom.” He agreed to give it a shot. 1. Silent Night Feat. Back in 2011, I was won a gig to be William Shatner’s on-stage straight man in a production called How Time Flies. Plenty of non-Christians do that. You can pre-order my Christmas Album https://t.co/jpCJ9ft6bL It’s also available on vinyl! Still, it was a fantastic experience. But what song? This is a bit odd given (a) Bill’s vocal style; and (b) he’s Jewish. One for You, One for Me
10. Twas the Night Before Christmas Feat. Silver Bells Feat. Billy Gibbons
11. Joe Louis Walker
4. Henry Rollins? But then again, he’s big on the holidays–there’s always a massive family gathering–so why not celebrate the season? After about sixty seconds of this, it dawned on me: I was trying to teach William Shatner how to sing. I learned more about performance and presentation from Shatner in those few weeks than I had in the previous five years. He wanted to close each show on this tour with a song. The show tour ran for six shows across the country before Shat took it to Broadway and an extended North American tour. What could possibly be left to do? Jingle Bells Feat. “No, no, no, Bill. The Shat has a plenty of records to his name and occasionally stages gigs where he performs live. Winter Wonderland Feat. And so comes this tease of a William Shatner Christmas album. But back to the tour. Feliz Navidad Feat. He was quick to criticize (ALWAYS respectfully and constructively) and just as quick to praise. As everyone knows, Bill likes to, uh, sing. Iggy Pop
12. Brad Paisley
3. Like this.” And I proceeded to teach him what he needed to do. In fact, his performances have gone down in pop culture history as being among the most…interesting. Ian Anderson
9. Little Drummer Boy Feat. White Christmas Feat. Todd Rundgren & Artimus Pyle
5. Mel Collins
6. Blue Christmas Feat.

And now, a radio station for dogs

And now, a radio station for dogs
In the interests of equal time, there’s also a radio station for dogs. Last week, a story about radio made the rounds about a radio station for cats.

Weekly survey: What is your song of the summer of 2018?

Weekly survey: What is your song of the summer of 2018?
Youngblood – 5 Seconds of Summer
God’s Plan – Drake
Nice For What – Drake
Te Boté – Remix – Nio Garcia (feat. Cardi B) – Maroon 5
Taste (feat. Demi Lovato)
Taste – Tyga (feat. What’s yours? Time to gather some thoughts and memories about the music we’ve heard. I hate to mention it, but Labour Day is this weekend. Cardi B)
I Like It – Cardi B (feat. What song will you forever associate something you’ve done/seen/experienced this year? Is this a metric we can go by? Offset) – Tyga
No Brainer – DJ Khaled
Eastside (with Halsey & Khalid) – benny blanco
Lucid Dreams – Juice WRLD
I Like It – Cardi B
breathin’ – Ariana Grande

Not a lot of rock here, is there? This week’s question is extremely simple: What is your song of the summer of 2018? Summer–at least when it comes to those glorious weeks of time off–is coming to an end. Bad Bunny, J Balvin)
Lucid Dreams – Juice WRLD
SAD! This is Spotify’s global chart:

In My Feelings – Drake
Girls Like You – Maroon 5 (feat. Nicki Minaj & Murda Beatz) – 6ix9ine
Girls Like You (feat. Obviously, there cannot be any incorrect answers, although I’m sure there will be plenty of interesting contributions. Casper Magico, Darrell, Ozuna, Bad Bunny and Nicky Jam)
Jackie Chan – Tiësto, Dzeko (feat. Spotify, which is all about collecting listener data, offers up their Songs of the Summers charts featuring tracks that have been streamed more than any others. Post Malone, Preme)
Back To You – Selena Gomez
no tears left to cry – Ariana Grande
Don’t Matter To Me – Drake (with Michael Jackson)
Rise – Jonas Blue
Nonstop – Drake

If we break it down to just Canada, we’re left with this:

In My Feelings – Drake
Sick Mode – Travis Scott
Better Now – Post Malone
One Kiss – Calvin Harris (with Dua Lipa)
Solo – Clean Bandit (feat.  

Random music news for Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Random music news for Tuesday, August 28, 2018
Where will things go from here? Listen to some yoga music before bed. Let’s talk a little bit more about the radio industry and its relationship to smart speakers and podcasting. this time last year: Total albums, -18.8%; digital albums, -20.7%; physical albums, -17.6%; CDs, -21.6%; vinyl, +43.2%; streaming, +51.4% (1.109 billion streams last week). Interesting: Email could be more useful for your band’s interaction with fans than social channels. Sales of digital albums are really tanking. You’re not alone. Wow. It looks like this year was the year of a podcast boom. Here are 16 podcasts that should help. If you’re a hardcore Tragically Hip fan, you might enjoy this podcast that’s going through all the band’s releases. Still using Snapchat? This is important. Happy 32nd birthday to Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine. Why is someone trying to burn down this small-town Manitoba radio station? Why not? Stevie Wonder played this tribute to John McCain. Is it possible that Marilyn Manson and Lady Gaga are collaborating on something? Metallica watches? Frustrated by not being able to find the perfect headphones for yourself? A record amount of illegal drugs were seized at the Leeds Festival this year. I love how these music festivals are combining tunes with science. A long-lost Noel Gallagher solo album has turned up. Here is the top 10 playlist of late Senator John McCain. In other music news for August 28, 2018…

Canadian music sales and streaming numbers vs. Worried about having a heart attack? Let the bidding begin! Speaking of music entrepreneurship, Taylor Swift is about to be a free agent. Hoping to be a music industry entrepreneur? You might find this new music feature interesting.

