Was this the first rock song to celebrate motorcycles?

4. Neil Young, “Motorcycle Man”
Not the same as the Sailcat song. Remember that you can’t copyright a song title. It appears to be the first motorcycle song ever to chart. When the subject of rock and motorcycles come up, the usual set of titles come up. Anyone planning to make the July 13th ride to Port Dover this week might want to create a playlist–if you haven’t already, of course. But if you want to really impress everyone, include this song: “Black Demin Trousers and Motorcycle Boots” by The Cheers. Written by the famous songwriting team of Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller, the single was released on Capitol in 1955, one week before James Dean died. You get the point. Sailcat, “Motorcycle Mama” (1972)
Twenty years later, the Sugarcubes turned this into an alt-rock hit. The lyrics don’t mention motorcycles explicitly, but that doesn’t matter. Steppenwolf, “Born to the Wild” (1969)
The quintessential biker song thanks to its inclusion in the 1969 movie, Easy Rider. Read more here. 5. For example:
1. There are more here. 3. Motley Crue, Kick Start My Heart (1989)
More of a metaphor than anything, really, but those opening guitar chords make it a good biker track. 2. Montrose, “Bad Motor Scooter”
Let’s assume that Sammy Hagar was downplaying the hog this woman was actually riding.
Was this the first rock song to celebrate motorcycles?