Random music news for Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Seth Rogen already has a deal to be the guest voice on the Vancouver transit system. Read about it here. Sony reported revenues of $1.9 billion in the first half of 2018. Canadian, too. This should be interesting. Brexit issues are annoying Peter Gabriel because it’s keeping some of his WOMAD artists out of the UK. This loud. On a semi-related note, exactly how loud was the Heavy Montreal festival? August already. Seriously. This is an interesting story about the origin of the phrase “heavy metal” in music. Of that, streaming revenues were $943.7 million. If Weezer can cover Toto (twice!), Toto has decided to cover Weezer. Remember those members of Pussy Riot who arrested for the field invasion at the World Cup? And my parents are coming to visit for almost a week. I’m sure Bruno Mars REALLY appreciated this. And Sony just bought another big chunk of Michael Jackson’s publishing. Could the Toronto be next? Does anyone remember crabcore? Has it completely died out as a musical form? We can only hope. Just as they were released from jail, they were arrested again. Apple is now very close to becoming the world’s first-ever trillion-dollar company. Time for more weird music-related British TV: Happy Monday vs. Well, these are pretty TV setups. Yep. Pulp man. Here’s music news for August 1, 2018. Read more. Samsung is about to launch their Galaxy Watch. Australians should stop doing “shoeys,” which is something apparently big in music culture down there.
Random music news for Wednesday, August 1, 2018

More Music From The Inbox 1 Aug 2018 Bodega, Love Jerks, Party Nails and More!

Artist: Bodega, “Name Escape”
Album: Endless Scroll

Wow this Brooklyn band is awesome! Sounds like:  the brilliant love child of punk and alternative and Talking Heads and…

Artist: Love Jerks, “Apolalyptic Make-Out”
Album: Million Movies

This is one happy-making San Francisco band
Sounds like:  alt pop twist and shout

Artist: Party Nails, “My 404”  
Album: N/A

Synth pop outfit out of Los Angeles
Sounds like:  this is where I’m at

Artist: Crossfaith, “Catastrophe”  
Album: Ex_Machina

What’s not to love about this band out of Japan
Sounds like:  just a smidge of System of a Down

Artist: Flaunt, “Resolution”
Album: N/A

Out of Colorado and Maine with a unique sound
Sounds like:  pop-rock joy

Artist: Overhung, “Insane”
Album: Moving Ahead

Hard rock fun out of Mumbai, India
Sounds like:  classic and new
More Music From The Inbox 1 Aug 2018 Bodega, Love Jerks, Party Nails and More!

Are these the best guitar songs of all time? Y/N

Are these the best guitar songs of all time? Y/N
Music lesson site called TakeLessons came up with this interactive infographic featuring what it believes to be the best guitar songs of all time. Fight!

Geeks and Beats podcast, episode 194: Scientologadetry

Make us feel loved

Reddit Listen now! https://www.geeksandbeats.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/S05E51-Scientology.mp3
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Visit the Geeks and Beats website to sample all kinds of geeky goodness provided daily by our crack staff of writers and contributors who are offering up fascinating content every single day. Noted Scientology debunker Scott Simpson joins us to break down the breakdown of that E-Meter used for the weirdo street-side “personality tests” after talking about Tom Cruise. Lots of running. Plus: why the geeks might regret booking Ed the Sock for the big Live on Facebook Live from Michael’s Back Deck Show show. But we still have our fixed costs. If you’d like to support the show (please?) go here. It turns out the secret to the box office success of the high-ranking officer in the cult is running. Wait, what? By the way, we’re a total non-profit operation that performs this selfless service for benefit of all humanity. Aliens less ancient than the ones who brought the first Scientologists to Earth 76 million years ago apparently made 7″ records.
Geeks and Beats podcast, episode 194: Scientologadetry

VR comes to the world of DJing: Behold Electronauts

VR comes to the world of DJing: Behold Electronauts
Here’s a partial list of the setlist found in the game. WALK THE MOON)
Tiesto & John Christian – I Like It Loud (ft. ROZES)
ODESZA – Say My Name (ft. Take a look. Taylr Renee)
Netsky – Nobody
Dada Life – B Side Boogie, Higher Than The Sun, We Want Your Soul
Keys N Krates – Dum Dee Dum [Dim Mak Records]
Krewella & Yellow Claw – New World (ft. Nils Frahm)
3LAU – Touch (ft. Marshall Masters & The Ultimate MC)
ZHU & Tame Impala – My Life
ZHU & NERO – Dreams
ZHU – Intoxicate
12th Planet – Let Me Help You (ft. (Via RoadToVR) This is kinda cool: a new VR title from a publisher called Survios entitled Electronauts. Vava)
Krewella – Alibi
Amp Live & Del The Funky Homosapien – Get Some of Dis
DJ Shadow – Bergshrund (ft. Carly Paige)

Electronauts will be available August 7 on SteamVR and Playstation VR. Instead, it’s something that lets anyone express themselves musically even if they don’t know a thing about music or DJing. Zyra)
Steve Aoki & Boehm – Back 2 You (ft. The Chainsmokers – Roses (ft. It’s not really a game, though.

