Trent Reznor goes old-school for tickets to upcoming NIN tour. Nice try, but… (Oh, and a new EP is coming)

Lining up at the box office and paying for hard tickets! It’s just a matter of minutes before some of these tickets show up on StubHub and through other brokers. Hey, it’s good publicity. Fans will most likely be able to buy ticket the normal way after this initial rush. Trent comes off as a man of the people, a dude that’s at least trying to do something for the fans. Meanwhile, a new NIN EP, the third in the triptych that began with Not the Actual Events just before Christmas 2016 and continuing with last year’s ADD VIOLENCE, will be called Bad Witch. God Break Down the Door
5. Note that this is only a pre-sale and a policy that doesn’t necessarily apply to all the tickets in the house. Wait! Scheming: “Maybe my buddy X has tickets. That’s how they got around things back in the day. I quote Trent:
The promise of a world made better by computers and online connectivity has failed us in many, many ways, particularly when it comes to ticketing. Shit Mirror
2. Let’s check StubHub.”
Buying concert tickets is undoubtedly one of the most frustrating retail experiences known to capitalism. I’m [insert name of artist here]’s biggest fan! Going back to the Olden Days is a nice idea, but the old problems remain. And yes, I’m going to bitch about it. How is this fair to people who can’t take time off work/school/parenting/life? Play the Goddamned Part
4. Tickets will be sold from 10 am to 3 pm. And hey, it just might work. Track listing:
1. How do you enforce the line policy? Do they expect people to show up leisurely and orderly at 8 am on the appointed day? We don’t know how many tickets will be available in this manner. I’m Not From This World
6. Everything about the process sucks and everyone loses except the reseller. 3. That means each ticket is of equal value. Resignation: “Fine. 5. We’re hoping many of you will be happy with the results, while some may do what they always do and bitch about it. Ahead of Ourselves
3. Bit just a little. No online sales, no phone sales
First come, first served. What about people who live a long distance from the venue? Probably not a lot. Anger: “GODDAM [Insert one of the following here: Ticketmaster/bots/scalpers}! Limit of four tickets per person. 1. If not, it was a good try, right? Panic: “What am I gonna do? I knew a guy who paid homeless people to stand in line as long as it took. I know someone at [insert name record label/radio station/promoter/venue here]. A place like Red Rocks isn’t exactly a neighbourhood venue for anyone. Go here to get started.) The process is broken–everyone in the industry knows that–but finding a solution seems impossible. When tickets to a hot show get snapped up and fans are left in the cold, people go through five distinct emotional stages. (Having intensely studied the situation over the last two years, I’ve written plenty on the subject. It’s set to be released June 22. Over and Out
  If I ask nicely, I know they can get me in! 4. No lining up for 8 am on the day tickets go on sale. I’ll bet that these pre-sale tickets are general admission. Now I will explain why this might not be a total fiasco after all. I GOTTA see this show! We’ve decided to try something different that will also likely suck, but in a different way. Shock “How is it possible that all the tickets sold out so quickly?”
2. And there’s nothing illegal about that. Whenever the subject comes up, someone inevitably bleats “We should go back to the old way! They bought the maximum number of tickets each, gave ’em to the scalper who immediately hacked up the price by 300%. That’s it. That’s what REAL fans would do, which means that only REAL fans would get tickets!”
While there are many flaws in this argument (I outline them below), Trent Reznor is going to give it the old college try for the upcoming Cold Black and Infinite tour with openers the Jesus and Mary Chain. Only physical box offices at the venues will sell tickets. Rules for the first leg of the tour–a road trip mostly through midsize theatres–are simple. How do you keep scalpers from paying people to line up for them?
Trent Reznor goes old-school for tickets to upcoming NIN tour. Nice try, but… (Oh, and a new EP is coming)