Arkells to issue a new album called Rally Cry

Produced by Eric Ratz (Knocking At The Door, Leather Jacket). In a series of social media posts accompanied by photos of the band in studio, Arkells explained how “there’s an urgency to recording these songs and hearing them back. Out Oct 19th. Whether it’s political songs or love songs, they share the same starting place. That record emboldened us and gave us confidence to trust our instincts even more. 8th’s SONiC Field Day in Edmonton). Mike D(eAngelis) did the art & wanted the art to reflect that same vibrant energy that made its way into the recordings as a result. We made Rally Cry in the midst of touring our last record, with our live show fresh in our minds each time we entered the studio. Mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers, Fleetwood Mac). 7th at Vancouver’s new SKOOKUM festival and Sept.
— ARKELLS (@arkellsmusic) August 14, 2018

Lead singer Max Kerman apparently spent most of his time working on new dance moves, which he’ll hopefully bust out during Arkells’ last two Canadian shows for 2018 (Sept. Mastered by Greg Calbi (Arcade Fire, Kacey Musgraves). Rally Cry is the idea of a communal heart, a connected spirit. RALLY⚡️CRY. No tracklist or new music just yet, but there are two pro-shot videos from the aforementioned “Rally” while we count down the days ’til October 19th. With their triumphant homecoming still fresh in the minds of 20,000+ fans, Hamilton’s own Arkells are striking while the proverbial iron is hot, announcing new album Rally Cry will be released on October 19th. Next year is shaping up to be huge for these legit good Canadian boys. On Rally Cry, we’ve risen to the challenge and we’re playing for keeps. On our last album, Morning Report, we dipped our toes into the water, and learned that the boldest and most gratifying ideas were the ones where we took the biggest chances. We can’t wait to share it and play it live.”
The technical credits that were also shared include Canuck Eric Ratz at the production helm, who’s had a hand in fine-tuning Arkells’ irresistible rock-meets-soul sound that has made them this country’s next big music exports.
Arkells to issue a new album called Rally Cry

Random music news for Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Random music news for Wednesday, August 15, 2018
The good and bad of using preset sounds for your next song. Meanwhile, is Spotify on a collision course with the record labels? People are following Angus Young around Vancouver. Jeff Tweedy of Wilco has written a book about songwriting. On this day in 1965, the Beatles played to 60,000 people at Shea Stadium in New York. Too bad it was never made. Cool. Doesn’t work, apparently. This electric guitar can be broken down for easy transport and travel. Good. And as for August 15, 2018…

Here are your Canadian music sales and streams numbers for last week vs. AC/DC seems to be making a new album there. This would have been a strange sequel to the movie Gladiator. When Conan O’Brien moves to a half-hour format, there won’t be any more musical performances. Alexa is definitely coming to cars. Not music-related, but if you hate getting work emails after work…
Do you listening to recordings while you sleep in hopes of learning something? Meanwhile, Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys has these tips on how to write great lyrics. Maybe. Then again, it was written by Nick Cave. Here’s a very good read on the legacy of Aretha Franklin. Spotify has rolled out songwriting and producer credits on its mobile app. Good news for anyone who covets a Nokia banana phone: It’s back! This is considered to be the birth of stadium rock. a year ago: Total albums, -18.2%; digital albums, -21.2%; physical albums, -16.2%; CDs, -20.3%; vinyl, +49%; streams, 51.8% (1.046 billion streams for the week.)
Donald Trump and his base aren’t going to like this Pearl Jam concert poster.

More Music From The Inbox 15 Aug 2018 Silent Forum, Poetra Asantewa, Ninja Sex Party and More!

More Music From The Inbox 15 Aug 2018 Silent Forum, Poetra Asantewa, Ninja Sex Party and More!

Artist: GABI, “Whole With You”
Album: Empty Me

Experimental brilliance out of New York CIty
Sounds like:  taking a different road

Artist: Meg Myers, “Little Black Death”  
Album: Take Me To The Disco

Making massive waves out of L.A. Artist: Silent Forum, “How I Faked The Moon Landing”  
Album: N/A

Such great stuff out of Cardiff, Wales
Sounds like:  the stuff I love to hear

Artist: Poetra Asantewa, “Hungry”
Album: N/A

Unique and interesting with a voice of truth out of Ghana
Sounds like:  spoken word with a drum beat

Artist: Ninja Sex Party, “Heart Boner”
Album: Cool Patrol

Brighton is home to this very talented outfit
Sounds like:  I just had to! Sounds like:  the unexpected danger
Link/Listen/Watch: Sounds like:  different ages brought together

Artist: Warm Drag, “Sleepover”
Album: In The Red

Interesting and effective and out of L.A.