Pearl Jam’s wine sold out before anyone even heard about it

Pearl Jam’s wine sold out before anyone even heard about it
When I went to interview him a few years back, I brought along a selection of Ontario Niagara reds. Pearl Jam’s wine sold out before most people even heard about it: https://t.co/4SpKkc6yEz pic.twitter.com/63lJhmOztq
— Food & Wine (@foodandwine) July 30, 2018 The fastest way to Eddie Vedder’s heart is to gift him with some wine. Read more here. Great idea–except that it was so popular it sold out within 12 minutes. Pearl Jam has been known to take cases of custom wines on the road with them, products of some close vineyard-owning friends. The good news is that the sale raised $67,000. Anyone?). You should have seen his smile. Great interview, too. Each of the four bottles in the $150 box featured a skyline representation of cities close to the band’s heart: Seattle (naturally), Missoula (where Jeff Ament went to university; he grew up nearby), Chicago (Eddie’s hometown), and Boston (er, I honestly don’t know. So why not have their own wine? Home X Away wines, a collection created by Mark Ryan Winery and Sleight of Hand Cellars, were created to help raise money for Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy Foundation charity.

Yes, people are still opening record stores in Canada

Yes, people are still opening record stores in Canada
Later, the chain moved into the used market, offering customers a chance to create wishlists of discs. A lesser-known success story is the continuing efforts of The Beat Goes On, a scrappy chain of stores run by founder John Rochetta. “Our best year was last year, and our best year before that was the year prior.”
The new space has a big garage door that can be opened to hold special events and live performances. While the chain has seen some consolidation and closures, there are nine locations in Southern Ontario. The official opening of the new store at 341 Weber St. The result is a new 2500 square-foot space.  
  John started the company in 1991 when everyone was buying CDs and pre-recorded cassettes. There’s also an e-commerce component that allows people to search the stores’ inventory for that special CD or DVD. One of the biggest music retail stories of the past year has been the ascent of Sunrise Records and their takeover of over 80 locations of the now-defunct HMV Canada. Oh, and John is looking for some pinball machines and jukeboxes. John told the Waterloo Chronicle that he needs the space to move more inventory. North in Waterloo is August 17. When someone traded in a desired disc, customers were alerted that it was now available. A store in Waterloo has been expanded, combining the space of one closed shop and another that is slated to be closed.

Deconstructing the hit songs of the first half of 2018

(XXXTentacion) and This is America(Childish Gambino)
Two songs were pop: Havana (Camila Cabello featuring Young Thug) and Perfect (Ed Sheeran featuring Beyoncé)
Drake had two #1 and spent the most time at #1 (18 weeks). That sad-sounding songs are dominant? Start with the hook and hopefully suck people in so they stick with the song beyond the magical 30-second mark which is when streaming services pay out for that listen. Hip-hop accounted for 55% of the Top 10 singles, an increase of 37% over last year. This indicates the role of streaming in songwriting. It focuses largely on what it takes to write and produce a hit song. Five songs were hip-hop: God’s Plan (Drake), Nice For What (Drake), Psycho(Post Malone featuring Ty Dolla $ign), Sad! This is interesting: 68% of the songs that made the Top 10 were in a minor key. (Keep in mind that we’re only dealing with the American Top 200.)

44 songs, 45 performing artists, 154 credited songwriters (do the math!), 66 credited producers (again, often more than one per song), and 12 record labels all made it into the Billboard Hot 100. Is that an indication of the public mood? HitSongsDeconstructed is a website that tracks trends in songwriting, production, and the music business designed to help musicians and composers navigate through the confusing maze of today’s industry.  
  The majority of hits feature the chorus before the first verse. 55% of Top 10s were sung by males. Only 20% featured exclusively female vocals. If you want to read more, go here. The site took a look at compositional trends seen so far in 2018 and found the following. Songs that featured a combination of song and rapped vocals were the most popular. Hip-hop influences were involved in 89& of all Top 10 songs, an increase of 63% from the same time last year.
Deconstructing the hit songs of the first half of 2018

