Love headbanging to metal? Be careful out there. Here’s why.

Take the case of Evanescence guitarist Terry Balsamo. A CT scan revealed a blood clot which required emergency surgery. The suspected cause? I see that Dying Fetus, Witch Taint and Hardbone are part of the bill this year. And then there’s this guy who represented at a hospital emergency ward with a headache that had plagued him for eight days. Nice. Here’s an example of a song with that tempo. A dedicated headbanger all his life, he managed to badly bruise his carotid artery and assorted veins his neck. One of the reasons SLAYER is calling it a day is because guitarist Toma Araya has a bad neck resulting from headbanging injuries. According to a study published by the British Medical Journal in 2008, the first headbangers were Led Zeppelin fans seen in the audience of the band’s 1968-89 North American tour. Any more than that could result in injury. Cue the stories about headbanging, too. Serious injury. Since then, it’s become popular to aggressively bob your head to metal–or, as academics put it, “a violent and rhythmic movement of the head.”
According to science, the ideal headbanging tempo is 146 beats per minute. To learn more about this history and perils of headbanging, go here. Repeated headbanging at a Motorhead show four weeks earlier. He can’t do anything that might strain his neck. The result was a blot clot that traveled to his brain.  
One may headbang with relative safety if the range of neck motion is less than 75 degrees. Bang if you must. The Wacken festival, the world’s largest gathering of metal bands, starts today just north of Hamburg, Germany.
Be careful out there. Love headbanging to metal? Here’s why.

How much media do you consume each day? Let’s find out.

One more: The average American spends 45 minutes per day on some kind of social media.   people 18+) spent nearly one-half of their day (11 hours and 6 minutes) consuming some kind of media. About 16% of the day is spent with radio, which is equal to all the other demos right up to age 65. In the first quarter of this year, American adults (i.e. This Nielsen study of media consumption is out of the US, but I’m willing to bet that a lot of it can be applied to Canadian habits. If you want the full study, go here. We can break things down this way:

About 4 hours of live TV (a few minutes higher than at the end of last year)
About 2 hours and 30 minutes on a smartphone
Close to 2 hours of radio
47 minutes on a table
39 minutes watching/listening to media on a computer
36 minutes of time-shifted TV
22 minutes on some kind of Internet-connected device (a smart speaker, maybe?)
14 minutes on a game console
6 minutes with a DVD/Blu-ray

Drilling down to specific demographics, the average person 18-34 spends an average of 29% of their media day with live TV, which is equal to the time they spend on their smartphones.
How much media do you consume each day? Let’s find out.

Arctic Monkeys Do The White Stripes in Detroit

Arctic Monkeys have been dishing out a few surprises since starting the Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino tour in May. While this is all well and cool, it begs the question of who else the Sheffield lads are going to honour now that a precedent appears to have been set. The music-making primates also perked a lot of ears when they were in New York recently and covered The Strokes’ “Is This It”. Turner of Death from Above’s “Romantic Rights”! OK, there was “Come Together” at the London Olympics a handful of people may have seen. They’re at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena on Sunday, August 5th after appearances at Lollapalooza and Osheaga. Shout out to my friend and fellow White Stripes fan Mike MacDonald who messaged me from the Masonic Temple as this was unfolding! On August 1st in Detroit however, they paid homage to Rock City legends The White Stripes with a version of “The Union Forever”. I don’t know about you all, but I’m now excited about the prospect of a Richard (Ultra)Cheese-y interpretation by Mr. Broken Social Scene perhaps? I’m not a Seth Rogen hater, but Drakkar Noir really should be doing those TTC etiquette announcements instead of the dude who will be voicing Pumbaa in The Lion King remake. Frontman Alex Turner shaved his head for one, more or less destroying the lounge singer vibe he had going on in step with the sound of AM’s sixth album. Before you all scream how Drake would be a natural, just know Franz Ferdinand already took care of “Passionfruit” in Strombo’s living room. Aside from “Red Right Hand” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Arctic Monkeys hadn’t been known for their covers during concerts.
Arctic Monkeys Do The White Stripes in Detroit

The IPO of Sonos has a new ring to it. Literally.

As per tradition, the management team rang the opening bell for the day’s trading on NASDAQ. Speaker/music system manufacturer Sonos has its initial public offering today with an opening price of $15/share, giving the company a valuation of $1.48 billion. Creating it was a lot more complicated that you might think. Leading the way was Giles Martin (son of Beatles producer George Martin) who has the title of Sonos’ “Sound Experience Leader.”
Here’s the sound of the new Sonos-designed NASDAQ bell. This bell sounded different than others in that Sonos’ in-house sound team redesigned NASDAQ’s bell for the occasion.
The IPO of Sonos has a new ring to it. Literally.