Graphic: The last grandstanders at the CNE in Toronto

Graphic: The last grandstanders at the CNE in Toronto
Click on the graphic to see the whole thing.   Cameron Gordon’s Completely Ignored has a new graphic featuring some of the big concerts held at Exhibition Stadium in Toronto during the Canadian National Exhibition over the years.

Help the Downie Wenjack Fund this Friday in Muskoka

Hoyle, the Canadian-born singer for one of the longest-performing Tragically Hip tribute bands, has mentioned that the rest of the group haven’t been up to the KEE before and he’s particularly excited for this show and the chance to show the guys around. Sounds pretty fun, right? It’s music that I haven’t been exposed to before so the Indigenous elements of what those artists do is a whole fresh new world for me. “We’ve always wanted to do a fundraiser and show at the Kee. This Friday, Aug. 17, is the second FamilyBand Benefit Concert at the KEE To Bala, featuring Buffalo’s Strictly Hip, DJ Shub (formerly of A Tribe Called Red) and Jordan Mowat. Friday’s show will continue FamilyBand’s mission of bringing together in Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities together with music to share stories and get a better understanding of each other in a fun, relaxed setting. Doors are at 8 p.m. Mowat will be starting the evening a drum and acoustic set before DJ Shub comes out with a set of “hip-hop infused with traditional powwow music,” says Rob Ferreira, the event’s organizer. and the show is slated to start around 9 p.m., in full view of the stars. But, always a music fan, he’s equally enthusiastic about the rest of the lineup. It’s legendary, full of character and it sits in the heart of Muskoka overlooking Bala Bay,” Ferreira said in April when this week’s show was first announced. When Strictly Hip takes the stage later, Mowat will be sharing vocals with Jeremy Hoyle for a few songs. The first FamilyBand show, way back in mid-winter February, was a memorable night, not only because the concert was just days before Gord Downie’s birthday, but it was Strictly Hip’s first performance at the Horseshow Tavern, on “those checkerboard floors,” next to a new mural of Stompin’ Tom and Gord. And if you live near the KEE but can’t make it to the show, or if you want to help out in other ways, Bala Falls Pub is the official pre-party location for the show. “I’m just really looking forward to seeing DJ Shub and Jordan Mowat perform,” he says. Back to the fun stuff: There’s a long list of items to be raffled off, including:

Limited edition prints from Hip photographer, David Bastedo and Richard Beland
A hat created by Izzy Camilleri and Karyn Ruiz (designers of Gord’s outfits from the Man Machine Poem) similar to the style that Gord wore during the Fully & Completely Tour in 2015 using remnant leather from Gord’s outfits that Izzy had created for him for the tour
A signed Secret Path illustrated book by graphic artist, Jeff Lemire
Signed Jake Gardiner and Doug Gilmour Maple Leafs Jerseys. “I grew up in cottage country and have seen so many shows there, including the Hip. Talk about emotional. Hoping other people become fans as well.”
More information on the event is available here, which also includes a link to buy tickets. It just felt right to host our next event at the KEE.”
The first show raised about $10,000 through tickets, merch and raffles, all of which goes to the Downie Wenjack Fund. “They’ve both become part of my daily listening so count me as a fan of both. The pub will be donating proceeds from a selection of poutine purchases all week to the Downie Wenjack Fund, and when patrons purchase a Sawdust City Little Norway beer at the pub, proceeds from that will also go toward the fund. “Indigenous and non-Indigenous coming together, it’s a beautiful thing,” Ferriera says. Ferriera worked closed with Mike Downie during a trip to Kenora in November 2016 to meet Chanie Wenjack’s family, including his sister Pearl, for the Walk for Wenjack. A warm summer night in Muskoka, great friends, better music, under a starry sky. Their goal this time around is to raise $15,000, so keep those wallets open! A concert to benefit the Gord Downie and Chanie Wenjack Fund makes it memorable, a can’t-miss event. For those who might be skeptical about the event, given the number of fake Hip or Downie items that have popped up online since news of his illness was made public, rest assured: The event has the full support and blessing of Mike Downie and the Downie Wenjack Fund.
Help the Downie Wenjack Fund this Friday in Muskoka

