UK Rock’n’Roll Landmarks Tour, Day 3 (Monday, May 14)

You’ll see what I mean in a minute.  
Dr. The tree across the street has turned into a fan memorial. Hope & Anchor, Islington
A historic pub. Sadly, he didn’t seem to home. Roger Waters recruited 23 kids from a nearby school to sing the children’s choir bit on “Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2.” Originally, £1,000 was paid to the school to buy sports equipment. 34 Montegu Square, London
Ringo lived here, first with Jimi Hendrix and later with John Lennon. The studio is gone and the place has been converted to flats. It has a blue historic plaque marking Lennon’s residence. Those claps ended up being used in a new Queen song that was being recorded at Trident at the time, a track called “We Will Rock You.”
Coooooool. Former Site of Britannia Row Studios, Islington
Pink Floyd recorded most of The Wall here. (To get a blue plaque, you have to (a) be 100 years old; or (b) dead.)

Jimi Hendrix’s picture
Sometime in 1968, Jimi went across the street from the place he was sharing with Ringo and had this picture taken. These buildings may be gone in the next six months. That somehow seems wrong. Not that you can tell. John’s Wood
Macca bought this house on April 13, 1965, and has lived here ever since. And no, Lee and his buddies do not get royalties for their performance. Lee, an ex-punk rocker, told how he used to be in a band called Plex which had a cool connection: the drummer’s father owned famous Trident Studios. Amy Winehouse’s House, 30 Camden Square, Camden
She died here. Someone later went to work on behalf of the kids so that they all now receive a royalty from the song and the album. Denmark Street
This is 100 m-long street has been the heart of the British music industry for years. Hence “Fairport Convention.”

The Clissold Arms, Denmark Terrace, Muswell Hill
Ray and Dave Davies (separately) drink there, which has turned the place into something of a Kinks shrine. More on him later. Here are some highlights. Unfortunately, the north side of the street with its historic offices (including the studio where the Kinks recorded “You Really Got Me”() is under severe development pressure. Former site of Wessex Studios, Islington
This former rectory was where the Sex Pistols recorded Never Mind the Bollocks and the Clash put together London Calling. A new guide today. Paul McCartney’s HQ, Soho Square
This is the office of MPL, the company that directs all of Macca’s business. Both Joy Division and U2 played their first London gigs here. We were out all day covering at least 100 km around London. RIngo Starr’s Place. Lee and his mates are very, very jealous. The sign has long disappeared, but I couldn’t resist. One day in 1977, dad asked his son to bring is mates to record some handclaps. The building is now a retirement apartment. One of their customers left a cassette behind. Roundhouse, Camden
So many gigs…

Paul McCartney’s House, 7 Cavendish Avenue, St. Martens Store, Camden Market
They have a small museum attached to the store. Fairport House, Muswell Hill
The English folk scene began in this house in 1967 when some like-minded musicians convened at a house called Fairport.
UK Rock’n’Roll Landmarks Tour, Day 3 (Monday, May 14)