New Music from the Inbox: Bad Bad Hats, Lykke Li, Maps & Atlases, and more!


  Definitely one for repeat listens and grooving along. Listen:

Artist: Lykke Li
Song: Hard Rain
Album: So Sad So Sexy
This lush, dark pop is so stunning with it’s captivating harmonies, heavy beats, and unexpected twists and turns to keep you on your toes. Listen:

Artist: Goon
Song: Choke Throat
Album: Dusk of Punk/Happy Omen
Tasty guitar picking and irresistible chord progressions are decorated with saxophone on this mesmerizing alt-rock track. Artist: Bad Bad Hats
Song: Write It On Your Heart
Album: Lightning Round
This first taste from Bad Bad Hats sophomore album (out August 3rd) is irresistibly inviting with warm vocals and guitar rhythms. Watch/Listen:

Artist: Maps & Atlases
Song: Violet Threaded
Album: Lightlessness is Nothing New
This song has so many good melodies, each just as cool and captivating as the next. listen:

Artist: Kailee Morgue
Song: Do You Feel This Way
Cool bass and catchy melodies give this dark pop it’s hit quality while glitchy synths and an unexpected hazy ending keep it refreshingly innovative and interesting.
New Music from the Inbox: Bad Bad Hats, Lykke Li, Maps & Atlases, and more!

Like dance clubs? Imagine the sensory overload at the Sensorium room

Imagine the sensory overload at the Sensorium room Like dance clubs?
That was 10 years ago, so I can imagine that things have got a lot better since than. In a graffiti covered street of Waterloo, South London, this club is preparing to shake guests to the bone. Perhaps the coolest part of the changes is the installation of a low-frequency, haptic floor. It’s slated as a bone conduction effect, which is typically used for those hard of hearing. However, we are technologically at a point where more in depth and complex techniques can be pulled off, greatly enhancing the experience. There are also 10 amplifiers and a PA system. The first step in the Sensorium is assuring that the audio quality is clear as can be. As technology advances, we constantly look for new ways to interact with it.   Instead of just a couple speakers at the front of the room, 50 speakers are placed around the room at different levels. Video and audio enhanced through the other senses isn’t a new concept. Time will tell how well it works, but it’s definitely a unique concept. Literally. The hope is, Aures London, and specifically the Sensorium Room, will be able to tailor craft a sensory experience unique to the artist that is performing. Bone conduction hearing aids place an electromechanical headphone on the user’s skull and it transmits through the skull to the inner ear using vibrations. The more tailored it is to the performer, the more immersive the entire experience will be. Recently, with the advent and popularity of VR, companies are striving to create experiences that are immersive as possible. There is also a ‘food and drink’ phase that will add a scent delivery installation to further increase the way a concert is tailored for a specific performer. I remember a trip I had to a ‘4-D’ movie theater. Enter Aures, a London based club that is updating their Sensorium room to affect all five human senses. So, the idea for the floor is that vibrations synced to the band playing can increase our listening experience through a different mode of hearing. Air conduction is listening to something like headphones where the sound travels through the air into your ear. I was sourly disappointed when the only addition was seats that moved slightly and a large fan in place to simulate wind. This assures that the audience can enjoy the dynamics and power of the auditorium while still retaining the clarity you’d get from headphones.

Lessons for the indie musician: Greg Haplin’s “Notes From a Bedroom” coming to a bigger stage

