Random music news for Monday, July 2, 2018

At least Ed is saving trees in Germany. Well, this summer concert didn’t go so well, did it? Some people are laying bets that the new Supreme Court justice will be Kanye West. So much for Ed Sheeran’s plan to build a chapel on his property. Kanye and Kim are discussing over which of them should run for president. Therefore, here’s music news for July 2, 2018. (Via Larry)
A drugstore is playing Barry Manilow outside to keep people from loitering. Ed is upset about yet another plagiarism suit, but this time he’s suing back. This was a surprise U2 performance. Yep, it’s a holiday across Canada, but since there are readers in other countries who come to this site, I can’t disappoint them. At one point, it was streaming over 10 million times per hour. The request has been rejected. Okay, this is a strange entertainment industry death…
Toronto’s Cosmo Music had its 50th anniversary and shot this video. This new drug shows promise for restoring hearing to ears damaged by loud music. (Via Tom)
Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul was buried in a KISS casket. But good luck collecting. Good news: These Shure earbuds are $1,000 off! Drizzy’s Scorpion album blew away all kinds of streaming records over the weekend. Bad news: They still cost $1,000. This is today’s America. What not to do when pitching your music to the press. (Via Steve)
Joe Strummer fans are going to love this new collection of demos and rarities. Two people ripped off by the Fyre Festival last year have won $5 million in a lawsuit. No, really. Images in Vogue is enjoying this new interest in 80s music.
Random music news for Monday, July 2, 2018

New Music from the Inbox for July 2, 2018: Bang Bang Romeo, Sleeplust, Beezewax, & More!


Artist: Russo
Song: “Ghost”
Album: Single

A unique twist of ska-pop and rock, four-piece Russo is getting ready to begin a tour. Beezewax’s unique sound blends melodic pop and punk energy. Listen:

Artist: Slothrust
Song: “Peach”
Album: Single

LA-based Slothrust are getting ready to release a new album in September. Their debut EP is set to release later this month. Artist: Bang Bang Romeo
Song: “Shame On You”
Album: Single

British band Bang Bang Romeo have yet to release their debut album and already they played on the main stage at the Isle of Wight festival last weekend. Watch:

Artist: Ellevator
Song: “Dirt”
Album: Single

After the recent release of their self-titled debut EP, Hamilton band Ellevator has found some success. Listen:

Artist: Beezewax
Song: “Rainbows”
Album: Single

This Norwegian indie rock band are gearing up to release a new album while also juggling a busy touring schedule. This song showcases their bold personality. Listen: Their music combines raw lyricism with quiet power. This anthemic song is all about similarities between people. Watch:

Artist: Sleeplust
Song: “Unfiltered”
Album: Single

Described as a creative collaboration of twin brothers, guitarist Michael Pepe and bassist Joseph Pepe, vocalist Amber Ruthe, and drummer Sarah Luffred, Sleeplust has a fun, unique indie sound. This is an interesting song that features dissonance, a catchy pop hook, and quirky word play.
New Music from the Inbox for July 2, 2018: Bang Bang Romeo, Sleeplust, Beezewax, & More!

This gorilla plays a mean air guitar

From the looks of it, he plays a pretty good air guitar. (Please don’t say Gorrilaz.   That’s too obvious.)

BONUS! Apologies to Phil Collins. Meet M’Dowe, a 14-year-old male western lowland gorilla at a zoo in Devon, England. I wonder what’s going through his head?
This gorilla plays a mean air guitar