How to use a smart speaker to commit murder

Obviously, I’m not advocating this–and it was designed as an art project–but here’s another example of how someone can take a cool technology and turn it…weird.
— BBC (@BBC) August 14, 2018 (Via Amber)

An artist has found a way to command a smart speaker to fire a weapon to show the unforeseen consequences of technology.
How to use a smart speaker to commit murder

Wednesday timesuck: Seth McFarlane sings Cyndi Lauper songs in Family Guy voices

Wednesday timesuck: Seth McFarlane sings Cyndi Lauper songs in Family Guy voices
Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane was on the BBC’s Graham Norton show along with Cyndi Lauper. Hey, I laughed. (Via Laughing Squid) He decided to cover some of her songs in various Family Guy voices while she was sitting next to him.

Into vinyl? Watch this short film on how vinyl is mastered

Watch this short film on how vinyl is mastered Into vinyl?
  There’s a part of the recording/releasing process called “mastering.” What is that, exactly? This short film from The Vinyl Factory (via Ronald) explains what this is all about.

My vote for song of the summer includes the lyrics “Bitch, I’m a cow!”

My vote for song of the summer includes the lyrics “Bitch, I’m a cow!”
— WATCH “MOOO!” ON YT (@DojaCat) August 7, 2018

If you must, there’s more at Mashable. There’s not much I can say as an introduction to this music video by Doja Cat called “Mooo!” other than this has my support as the song of the summer of 2018. should I honestly post the rest of this insane shit? And yes, it’s all gone meme-y.

Geeks and Beats podcast, episode 196: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

If you’d like to support the show (please?) go here.
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Visit the Geeks and Beats website to sample all kinds of geeky goodness provided daily by our crack staff of writers and contributors who are offering up fascinating content every single day. But we still have our fixed costs. Don’t call it Musak 2.0, but bro it’s gonna change the way you unleash your beast mode at the gym. Plus: The “Comeback Special” that coined the phrase: Elvis circa 1968. Jeff Yasuda of drops by the studio to explain while Michael takes pot-shots at Alan’s workout regimen. Make us feel loved

Reddit The geeks look at the first female inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Aretha Franklin. Listen here. By the way, we’re a total non-profit operation that performs this selfless service for benefit of all humanity.
Geeks and Beats podcast, episode 196: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Pearl Jam protests with a poster featuring a dead Trump and a burning White House. The GOP is demanding an apology.

Pearl Jam protests with a poster featuring a dead Trump and a burning White House. The GOP is demanding an apology.
This may just be my two cents, but the MAGA crowd can keep Toby Keith and Three Doors Down; I’ll keep on rockin’ in the free world with PJ, thank you very much. In bassist Jeff Ament’s home state of Montana, Pearl Jam were at Washington-Grizzly Stadium Monday night, which doubled as a reelection fundraiser for US Senate hopeful Jon Tester. If anyone thinks Pearl Jam are going to do the opposite of Tom Petty and back down from this, they don’t know them very well. Tester’s GOP opposition Matt Rosendale was all over it, calling it a “blatant display of extremism” while linking to a Breibart article. #TheAwayShows #Rock2Vote
A post shared by Pearl Jam (@pearljam) on Aug 14, 2018 at 9:45am PDT

A little shocking to some admittedly, with the most vocal outcries coming from the conservative side of the political ledger. Needless to say, the GOP is not happy about this and is demanding an apology. Official artwork by Jeff Ament and @BobbyDrawsSkullz from last night's show in Missoula. People getting offended over a cartoon versus the real-life injustices that have been going on the past two years probably don’t remember Eddie Vedder taking a knee in solidarity with NFL players or that, y’know, Pearl Jam are bigtime Rock the Vote supporters, which champions otherwise undecided ballot-casters to get out there, make a difference and prevent someone like Donald Trump from ever getting in the position he is in again. I don’t think one is forthcoming. On top of another nearly 3-hour, 30-song set, the show featured an – um – interesting poster designed in part by Ament himself. Jeff Ament has already said,
We’re at a tipping point and it’s time to take action. The toupee is a dead giveaway I’d say as to who this is meant to represent. Surprisingly, Drumpf himself hasn’t found the poster important enough to tweet about, although his willfully blind followers have been more than eager to express how they’ll never listen to Pearl Jam again, not that they’ve been any good since the ’90s anyway. As mentioned in Pearl Jam Comes Home, the Seattle-bred band are playing a series of outdoor venues to close out the Summer of 2018 (sorry for the reality check, but the first day of school is 20 sleeps from today). Pearl Jam’s initials bookended an illustration of a burning White House, with what appears to be a lifeless body on the lawn, its carcass being picked at by an American bald eagle.