Lessons for the indie musician: Greg Haplin’s “Notes From a Bedroom” coming to a bigger stage
Listening to the album, I can’t think of a better type of music for a close-knit bedroom concert. I mean come on, what kind of Canadian doesn’t enjoy a nice acoustic guitar? Most people dream of playing on the big stage. Now that the bedroom tours have come to a close, Halpin is bringing his music to a less cramped venue in Toronto. Sound cool? If you’re like me, you skulked away to your bedroom to save mom and dad from the sometimes awful and cringey sounds that go along with learning an instrument. It is. If you need any convincing, you can listen and support his album here. ‘These Beds Together’, as well as Halpin’s first solo acoustic album ‘Notes From a Bedroom’ brings the well known intimacy of a bedroom jam space to a wider audience. Montreal based musician Greg Halpin makes sweet music in the bedroom. And honestly, it was a great, albeit sweaty, experience. On June 16th, ‘These Beds Together’ will be premiering at Small Music World with a celebratory concert will follow the screening. THESE BEDS TOGETHER trailer from Matt Raudsepp on Vimeo. For Greg Halpin, the big stage in a small bedroom. No really, he recorded an album in his bedroom. Where did you practice playing when you were young? While definitely not the first musician to create an album in their room, the connected tour takes the concept to the next level.  We’re being taken back to our younger years of playing music with his documentary ‘These Beds Together’. ‘Notes From a Bedroom’, was recorded on tapes (Go analog!) in Halpin’s own bedroom. To showcase his album, he toured all across North America playing in people’s bedroom, keeping the intimate feeling of the album alive in performances. Band practices in high school – if they weren’t in a musty garage – were four to five guys crammed into a single person bedroom with all our instruments.

Music industry gadfly Bob Lefsetz interviewed during Canadian Music Week

Music industry gadfly Bob Lefsetz interviewed during Canadian Music Week
Music industry types (and those interested in how the business works) the world over subscribe to the Lefsetz Letter. As usual, Bob was both insightful and entertaining. This time, though, it was he who was being interested at the Ole Studios during Canadian Music Week earlier this month. Bob also has launched a pretty solid podcast of his own that is required listening.

Yet another decision falls in Dr. Luke’s favour

Yet another decision falls in Dr. Luke’s favour
He argues that her claims of abuse are retaliation, fabricated out of a desire to nullify their contract so she could either renegotiate or move to a different label. Luke in California, turning instead to New York courts in 2017. Kesha has been trying to get out of her contract with Dr. Luke, his family and his business. Luke signed Kesha to his Kemosabe label, an imprint of Sony, in 2005, when she was 18 and he was one of the biggest producers in the industry. Dr. This latest setback – and there have been very few advances for the singer – was in response to a lawsuit Dr. Therefore he’s not preventing her from working and, as a result, she doesn’t meet a legal threshold to have her contract nullified. Kesha cannot catch a legal break in her ongoing battle with Dr. “Her counterclaim seeking declaratory relief terminating the agreements on the grounds of impossibility and impracticability of performance was speculative, contradicted by her own allegations that she had continued performing under the agreements and, as to at least one of the agreements, the impossibility was not produced by an unanticipated event that could not have been foreseen or guarded against.”
Bottom line: Kesha could, and did, still record and release an album, even while under this contract, without working with Dr. “Kesha’s false accusations have caused tremendous damage to Dr. Luke. She claimed, in the New York case, that she was owed back royalties for work with Dr. Luke and his companies Prescription and KMI; the same judge that last year ruled she couldn’t pursue a counterclaim ruled against her on this plea as well. Luke filed in October 2016, accusing Kesha of defamation and breach of contract. Luke is proceeding with his defamation case in order to address these matters through the courts.”
So far, Kesha’s camp isn’t speaking. Next stop appears to be trial – for Dr. The same judge who told Kesha, in 2016, that her “instinct is to do the commercially reasonable thing” and keep the contract in place, rather that “decimate a contract that was heavily negotiated and typical for the industry.”
That same judge will likely preside over the defamation case as it moves forward. A panel of judges in the New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan on Tuesday ruled the singer cannot pursue a countersuit against Lukasz Gottwald. Luke since 2014, when she claimed he raped and drugged her as they worked on an earlier album together.   Luke. “Kesha’s proposed amendments are palpably insufficient and devoid of merit” to allow her case to continue forward, the judges wrote in their single-page decision Tuesday. Dr. Luke’s case against Kesha, in which he’ll try to prove she defamed him. Already Kesha has dropped all accusations against Dr. Luke’s lawyer, Christine Lepera, told the New York Times her client is satisfied with the decision.

What are the hottest shows on the secondary concert ticket market this summer? Let’s take a look.