Another blow to the future of the compact disc came over the weekend

If you were in the store to buy some audio gear, it was convenient to buy your CDs at the time. Any thoughts about the continuing demise of the company disc?   Given that CD sales continue to crater–industry figures indicate a drop of more than 20% so far this year–and since streaming accounts for more than 60% if revenues, the CD’s time as the premiere recorded music format is up. They’ll also live on through things like box sets. people who want better fidelity than the what streaming offers or crappy compressed files–will move into the realm of High-Res Audio and the most esoteric region of MQA-encoded music. And once you did that, the low prices and big selection kept you coming back. Getting a release in, say, Walmart was considered to be so important that labels would even manufacture “clean” versions of albums just so the chain would stock it. Just talk to Taylor Swift and Adele about how many copies the chain sold for them. That day arrived over the weekend. And then there was Best Buy. Not that it will disappear entirely, though. As an occasional purchaser of CDs at Best Buy–and as a retailer that once happily stocked one of my Ongoing History of New Music compilation discs–I appreciated what these stores had to offer. All this has changed dramatically in the age of streaming. How long will Walmart hang on? The square footage Walmart gives over to CDs has shrunk dramatically. And then there’s Best Buy. Best Buy, a company that used to sell millions of CDs each year is forever out of that business. None. Back in February, the company announced that as of July 1, it would no longer sell CDs, period. Target’s selection is a fraction of what it was, selling inventory on a consignment basis. Target was another major mover of CDs. In the days before streaming took off, big box retailers like Walmart, Target and Best Buy were hugely important for the number of compact discs they sold for the record industry. Others–i.e. It’s also mulling of getting out of that business altogether. Hundreds of square feet of store space were devoted to CDs. It’s headed to be a niche format, something purchased by those of us who want a physical copy of an artist’s work.
Another blow to the future of the compact disc came over the weekend

If you’re into exquisitely recorded music, read (and listen) to this

If you’re into exquisitely recorded music, read (and listen) to this
If you can’t stream directly from what I’ve posted below, at least you have a list of songs to source from CD, vinyl or a High-Res source. No, this quest is for recordings that were made with the most exquisite care and then mixed and mastered with the same excruciating level of detail. Anger album). It can also be above most CD recordings which can also be compressed into listener fatigue-inducing garbage (see any Red Hot Chili Peppers album from 1999 forward or, for an extreme example, Metallica’s unlistenable St. Nothing like this can sound this good in the real world. Audiophile site Audiostream.com has compiled a list of the “most impeccably-produced music ever recorded with consideration for those who test, review, or strive to better appreciate audio gear, while also working as a listenable playlist for those who do not.”
Please don’t bother listening to the following tracks on laptop speakers or some crummy headphones/earbuds. At least plug in something that has a chance of reproducing these brilliantly-recorded songs. Because I was part of the generation obsessed with high-fidelity sound–you know who you are–I’ve always been obsessed about finding recordings that demonstrate the best (or, on occasion, the shortcomings) of an audio system. This is a realm far, far beyond the crappy compressed sound we get with MP3s or the I-feel-there-something-missing from other common formats. The results are so good that they experience of listening is almost otherworldly.

Random music news for Tuesday, July 3, 2018

One in five toddlers knows how to open a smartphone or tablet. Roger Waters offered up this uniquely Scottish insult to Donald Trump. I wonder what other manufacturers (Gibson, Fender, Ludwig, Steinway, Shure, etc.) are thinking? The protected nest was successfully moved and three of the four eggs have hatched. Another Drake-related question: Scorpion clocks in at 89 minutes and 44 seconds. It’s directed at people who have data cap anxiety. Well done, then. Back to work with music news for July 3, 2018. Yes, it’s been 30 years. Make sure you read the comments. Who has that kind of time to devote to one album these days? A good story on Twenty One Pilots and depression. Here’s a look back. These podcasts look at the subject. Could Drake himself have a billion streams this week? Handy: How to properly clean vinyl records. What’s the future or radio? Some would say “five.”
This is one Elvis documentary that I just might watch. Remember that killdeer nest that held up construction of the main stage at Ottawa’s Bluesfest? Maybe? A new “Spotify Lite” app is being tested. Streaming site Radical.Fm has shut down after its business model fails. (Note that the feature is called “Liberal Lunatics.”)
How many members does Coldplay have? You might be shocked at how much the Village People’s “YMCA” makes every year. Moog, maker of synthesizers and based in North Carolina, is really worried about having to make layoffs. Gawd. Flea just bought a really, really cool house. Beyonce had a stage malfunction in the UK. Were you into the Second Summer of Love in 1988? Rolling Stone has launched a new version of its website. Metallica fans should feel free to weigh in here. Scotland loved it. Alan Longuir, a founding member of the Bay City Rollers, has died at age 70. Why do long weekends never really feel long enough? Another area that looks to be affected by retaliation to Trump’s protectionist tariffs are music instrument manufacturers. There’s a new Canadian tourism project that’s using this musician.
Random music news for Tuesday, July 3, 2018

New Music From The Inbox – Tuesday Edition! (July 3, 2018): Free Cake for Every Creature, UPSAHL, Jealous of the Birds, and more!

