How many people control Spotify playlists with global impact? Twelve.

Twelve. How many people control Spotify playlists with global impact?
Times have changed and radio isn’t king. Indie label and digital platform executives sat down to discuss the growing influence of streaming services at Day 1 of Midem 2018. Not so long ago, the power was in the hands of the programme controllers and producers (and those able to court them!) at the top radio stations, who were able to hand-pick the tracks that would become huge hits. And how do you get to them? With its nine million followers, a spot on that list gives your song a better-than-average chance of blowing up. But has the streaming age changed anything in terms of power over impact? And while there are over 2 billion Spotify playlists created by users (5 million are added/edited every day), you need to get on an internally-managed playlist like Rap Caviar. So who controls those monster playlists? Spotify’s playlists are becoming increasingly influential when it comes to guiding the planet’s musical tastes. Keep reading. Mom + Pop Music co-president, Thaddeus Rudd has shared his concerns. In our latest podcast, Global Streaming Curator and Strategist Elise Cobain analysed the notion of ‘playlists as radio stations’. According to Rudd, not much has changed: “There are 12 people that control the playlists that have global impact,” said Mom + Pop Music co-president Thaddeus Rudd. “The consolidation of curators has been astounding,” said Mom + Pop Music co-president, Thaddeus Rudd. This article from talks about what’s going on.