2018 Top Selling Acts Overall
(Based on total sales on StubHub for U.S. Harry Styles
4. Foo Fighters
(Source: Variety
10. Kenny Chesney
7. tour dates on StubHub from Memorial Day to Labor Day 2018.)
1. Journey
9. Each at this time, they put out a list of what tours are generating the most action on the secondary market. U2
8. Taylor Swift is at the top of the list of secondary sellers, with market demand more than 40% greater than second-place Eagles. Sam Smith
2018 Top Selling Acts Per Show
(Based on average sales per show for U.S. tour dates from Memorial Day to Labor Day 2018.)
1. U2
9. Taylor Swift
7. Eagles
3. Justin Timberlake
6. Foo Fighters
6. Beyoncé
5. Billy Joel
5. Pearl Jam
10. Taylor Swift
2. George Strait
3. Eagles
4. Ed Sheeran
2. StubHub is the best-known site for re-selling concert tickets. P!nk
What are the hottest shows on the secondary concert ticket market this summer? Let’s take a look.

This new book takes a look at misogyny in the music industry

This new book takes a look at misogyny in the music industry
Some music industry executives have tried and failed to get an advance copy. But things may heat up again now that a female executive has written a book about the misogyny she experienced over 25 years in the business. This could be good. The manuscript has been kept under very tight wraps. And let’s not even get started on the groupie phenomenon. Can’t wait. It’s designed to sell sex and fantasy. She details occasions where DJs were bribed with hookers and blow, how executives hired and promoted girlfriends and other examples of bad behaviour. Awful behaviour has become entrenched, but institutionalized over the decades. Back in February, I wrote a piece for about how the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements had the music industry terrified. There have been some reckonings, but progress been slow. This entire industry was founded on sexual permissiveness and promiscuity. Names are named. After all, this entire business is based on a product that promotes and sells sex. I wrote:
But finding justice for those abused at the hands of music industry types may prove to be more difficult than in other areas of the entertainment business. Anything for a Hit, set for publication on September 4, will be the first book written by a woman about the music industry in the era of #MeToo. And people are nervous.

Ex-blink-182 man Tom DeLonge is making sure the truth of UFOs gets out there. And people are taking him seriously.

And people are taking him seriously. Ex-blink-182 man Tom DeLonge is making sure the truth of UFOs gets out there.
And those grainy military videos showing radar images of unexplained phenomena — white, Tic-Tac-shaped objects that appear to fly at remarkable speeds, at impossible angles, without wings or exhaust? Now in his early 40s, with his music career cooled but his financial resources apparently intact, DeLonge has channeled those bizarre passions into his next act. 1 hit “All the Small Things.” But frontman Tom DeLonge — the one with the angsty, adolescent singing voice — had been nurturing an offstage hobby that was decidedly out of the mainstream. Yawn. No. He co-wrote a 700-page novel about UFOs. Close attention. He produced websites buzzing with stories about Bigfoot and disintegrating mummies. Tom has turned into a real-life Fox Mulder. Keep reading. At the turn of the millennium, Blink-182 was everywhere. Another tinfoil hat UFO kook, right? People are paying attention. He brainstormed a film about skateboarders who become paranormal detectives. Check out this post in the Washington Post from yesterday (May 30). With his first record-deal payout as a fledgling teenage rock star, DeLonge had bought a computer to research the prospect of intelligent life beyond Earth. Remember that wild news in December about a secret Pentagon UFO program? And after Blink-182 made him a fortune, he further indulged his fascination with the paranormal. You’ve seen it without knowing it. At MTV beach concerts, sunburned masses moshed to the No. Ever since he left blink-182, Tom DeLonge has thrown himself into exposing the existence of aliens, the use of extra-terrestrial technology (look up “zero point energy” if you want to head down a very deep rabbit hole) and the vast government conspiracy to cover everything up. Tom DeLonge helped ring the alarm about those things, as part of his new business venture: To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science. On the cover of the pop-punk band’s smash album, “Enema of the State,” a busty nurse with a lustful grin snapped on a latex glove. For his advisory board, DeLonge recruited physicists, aerospace experts and former Department of Defense officials, who have been talking publicly about UFOs and arguing that the government has failed to fully investigate them.