New Music From The Inbox – Tuesday Edition! (July 3, 2018): Free Cake for Every Creature, UPSAHL, Jealous of the Birds, and more!
Whatever hope the backing track plucks into thought is quashed in the most beautifully bleak realism of Munshaw’s lyrics. Watch/Listen: 

Artist: Jealous of the Birds
Song: “Russian Doll”
Album/EP: The Moths Of What I Want Will Eat Me In My Sleep

When the first verse of a song consists only of a single reverb-soaked guitar, a drum machine, and some lo-fi vocals, the songwriting is starkly on display. Watch/Listen: 

Artist: Dizzy
Song: “Joshua”
Album/EP: Baby Teeth

If LUI HILL’s tune was the imploding relationship, Dizzy’s latest single “Joshua” is the heart-achingly slow-burning heat death of an entire romantic universe. Hazy slide guitar and breathy harmonics especially add to the vibe. Artist: Free Cake for Every Creature
Song: “In Your Car”
Album/EP: The Bluest Star

Stripped down and peaceful, this delicate indie darling from new Double Double Whammy signing Free Cake for Every Creature is quite the sleepy hit. Emotional, dramatic, painful, the noire single from LUI HILL stands on the precipice of the void – if these synths and drums ever have a horrific breakdown, this song is the prologue. Katie Munshaw’s haunting eloquence is perfectly paired with Dizzy’s low-key instrumental presence, letting the vocals spin their tale front and centre as the pining guitars bubble up beneath. Watch/Listen:  And Jealous of the Birds’ “Russian Doll” absolutely hits that mark – quietly ambitious songwriting wrapped in alt-rock familiarity, Naomi Hamilton’s imagery and instrumental simplicity are well worth the listen. Watch/Listen: 

Artist: LUI HILL
Song: “Words Become Useless”
Album/EP: Single

Dark and brooding R&B that straddles the line with groove pop, “Words Become Useless” plays like an imploding relationship in slow motion. A crowd pleasure for sure, this one’s an easy plug into the 2018 summer playlist. Watch/Listen: 

Artist: UPSAHL
Song: “Rough”
Album/EP: Single

Contemporary pop with an effervescent flair, “Rough” stays on its toes with shifting samples and bright instrumentals amidst UPSAHL’s confident crooning. And when it hooks you through the rest of the track despite the lack of a chorus, well, that’s a real winner ladies and gentlemen. Relatable, right?

Tuesday timesuck: An amazing, totally-free synth app for your iPad that’s as close to sorcery as it gets

It took another fifteen years before they were small enough, powerful enough, coherent enough, and cheap enough for the average musician to afford one. Just look. The first synthesizers were so big that they took up entire rooms at universities. The AudioKit Synth One is a free open-source iPad app that can turn anyone with the right level of curiosity into Kraftwerk. Anyone who grew up in the analogue/early polyphonic synth days will look on this new app as something akin to magic and sorcery. Later, they became portable because someone figured a way to load them onto railcars. By the end of the 60s, they were the size of a desk, which made them more manageable but were still a bitch to program.
Tuesday timesuck: An amazing, totally-free synth app for your iPad that’s as close to sorcery as it gets

The best music of the year so far as chosen by the writers of A Journal of Musical Things (Part 1)