Random music news for Thursday, August 16, 2018

British band The Kooks have launched this site to go along with the warmest UK summer in memory. Go here. Oh, and Elvis died on this day in 1977.And on August 16, 2018…

Speaking of Elvis, people are talking about the 50th anniversary of his big comeback TV special. Look at this. Could it be here? This kind of dancing never happens for me when I go through airport security in the US. A big problem with summer music festivals involves noise. Creepy, creepy dudes…
When is music going to have its defining #MeToo moment? I wish my parents were into music this much. Even George Soros is getting into the streaming game with some big investments. It’s for sale in Auto-Trader. Is classic rock dead? Two days later, he was replaced by some guy named Ringo. People actually bring their pajamas. Could be coming soon. And now that Madonna’s 60, there are plenty of career retrospectives being written–like this one from the BBC. How do organizers get around it? Donald Trump reportedly encouraged Gene Simmons to make sexual remarks about Ivanka right in front of her. The goal of this concert is to put you to sleep. Aerosmith is going Vegas. On this day in 1962, drummer Pete Best is fired by the Beatles. Another example of the power of radio. Remember those sonic attacks in Cuba? And here’s another. Apple glasses? Need someone to help you make sense of classical music? It’s a serious question. They’re still a mystery. One day, one day…
Want to buy a property owned by Courtney Love? This podcast imagines what it might be like to be a fly on the wall in the Trump White House. They managed to do all right after that. That’s rich considering Disney has spent decades successfully lobbying for changes to copyright laws to keep Mickey Mouse out of the public domain. Disney is screaming “fair use” about copyrighted material regarding some Michael Jackson music. Where did the Elvis-is-still-alive meme come from? Want to buy Madonna’s old Mini?
Random music news for Thursday, August 16, 2018

New Music from the Inbox: Elle King, St. Lucia, Sia and more!

Lucia, Sia and more! New Music from the Inbox: Elle King, St.

Artist: Joel Baker
Song: Harder To Fall
This song has got the beats, it’s got the chorus. Mesmerizing vocals and hypnotizing rhythms are the road that will lead you on your way. Listen:


Artist: St. Watch/Listen:

Artist: Pink Matter
Song: Cleo
EP: Human Error
This song is an alt rock journey that is dark and experimental. It’s undeniably anthemic. Sia and Diplo
Song: Thunderclouds
The swinging rhythms and summer-y horns on this collaborative project between Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo will get you moving for sure! Watch/Listen: 

Artist: Labrinth Ft. It’s also got a great mix of acoustic and electronic that keeps it fresh but also grounded. Artist: Elle King
Song: Shame
Elle King’s lead single from her upcoming album brings the same grit and energy as her certified double platinum hit Ex’s and Oh’s… but this time with horns! Lucia
Song: Walking Away
Album: Hyperion
Interesting synth sounds, memorable melodies, and sharp rhythms… this one bops!

A good question: What happens to your brain when you hear your favourite song?

That could be why you find your feet dancing along by the pedal and your fingers playing dashboard guitar every time “Sweet Child of Mine” wafts through the radio waves. Some even listed a tune by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at the top of their list. Keep reading. Some loved the Goo Goo Dolls. But what exactly is happening here? Maybe it’s by Bieber. Still, what happened when those tunes came on? Interestingly, the participants’ tastes were wildly varied. MusicThinkTank reports:
Maybe it’s by the Beatles. We all know the feeling: a tingle, a shiver, an unconscious need to move. Buried within there was the song they had selected as their all-time favorite. A recent study found that our brains all react the same when our personal favorite song comes on. Some preferred the Notorious B.I.G. Whatever your favorite song, it only takes about a second for you to hear that first chord. Yet, while you know that your top jam gives you all the feels, did you also know that it elicits a specific chemical reaction in your brain? Then, you’re immediately reaching for the dial to turn it up as loud as possible. These are all physiological reactions to hearing a favourite song. During the study, researchers monitored reactions as participants listened to a playlist of music that spanned myriad musical genres from soundtracks and stock music to big band tunes and old-time jazz. Maybe it’s by a local reggae band you listened to on your honeymoon in Jamaica.
A good question: What happens to your brain when you hear your favourite song?