Random music news for Thursday, July 5, 2018

This Tragically Hip cannabis event sounds like it was a great time. Crate digging for disco. This new Apple store in Macau looks pretty sweet. (I was invited, but the timing just wasn’t right for me. Too soon. Too soon, people. (More from Tom)
Into vinyl? (Tom again)
Real news about fake Bruce Springsteen. The Sony Walkman just had a birthday. I had no idea Kate Bush did this. Tina Turner’s son has committed suicide. We need to do this for famous Canadian musicians. Just in case you need even more about Drake and his Scorpion album, here’s an analysis by an astrologer and an entomologist. This is a good idea: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has a new exhibit that highlights the common history between rock and pinball. Hey, they do it in places like London, Liverpool, and Manchester. Still with old formats, did you know that the Voyager spacecraft were equipped with 8-tracks? Who’s still got a fetish for VHS tapes? (Via Tom)
The day Michael Jackson went grocery shopping. Psy says he almost didn’t upload “Gangnam Style” to YouTube. A good question: What, exactly, is “stereo?” The answer is more complicated that you might think. Alone. The Warped Tour will come to an end after this summer. But Vans, the shoes, will still be with us. Gene Simmons isn’t happy about streaming payouts. Really? And now, music news for July 5, 2018. Here’s an explanation. The newest, hottest thing for record collectors? Why do band t-shirts cost so much? I got my first back-to-school school supplies email yesterday. Here’s how to make your records sound better. Cool! Dammit.)
Half of American adults believe that their smart speakers are recording their conversations to collect data for targeted advertising.
Random music news for Thursday, July 5, 2018