The best music of the year so far as chosen by the writers of A Journal of Musical Things (Part 1)
3. Israel Nash, “Rolling One”
Cinematic, anthemic stuff from a dude who records everything in a Quonset hut in the backyard of his home in small-town Texas.  
Larry Lootsteen (Curator, New Music from the Inbox for Wednesday)
1. 4. Beaches, “Back of My Heart”
What happens when you mix The White Stripes and Heart? Now that we’re well and good into the second half of 2018, it’s perhaps a good time to pause to check on what music has been able to float our boats so far. Rise Against, House on Fire
The Chicago punk rockers get mellow with this acoustic session from the upcoming album Ghost Note Symphonies. 4. Alan Cross (Radio dude, editor-in-chief of all this)
Hey, it’s my site. Snow Patrol, “Life On Earth”
Life on Earth’s cool Space themed video is a perfect match for the sparse instrumentation and haunting vocals. Andrew Dick, Webmaster and the Person Who Controls My Tech-Related Panic Attacks and Nathalia Ribeiro, Who, Along with Andrew, Co-Founded our Music and Tech Meetup. Bodega, “Jack in Titanic”
Quirky Brooklyn indie rock. 2. 5. It’s more than a little psychedelic — it even has an epilepsy warning at the beginning. You get the Toronto band The Beaches. Gaz Coombes, “Walk the Walk”
Damn, if you didn’t know better, you’d think this solo single from the former Supergrass man was either a lost Radiohead track for perhaps something from a Thom Yorke solo album. I what James Cameron would make of this? 4. This London band should be huge! 1. 2. 5. 1. 3. Shame, “Dust On Trial”
I haven’t heard something that got my musical blood going like this in a while! Superorganism, “Everyone Wants to be Famous”
A funky and fun song for the summer with an amazingly wild video. 3. This song rocks, rocks some more and continues rocking even after it ends. Gwenno, “Tir Har Mor”
She sings everything in the near-extinct Cornish language. FIDLAR, “Alcohol”
These LA punks just keep getting better and better. USS, “Medicine”
A favourite since the first time I heard them years ago.   Ekat Bork – “Kontrol”
An intriguing mix of electronics and wonder. 2. Go here. Editors – “Darkness at the Door”
One of my longtime favourite UK bands who somehow always bring me joy. Read for part 2 of this list? I get to go first. MIEN, “(I’m Tired of) Western Shouting”
Bandmates Alex Maas, John Mark Lapham, Rishi Dhir and Tom Furse bring much joy with their unique sound. Keep an eye on this Swiss brilliance. I’ve asked the main writers/contributors to this site to give me their picks for what they believe to be the best music of the year so far. Super-cool–and it serves a linguistic purpose, too. Interpol, “The Rover”
If you like “classic” Interpol, you’ll enjoy their latest single, “The Rover.” No hype, no frills—just straight up post-punk rock and roll. 5. The pride of Toronto and much of Canada.

The best music of the year so far as chosen by the writers of A Journal of Musical Things (Part 2)