Tunetrax: A Simple New Tool for Musicians

Press kits are always up-to-date and can be put together with a single click. Artists can promote shows and sell tickets in addition to connecting with venues, promoters, and festivals to book their shows. Additionally, it helps the musicians connect with fans, agents, venues, and other industry figures. If you want to learn more, check out the website here. Musicians maintain 100% control of copyrights, as well as the method of publishing and distribution. One simple dashboard helps musicians publish, distribute, and promote audio, among other things, automatically update their social media, and interact with and sell directly with fans. Everything is instantly shareable onto all the major social networks, plus many others. Social media and website management and connecting with industry professionals are just a couple of those issues. Tunetrax is also free for both artists and fans to sign up. A new concept of music discovery, Tunetrax aims for musicians to build successful careers. For independent musicians, a variety of challenges often stand in the way of promoting their work. French entrepreneur, club owner and festival producer Rémi Jourdan witnessed the struggles of both the talent buying and musician perspective. He developed this one-stop music platform to save artists time, increase their chance of success, and allow them to upload and share their songs, videos, photos, blogs, newsletters and upcoming shows. Fortunately, a music tech startup called Tunetrax offers a simple solution: one platform to act as an artist’s website, control centre for social media, and a direct line to connections in the music industry. Furthermore, musicians using Tunetrax keep 100% of the revenue from selling singles and albums.
Tunetrax: A Simple New Tool for Musicians

Random music news for Thursday, August 2, 2018

That ended poorly for everyone, of course. Still, it’s funny.) (Via Mark)
Singer Two Feet is in hospital after a suicide attempt. It’s really starting to look like it. Could happen, too. Start here and here. (via David) (I know, I know. Another thing we should pay attention to: a documentary on the state of Canadian journalism. David Bowie makes a guest appearance on a new album.  Is the album almost dead? Speaking of guest appearances, Courtney Love is going to join the Smashing Pumpkins for their 30th-anniversary show. And here’s music news for August 2, 2018. And still with smartphones, behind the wacky HubblePhone. Apple Music claims to have more subscribers in Canada, the US, and Japan than Spotify does. Yeah, not anymore. The people behind Pitchfork are getting deeper into hip-hop. Canada should study this. Government officials in Australia want streaming services to step up support of domestic music. Fun: outdated ways of listening to music. It’s satire. Weezer’s live recreation of the “Buddy Holly” video is admittedly pretty rad. Here’s why. Here’s a new alarm app that works with Spotify. I’d love this for when I travel: an iPhone that supports two SIMS. Here’s a problem with potential podcast listeners: They don’t know where to start. If you’re a Canadian musician, pay attention to what’s happening with how performance and mechanical royalties are being collected and distributed. A good bit of history: 30 years of Sub Pop Records. We can blame the Sun for delays in hurricane relief in 2017. Got a Google Home unit? Remember when big concert festivals used to tour North America? Wait–what? It was on this day in 1990 that Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Keytar sales are down for the 425th straight month.
Random music news for Thursday, August 2, 2018

New Music From The Inbox: Brockhampton, Freya Ridings, Jonathan Jeremiah, and more!

And some days it feels like that when you’re recording and mixing for eighteen hours, and you have to take equipment back to the hire company, and you’re pushing compressors and amplifiers up hills… it’s very literal, it’s climbing mountains and knocking them down.”

Artist: Brockhampton
Song: 1997 Diana
Album: The Best Years Of Our Lives
1997 Diana follows 1998 Truman and 1999 Wildfire all of which were released on their Beats1 show and will be on their upcoming fourth studio album The Best Years of Our Lives. Watch/ Listen:

Artist: Hosannas
Song: Hands
Album: Picture Him Protecting You
A dreamy indie rock ballad with interesting rhythm. Watch/Listen: Artist: Freya Ridings
Song: Lost Without You
The simple, sensitive piano accompanied by ethereal vocals will give you chills. Listen:

Artist: Blood Orange
Song: Charcoal Baby
Album: Negro Swan

 Chill indie vibes, Interesting guitar parts, spacey synths, and some sax at the end just to keep you on your toes. He says of the song: “I like the metaphorical idea of chopping down a mountain to get to where you want to be. The swell of her performance throughout is truly powerful. Listen:

Artist: Jonathan Jeremiah
Song: Mountain
Album: Good Day
Jonathan Jeremiah takes on a Mountain in this catchy, soulful, gritty blues/rock tune.
New Music From The Inbox: Brockhampton, Freya Ridings, Jonathan Jeremiah, and more!

K-pop girl group makes porn parody music video–and it’s already been banned. [MUST. TRY. TO. KEEP. FROM. CLICKING!]

TO. K-pop girl group makes porn parody music video–and it’s already been banned. CLICKING!] KEEP. FROM. TRY. [MUST.
Those into K-pop have no doubt known of SixBomb, a controversial (well, for Korea) girl group. KBS, Korean state TV, has already banned the video on the grounds that the lyrics directly or indirectly make reference to sex and/or homosexuality. Their comeback video, “Hiccup Hiccup,” is a parody of Japanese porn videos, something that goes 100% against the squeaky-clean image of most K-pop bands. Oh, the scandal of all this!