I like this: Royal Foundry

Take the case of Royal Foundry, a band that’s currently nominated for four Edmonton Music Awards: Album of the Year, Single of the News, Pop Recording of the Year, and Rock Recording of the Year. That, however, doesn’t mean that there isn’t some great talent that city. On top of that, they’re nominated for Pop Artist of the Year at BreakOut West. For reasons I don’t really understand, Edmonton seems under-represented on the Canadian music scene. Give a listen to their new single.
I like this: Royal Foundry

Now that my first tour of rock’n’roll landmarks has wrapped up, where else would you like to go?

Now that my first tour of rock’n’roll landmarks has wrapped up, where else would you like to go?
I think we can declare this inaugural experiment a success. Everyone lived to tell the tales. Back in the middle of May, I led a great group of people through London, England, on a crawl through rock’n’roll landmarks (Abbey Road, Carnaby Street, Soho, Camden, the place where Jimi Hendrix lived and died) mixed with visits to the actual homes of big stars (Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney) and plenty of trips to bars and clubs (heavy metal karaoke, anyone?)
Everyone had fun. Flight Centre and I have come up with the following possibilities. No one got lost.   Back to London
Liverpool (TONS of Beatles stuff, obviously)
Manchester (Do I have to explain that one)
New York City
Los Angeles
Memphis and Nashville (A twofer!)
Somewhere else (Fill in the blank)

If you could respond–even if it’s just a wishlist sort of thing–it would extremely helpful. (Review every aspect of the trip here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, and Part 7.)
So here’s the question: Where to next?

Random music news for Friday, June 1, 2018

Random music news for Friday, June 1, 2018
Here’s a report. How did that go? This Swedish orchestra turns homophobic hate mail into music. It’ll help. Five months down, seven to go. Sing. Remember those NIN shows where fans had to stand in line to get physical tickets? Meanwhile, Apple Music has launched a new global division to look after songwriters and publishers. Liam Gallagher’s son is the new face of Saint Laurent menswear. Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion and Epitaph records is going to get a lifetime achievement award. Spotify now wishes that they had rolled out their “hateful content” policy a little more carefully. Want to see Kendrick Lamar accept his Pulitzer Prize? Advance tickets for Coachella 2019 go on sale today. Here’s a study of contextual playlists on Spotify. Zuck should be worried. WARNING: Statistics ahead! It seems that organized crime has found ways to smuggle drugs into Australian music festivals…
…which is all the more reason we need a proper pill-testing procedure. Just $28,000 USD/month. Gen Z is moving away from Facebook. The apartment downstairs from Bowie’s old NYC penthouse is for rent. Go here. Here’s music news for June 1, 2018. Your spinning class could be bad for you–and not in ways you might think. The George Michael shrine has been cleared. After lots and lots of criticism, the head of the Grammys has announced that he will leave at the end of 2019. Here are five things to watch for in the world of music streaming. Got a premature baby?

More bands are using Instagram to debut new songs. Here’s an example from Ghost.

More bands are using Instagram to debut new songs. Here’s an example from Ghost.
Instagram has turned into one of the most popular and useful social media apps. Here’s a YouTube grab of what it was like. Now that Instagram Stories have caught on (I post stories all the time on my account), some artists looking for ways to take advantage of the technology. Enter Ghost, the Dave Grohl-approved metal band from Sweden. Back on May 18, they released a song entitled “Dance Macabre” from their upcoming album, Prequelle, as an Instagram Story.

Is Spotify killing jazz and classical music?

