Random music news for Monday, July 2, 2018

At least Ed is saving trees in Germany. Well, this summer concert didn’t go so well, did it? Some people are laying bets that the new Supreme Court justice will be Kanye West. So much for Ed Sheeran’s plan to build a chapel on his property. Kanye and Kim are discussing over which of them should run for president. Therefore, here’s music news for July 2, 2018. (Via Larry)
A drugstore is playing Barry Manilow outside to keep people from loitering. Ed is upset about yet another plagiarism suit, but this time he’s suing back. This was a surprise U2 performance. Yep, it’s a holiday across Canada, but since there are readers in other countries who come to this site, I can’t disappoint them. At one point, it was streaming over 10 million times per hour. The request has been rejected. Okay, this is a strange entertainment industry death…
Toronto’s Cosmo Music had its 50th anniversary and shot this video. This new drug shows promise for restoring hearing to ears damaged by loud music. (Via Tom)
Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul was buried in a KISS casket. But good luck collecting. Good news: These Shure earbuds are $1,000 off! Drizzy’s Scorpion album blew away all kinds of streaming records over the weekend. Bad news: They still cost $1,000. This is today’s America. What not to do when pitching your music to the press. (Via Steve)
Joe Strummer fans are going to love this new collection of demos and rarities. Two people ripped off by the Fyre Festival last year have won $5 million in a lawsuit. No, really. Images in Vogue is enjoying this new interest in 80s music.
Random music news for Monday, July 2, 2018