Random music news for Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Random music news for Tuesday, May 15, 2018
That’s a rumour. Apple stores are going to start selling bicycle helmets for a very cool reason (if you’re a cyclist, that is.)
Is Kanye West bad luck for Adidas? You gotta wonder…
Let’s talk about phone tribes. Here’s another article on how virtual reality could change the concert experience in the near future. Which one do you belong to? Interesting idea: Could (should?) Spotify buy Universal Music? We were at Paul McCartney’s house yesterday, by Macca either wasn’t home or receiving guests, Drag, innit? Canadian music sales vs. And now, music news for May 15, 2018. A Facebook cryptocurrency? So why isn’t Mickey in the public domain yet? where they were at this time last year: Total albums, -21.5%; physical albums, -20%;  CDs, -24.6%; digital albums, -23.9%; digital tracks, -20.9%; vinyl +63%; streaming, 54.4%. How can a regular city become a true music city? My group tour of rock’n’roll landmarks of London, England, continues. Is your music on SoundCloud? They’re sure popular. The US Senate is going to vote on restoring net neutrality rules. Good. If so, you may start seeing warnings telling you to take a break. Do you use your phone too much? Wouldn’t that be interesting…
First the first time ever at a royal wedding, there will be a female in charge of the fanfares. Here are five ways to wring more plays out of the platform. Read this report
It was 90 years ago today that a character named Mickey Mouse debuted in a silent cartoon called “Plane Crazy” (NOT “Steamboat Willy” as we often hear, but that was the first public film). How did all these music cruises get started? Fun: 15 music facts that make have you scratching your head. The hazards of using public wifi. Great question.