The best music of the year so far as chosen by the writers of A Journal of Musical Things (Part 1)

The best music of the year so far as chosen by the writers of A Journal of Musical Things (Part 1)
3. Israel Nash, “Rolling One”
Cinematic, anthemic stuff from a dude who records everything in a Quonset hut in the backyard of his home in small-town Texas.  
Larry Lootsteen (Curator, New Music from the Inbox for Wednesday)
1. 4. Beaches, “Back of My Heart”
What happens when you mix The White Stripes and Heart? Now that we’re well and good into the second half of 2018, it’s perhaps a good time to pause to check on what music has been able to float our boats so far. Rise Against, House on Fire
The Chicago punk rockers get mellow with this acoustic session from the upcoming album Ghost Note Symphonies. 4. Alan Cross (Radio dude, editor-in-chief of all this)
Hey, it’s my site. Snow Patrol, “Life On Earth”
Life on Earth’s cool Space themed video is a perfect match for the sparse instrumentation and haunting vocals. Andrew Dick, Webmaster and the Person Who Controls My Tech-Related Panic Attacks and Nathalia Ribeiro, Who, Along with Andrew, Co-Founded our Music and Tech Meetup. Bodega, “Jack in Titanic”
Quirky Brooklyn indie rock. 2. 5. It’s more than a little psychedelic — it even has an epilepsy warning at the beginning. You get the Toronto band The Beaches. Gaz Coombes, “Walk the Walk”
Damn, if you didn’t know better, you’d think this solo single from the former Supergrass man was either a lost Radiohead track for perhaps something from a Thom Yorke solo album. I what James Cameron would make of this? 4. This London band should be huge! 1. 2. 5. 1. 3. Shame, “Dust On Trial”
I haven’t heard something that got my musical blood going like this in a while! Superorganism, “Everyone Wants to be Famous”
A funky and fun song for the summer with an amazingly wild video. 3. This song rocks, rocks some more and continues rocking even after it ends. Gwenno, “Tir Har Mor”
She sings everything in the near-extinct Cornish language. FIDLAR, “Alcohol”
These LA punks just keep getting better and better. USS, “Medicine”
A favourite since the first time I heard them years ago.   Ekat Bork – “Kontrol”
An intriguing mix of electronics and wonder. 2. Go here. Editors – “Darkness at the Door”
One of my longtime favourite UK bands who somehow always bring me joy. Read for part 2 of this list? I get to go first. MIEN, “(I’m Tired of) Western Shouting”
Bandmates Alex Maas, John Mark Lapham, Rishi Dhir and Tom Furse bring much joy with their unique sound. Keep an eye on this Swiss brilliance. I’ve asked the main writers/contributors to this site to give me their picks for what they believe to be the best music of the year so far. Super-cool–and it serves a linguistic purpose, too. Interpol, “The Rover”
If you like “classic” Interpol, you’ll enjoy their latest single, “The Rover.” No hype, no frills—just straight up post-punk rock and roll. 5. The pride of Toronto and much of Canada.