Video game soundtracks: They deserve more respect

If you threw some of these on at a club, I have no doubt people would go crazy. Employee #2: I actually really like the Final Fantasy soundtrack. As a prisoner in a hi-tech jail, you are forced to slash, dodge and laser beam your way through a series of increasingly more difficult boss battles to gain your freedom. After a little more thought, I came to realize I couldn’t even remember the soundtrack from my favourite games. From orchestral battle pieces like ‘Hunt or Be Hunted’ to subtler songs like ‘Wake Up, Ciri’, this soundtrack has as much range and quality as some of our favourite film franchises. Well luckily, I am. The perfect backdrop for fending off ghouls, chimaeras and werewolves. It’s usually a comment about the combat mechanics, the crystal-clear graphics or some other visual element to the game. As opposed to having one company produce all the music, the developers reached out to several independent electronic music producers such as Waveshaper and Carpenter Brut. What do people talk about when they get a new video game? That’s when a little light popped on in my head to remind me of that adage; half of what you see is what you hear. Imagine; the epic scale of a Howard Shore composition mixed with the gritty electronic vibe of 80’s synth pop. The Witcher 3
The Witcher 3 is a 2015 adventure role-playing game developed by CD Projekt Red. You play as Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher, who is basically a bounty hunter for monsters, beasts and phantasms. [Another contribution from Thomas Dennett who thinks we should be paying more attention to the music we hear in video games – AC]
On one of my frequent trips to EB Games in the Eaton Centre, I overheard the following conversation between two of the employees:
Employee #1: So what’s your favourite band? If the music and sound is produced correctly in a movie, video game etc., you don’t really notice it. Sound serves to accentuate the visual components of a piece in ways we aren’t aware of. I think you could pick and place any one of The Witcher 3 songs into a fantasy epic like Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings and no one would be the wiser. FURI
FURI is a dual-stick action shoot-‘em-up developed and released by The Game Bakers in July of 2016. If you’re not a gamer, I can get you started on the right track with a couple examples. The game has heavy sci-fi influences and the soundtrack reflects this perfectly. Rarely does someone say “Wow, the sound design in that game was great!” So about a year ago, I started to pay more attention to the music. I paused, and thought to myself, “What a silly answer, that’s not a band.” I mean with all the great music out there I just assumed that everyone’s favourite thing to listen to would be some sort of musician. And lo and behold, there is a cornucopia of incredibly high-quality music being produced for video games that lots of people will never get to experience because they’re not into that ‘nerdy stuff’. If you’re a gamer, start to pay attention to more than just what you see on the screen. At the very least, it’s a great backtrack for my Dungeons and Dragons nights.
Video game soundtracks: They deserve more respect