The best music of the year so far as chosen by the writers of A Journal of Musical Things (Part 2)
5. It actually sounds like Armstrong is having fun again! This song has been on heavy rotation in my personal playlist and I’m sure the new record will be, too. 4. Catchy as hell, check. The Dirty Nil, “Bathed in Light”
The Dirty Nil do modern high octane hard rock like no other band, and “Bathed in Light” is the perfect case in point. Uplifting yet melancholic, Lauren Mayberry’s vocals doused in acid and glitter are an absolute standout amongst the track’s infectious synth-pop flair. But The Longshot?  
4. The group’s debut EP Love Is For Losers captures that youthful spark that Billie Joe’s other group have lacked lately – and how. Pusha-T, “The Story of Adidon”
If you don’t think that the Pusha T vs. Riffs, check. 2. More best-of-the-year-so-far picks from the people who contribute to this site. Nerhys Hall, Curator of Monday’s “New Music from the Inbox”
1. Push’s clinical takedown of Drake – devastating enough to be referenced several times in the latter’s Scorpion release a few weeks later – was one of the most satisfying diss tracks this side of the new millennium. 3. Going after Drake’s secret child and parental woe hypocrisy made the 6ix God scurry, and we are all the better for it… especially if that rumoured Adidas collaboration has also been torched in the process. Peach Kelli Pop, “Black Magic”
I love the punk energy that this trio of ladies has in this song. The Longshot, “Love is for Losers”
It pains me to say it, but Green Day have really fallen on hard times lately. If you missed, part 1 of this survey, go here. It’s fun and catchy and not too serious.  
5. Hillsburn, The Wilder Beyond
I saw this band live earlier this year when they were on tour promoting this album and they blew me away with how good of a show they put on. Drake beef was one of the most entertaining musical moments of 2018 so far, please tell me what I’ve been missing. Weezer’s rendition of the Toto classic is actually really, really well done. Weezer, “Africa”
No, this isn’t supposed to be an attempt at humour. River Whyless, “Van Dyke Brown”
This song sounds so simple, yet there is so much going on with it. Each song on this album fits together and in true indie, DIY fashion the band recorded it in their guitarist’s bedroom. This song is just plain fun. I still haven’t forgiven Drake and the Toronto Raptors for OVO-branded lint rollers. CHVRCHES, “Get Out”
This bittersweet single from CVRCHES’ latest release Love Is Dead cannot leave my head. The pop punk legends raised me and while Revolution Radio is a bit of a return to form, it still can’t quite capture that same feeling that the doomed trilogy of Uno, Dos, and Tre so miserably threw away. Ragged vocals, check. AJR, “Burn the House Down”
I love the horns on this track and the funky, groovy rhythm that they play. Every bit as memorable as the Scots’ breakout hit “The Mother We Share” with a few extra years of experience and production value to boot.  
2. Not to mention the deeply political lyrics that juxtapose the song’s fun, upbeat sound.  
3. Popes of Chillitown, “Prang”
Maybe it’s because I was a teen in the mid-2000s, but I have a (possibly unhealthy) love for pop-punk and ska-punk. Matthew Kahansky, Curator of Tuesday “New Music from the Inbox” and Occasional Contributor of Articles
1. Memes and Internet foolishness aside, this is an excellent cover of an equally excellent song that the citizens of 2018 are blessed to receive.

Want to annoy someone at work? Here’s 45 minutes of stage patter from Paul Stanley of KISS

Here’s 45 minutes of stage patter from Paul Stanley of KISS Want to annoy someone at work?
Start up this recording of KISS’ Paul Stanley’s stage banter, turn up the volume and password lock your screensaver. He/she will soon run screaming from the office, never to return. Got an annoying co-worker in the next cubical? Or you’ll earn a meeting with HR.

The Smashing Pumpkins played a house party. Of course, someone called the cops.

#smashingpumpkins @smashingpumpkins
A post shared by WilliamPatrickCorgan (@williampcorgan) on Jun 29, 2018 at 11:00pm PDT

C’mon. ‘‘Twas a full moon and something just gets into the blood. For example, how about playing a house party? Having the cops drop in would be a nice bit of publicity. And apologies to those in Studio City for the disturbance of our nihilistic noize. And Billy isn’t adverser to trying some different things this time out. Mission accomplished, then. Great times in LaLa. After a show at The Troubadour Club in LA (pretty cool: the place only holds about 400 people), The Pumpkins rolled up to a home in Studio City, California, to play a few tunes and to re-enact scenes from the iconic “1979” video. It all seemed pretty chill until some neighbour called the cops, complaining about the noise. The Smashing Pumpkins are getting some pretty solid reviews on their three-of-four-are-there reunion tour. Mendacious as our conclusion was. And respect to the police, who let us finish the set. Everyone involved had to know that there would be complaints, right? Appreciation to those that came out to the Troubador. Here’s what it looked like the other night. In fact, this was the exact same house where the original video was shot.
The Smashing Pumpkins played a house party. Of course, someone called the cops.

Tuesday’s World Cup match between England and Colombia requires revisiting this song

The group of 16 continues at the World Cup in Russia with the final match of the round featuring England vs. Colombia. If that doesn’t do it for you, try the “Scumbag” version. This is the perfect time to harken back to a song from Kirsty MacColl’s 2000 album, Tropical Brainstorm which features a song called “England 2, Colombia 0.” The song is based on an actual result from the 1998 tournament.
Tuesday’s World Cup match between England and Colombia requires revisiting this song