Is Spotify killing jazz and classical music?
You might have been able to make a living when people bought records, but now it’s obvious that streaming is not your friend. This is from HypeBot:
[T]he immediate dilemma facing artists, and it has an inordinate impact on jazz, soul, classical, blues and other similar genres with older audiences. This is obviously not good. You could be in big trouble. But what if you don’t?   Rock musicians can tour to make up for the fact that they’re not selling music anymore and that we’re still waiting for rock fans to take up streaming in meaningful numbers. If they’re entrepreneurial, they can get into things like sync deals and other licensing arrangments. Keep reading. What if you’re into a type of music that doesn’t (yet) resonate with the Streaming Generation? Some artists are leaving the industry, some are changing their music to appeal to younger ears, and thousands of others have decided not to release any new music because they simply can’t make money recording anymore. Same thing for country artists. If you’re into jazz, classical or something like soul, you’re already in a niche-y place. But once we get beyond the most popular genres, what are artists to do? If you’re going to be a star and make millions like Drake and Ed Sheeran, your music has to fall into one of those buckets. Streaming is dominated by hip-hop, R&B, and pop. It’s not nearly as good as the old days when fans bought pieces of plastic, but it’s at least something. The pay-per-stream world in which we now live in is killing musicians in these genres.

This dude was kicked out of Toronto’s SLAYER concert, so he swam back in.

(Via Metal Injection)
  SLAYER played the Budweiser Stage in Toronto Tuesday night as part of their farewell tour. Scott Ian of Anthrax (one of the other bands on the bill) was backstage and able to witness the whole thing. Based on reviews I’ve read, a good time was had by all. This appears to be the case with one dude who was tossed out of the show by security for unknown reasons. Some drank too much and threw up while others got a little too into the show. Definitely the most metal guy of 2018 so far. Anthrax guy managed to make it back to dry land where he was promptly hauled in by the cops and treated for hypothermia by EMT services. The crowd was very metal, as expected. Except maybe this dude. BONUS: Dude was wearing an Anthrax T-shirt. This dude, however, wasn’t afraid of a little water. If you’re familiar with the Budweiser Stage, it’s isolated from the mainland by a series of channels leading out to Lake Ontario, kind of like a moat.
This dude was kicked out of Toronto’s SLAYER concert, so he swam back in.

NOFX’s Fat Mike makes a dumb, unforgivable joke in Las Vegas – UPDATE: The band has apologized

UPDATE: NOFX has apologized. Here’s their statement: We respect punk rock, and the DIY ethos for which it stands. We at Stone Brewing are aware of NOFX’s insensitive and indefensible statements this past weekend. We take the safety of our festival goers seriously and want to relay that, there is nothing funny about people being shot and murdered, ever. Once the current batch is gone, no more will be brewed. The pain is still very, very intense. “We played a song about Muslims and we didn’t get shot. You’d think that the guys in NOFX would understand this. Stone had a sponsorship deal for this summer’s Punk In Drublic festivals. Stone Brewing, which has a NOFX beer called Punk in Drublic, released this statement. We still don’t know why Stephen Paddock decided to massacre 58 people at last year’s Route 91 country festival in Las Vegas last year. To us, it means standing up for things you believe in, and fearlessly committing to what’s right. Another 851 people were injured in the panic. Hooray!” said Mike. Emphasis ‘had’. As a result, we are severing all our ties with NOFX, including festival sponsorship and the production of our collaboration beer. Las Vegas is home to the Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival, and we do not condone the statements made from our stage on Sunday night. [Crowd groans]
Mike: “That sucked, but at least they were country fans and not punk rock fans.”
Ugh. “You only get shot in Vegas if you’re in a country band,” responded guitarist Eric Melvin. That sponsorship is now cancelled,
Stone Brewing also said that they will donate all profit from the sales of NOFX beer to the Las Vegas Metro Police Foundation. Meanwhile, the founders of the Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival said this:
In light of NOFX’s comments during their performance at the Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival, we would like to offer a formal apology to those in attendance, the City of Las Vegas, the victims and the families of 10/1. And it is for that reason that Stone Brewing is immediately disassociating ourselves from the band NOFX. The exchange has lost NOFX a beer sponsorship. Sunday afternoon at the Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival in Vegas, Fat Mike NOFX were going through their set when this exchange occurred.
NOFX’s Fat Mike makes a dumb, unforgivable joke in Las Vegas – UPDATE: The band has apologized