AI program makes it look like you can dance

It’s not that I can’t dance–I do have a decent sense of rhythm–it’s that I won’t because I think I look ridiculous. (Via Tom) Then again, this is also another step on the road toward widespread use of deepfakes. According to Engadget, it can turn an awkward dancer into a ballerina. That’s disturbing. There’s still work to be done as you see by the jittering rendering and I wouldn’t expect this program to turn you into a champion breakdancer, but it is kinda cool, no? Best I spare my fragile feelings and the sensibilities of those around me by sitting still. But hang on: maybe I just need a little artificial intelligence support. Researchers at UC Berkeley have come up with an AI program that will take bad dance moves and translate them into something much more graceful and pleasing.
AI program makes it look like you can dance

Records Are Back, and So Is Making Vinyl

Records Are Back, and So Is Making Vinyl
I know a lot of people who come to this site work in the music industry. There will also be opportunities to tour Third Man Pressing and take a Motown Music Crawl that promises to be fun, educational, and downright rocking. If you have anything to do with vinyl records, or are simply an interested observer of how this once thought-for-dead medium has made a remarkable comeback, you should seriously consider attending Making Vinyl October 1st and 2nd at the Cadillac Westin Hotel in Detroit. 2018’s guest of honor is Steven Van Zandt – Some of you may know him from Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, Silvio Dante of Sopranos fame, or as the titular host of Little Steven’s Underground Garage. Having Jack White and  Darryl “D.M.C.” McDaniels as keynote speakers didn’t hurt either. If you haven’t already registered, what are you waiting for? #MakingVinyl
#MakingVinylDetroit I honestly can’t think of a better spokesperson for vinyl’s place in the current music landscape. Van Zandt is one of 60 speakers over the two days, including Canadian representation from Record Store Day. Tell Program Director Larry Jaffee I sent ya! Steven Van Zandt photo courtesy of Making Vinyl

This is actually the conference’s second edition; last fall I was among 300 attendees who made valuable contacts while gaining knowledge on everything from vinyl sales and manufacturing to package design.

Research rocks! Who’s listening to podcasts? And why should advertisers care?

Who’s listening to podcasts? And why should advertisers care? Research rocks!
Congratulations Alan; here’s to another 25 years, which isn’t out of the question given this new, up-and-coming generation who are becoming loyal to podcasts such as yours. Young, rich and educated, what’s not for a podcaster like Alan Cross to love? [Just so we’re clear, this isn’t some self-serving piece from me about my stuff. The Ongoing History of New Music, encore presentation: Alt-rock concept albums, part 1 listening weekly. The Ongoing History of New Music, in case you didn’t know, is Canada’s longest-running radio documentary and just happens to be celebrating the silver anniversary of its first broadcast on CFNY in 1993. 37% of Canadians who live in households with incomes ranging from $100,000 to $150,000 also tune in. olds, where 39% of them regularly listen to podcasts). He did this all by his lonesome. Nor did I assign it to Gilles LeBlanc. And in a sneak peek of brand new info on the Canadian Podcast Listener from Audience Insights Inc. Well, according to the latest findings by Media Technology Monitor and reposted on Media in Canada, just under a quarter of 4,000 Anglophones surveyed listen to podcasts, nearly double the 13% it was in 2011. Here’s a link to the most recent episode, and thanks for listening! People who do so frequently tend to be between the ages of 18 and 51 years old, with the highest-indexing cohort being older millennials or “Generation Y” (27-37 yr. and Ulster Media, with support from The Podcast Exchange, 20% more Canadians are making podcasts a regular habit, i.e. – AC]
So who exactly listens to podcasts like The Ongoing History of New Music anyway? 33% are either currently pursuing a university education or already have a degree.

This pairing of Donald Trump and the theme from VEEP works well. Too well, in fact.

Donald Trump tried to have a moment in the Oval Office yesterday. Reporters gathered to see him take a phone call from Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto regarding a sub-sub-sub-trade deal. pic.twitter.com/uWO5d7EVTF
— Arlen Parsa (@arlenparsa) August 27, 2018

(Via Andrea) Add in the theme from VEEP and you have something that looks like this. so just as an experiment I put the president’s ~supremely~ awkward oval office moment to the @VeepHBO closing credits theme song just now. uhh it works v well. Derp, indeed. Unfortunately for President Cheeto, his desk phone didn’t cooperate, resulting in some awkward moments.
Too well, in fact. This pairing of Donald Trump and the theme from VEEP works well.