Random music news for Saturday, June 2, 2017

Here’s something we’ll have to check: Does Spotify’s chart change on Sundays? What’s the best smart speaker strategy for musicians? Want to save a life? These are my weekly music recommendations for GlobalNews.ca. Look at all the bands that are making money by playing NASCAR events. Damon Albarn once had a chance to work with Prince, but he declined because Prince wouldn’t let him smoke in the studio. Let’s explore that. This UK festival is going to offer drug tests to make sure people who take drugs don’t take drugs that will kill them. Does radio make you happy? Apparently. It was fifty-one years ago today that the Beatles released Sgt. New Yeezy merch…
…and a salute to Prince’s art and commerce. Here’s a look back on The Pursuit of Happiness Love Junk album, 30 years after its release. (Via Tom)
You can use a smart speaker to remotely fire a gun? Pepper in North America. Now it’s getting released. A statue of Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham has been unveiled in his hometown. And now for music news on June 2, 2018. This Australian electro musician called gay people “abominations.” We’ll let the Internet take it from here. It had come out the day before the UK. (Via Tom)
Dave Grohl wrote a song for David Bowie which he never used. Shakira is getting rid of her place in Miami…
…and even musicians are into the tiny house thing. Learn “The Macarena.” Seriously.
Random music news for Saturday, June 2, 2017