Dave Grohl is ready to “Play” a long, long, long song. All by himself, too.

This spirit of testing his limits has come head on with the announcement of “Play”. It has long been rumoured that Dave Grohl has always wanted to set out on his own eventually; while the FOOs are doing just fine selling out stadiums and putting on close to three hour shows, they of course started off as a Grohl solo project. Before Foo Fighters came out with Concrete and Gold last year, there was talk going ’round that everyone’s FFavourite rock band may break up to pursue other endeavours. “Just like any kid,” Grohl says in a statement, “the reward is just to PLAY”. Grohl has apparently written a 23-minute song – being released August 10th – which sees him perform on no less than seven instruments by himself. Grohl’s Opus! Mind you he WAS the drummer for Nirvana, but Grohl is someone who has never settled or stopped challenging himself, whether it’s been improving as a songwriter, switching to guitar full-time, and even dabbling in filmmaking. The two-part doc aspect of rock talk followed by music reminds me of Sound City, while the stories of a hopped-up-on-goofballs Grohl designing his “throne” admittedly came to mind when I saw his elaborately sketched studio floor plan. Can’t wait to hear and see how this all (ahem!) PLAYS out…
Look out Richard Dreyfuss, make way for Mr. He played 99.999% of all the instruments on his then-new entity’s 1995 debut, partly as a way to break the stigma he was only “just a drummer”. Grohl was inspired by how his daughters are starting to play music through learning by listening, and how even students with programs such as Join the Band in California are continually trying to figure things out and get it right. He also recorded and edited together his one-man band awesomeness for a two-part mini-documentary you can watch a teaser of at https://play.roswellfilms.com.
Dave Grohl is ready to “Play” a long, long, long song. All by himself, too.

Get An Earful: Lollapalooza Discoveries

Yes there were plenty of big names that brought all the grungy boys – and girls – to yards such as Molson Park in Barrie. With the glut of destination-type events that bloat the North American landscape, Lolla’s specialness has been stretched razor-thin, and as a result of having to share artists who pull double duty at things like Osheaga taking place the same weekend in Montreal, it’s had to expand waaaaaayy past its Alternative Nation core to include hip-hop, EDM, and even pop. I’ve gone through Lollapalooza’s entire 2018 schedule (being very mindful of conflicts), and have curated a Soundsgood playlist of a dozen must-sees IMHO. I don’t mean to sound like Grandpa Simpson yelling at clouds, but back in the ’90s Lollapalooza was THE summer extravaganza everyone looked forward to, so much so that it was even advertised as “Take the Day Off”. That wouldn’t fly in the olden times when Lollapalooza travelled from town to town like a magical music caravan. Lollapalooza is obviously not the same festival as it was back then. This year Bruno Mars is a headliner, and while I predict he’ll put on a show for the ages (seriously), there seems to be a lot of his music ilk spread throughout the four days. Us Gen-Xers didn’t need to wait until the weekend to get our alternative on; we were perfectly content with jam-packing all the music we needed into a single weekday. Camila Cabello, Will Smith’s kid Jaden and some girl Justin Bieber came across on YouTube closing one of the side stages? Photo from Lollapalooza 1992 by Rick McGinnis (someoldpicturesitook.blogspot.com)

With nearly 200 acts now converging in Chicago’s Grant Park, there are still lots of opportunities to discover new faves of the rock variety. Don’t worry if you can’t swing a last-minute trip there – The caffeinated folks at Red Bull have you covered with their live broadcast! Ah, memories…maybe it was because we had to travel so far up Highway 400 from Toronto that it wasn’t uncommon for the place to be filled before the first note was even played. Many a “recommended if you like” was made in the days that followed after seeing a band play their hearts out in the early afternoon. There are multiple indie imports from the UK, some CanCon thrown in for good measure, those kids that sound just like Zeppelin, fiercely resonating ensembles fronted by females, and how could I not include something going by the handle of Rainbow Kitten Surprise?
Get An Earful: Lollapalooza Discoveries

French rappers get into duty-free brawl in a Paris airport. Naturally, there’s video.

Naturally, there’s video. French rappers get into duty-free brawl in a Paris airport.
Anyone trying to fly out of Orly Airport in Paris was delayed Wednesday when a fight broke out between some French rappers in the duty-free area. #Bagarre d’une rare violence #booba #kaaris 😕😕😕😥 pic.twitter.com/yZJ7QTxT7j
— Un Fan de Buzz (@UnFandeBuzz) August 1, 2018 Their entourages joined in, causing Terminal One to be closed for a brief time. A total of 13 people were detained. Booba and his rival Kaaris, both of whom were on their way to a gig in Barcelona, have some kind of beef which turned into a fight in the cosmetics section.