UK Rock’n’Roll Landmarks Tour, Day 2 (Sunday, May 13)

UK Rock’n’Roll Landmarks Tour, Day 2 (Sunday, May 13)
They sell them in the Abbey Road Shop next door. David Bowie memorial mural, Brixton
This showed up on a wall not far from Bowie’s first home after he died. The place to the right is for currently available for rent. Abbey Road fence
Fans are encouraged to sign the wall supporting the fence outside the studios. -AC]
After a morning of reading the Sunday papers and walking through the Portobello Market, a brand new bus pulled up with Richard, our guide from last night, who proceeded to direct us through half of London. It’s become a gathering place for fans. This shot from the bus is to the north with Abbey Road Studios in the distance on the left. A parade of musicians walked past us into the building, all of whom appeared to be carrying classical instruments like violins and French horns. No problem. Hard Rock Cafe Vault, 150 Old Park Lane, Mayfair, London
This is the first-ever Hard Rock and the place where some of the chain’s most valuable artifacts are stored. 2. This Jimi Hendrix guitar–one of his rare Flying V’s–is worth at least $3.5 million. Then it was a famous recording studio. Abbey Road Studios, St. 6. What else is there to say? 5. David Bowie’s childhood home, 40 Stansfield Rd, Brixton
Three families now live in this modest row house where David Bowie was born. There are no tours of the facilities since it’s a working studio. 3. No Sharpie? Note the tourist annoying motorists with their incessant crossings of the street. 4. Abbey Road crosswalk
It’s known as a “zebra crossing” here in the UK. We soon did the same. 7. Love the hat on Bo Diddley’s guitar. John Lennon’s lyrics for “Instant Karma” [I’m spending the week in London with a group of music fans touring through various rock’n’roll landmarks. Some of the best stuff is on display in The Vault. Now it’s a cinema again. Former site of Olympic Studios, 117-123 Church Rd, Barnes, London
First, it was a cinema. John’s Wood, London
The most famous recording studio in the world. 1. They’re probably tired of tourists like us stopping to take pictures of the front door. Abbey Road lecture
I’d love to go to this thing. 8.