New Music From The Inbox – Tuesday Edition! (May 8, 2018): The Silhouette Era, The Dreggs, Brazilian Girls, and more!

It even makes for the perfect driving song, too! Watch/Listen:  Exceptionally toe-tapping and carefully optimistic, this tune has radio single written all over it. Watch/Listen: 

Artist: Brazilian Girls
Song: “Let’s Make Love”
Album/EP: Let’s Make Love

Steady-pace new-wave rock with super danceable pop influences, Brazilian Girls continue to shine in their latest release. Watch/Listen: 

Artist: Mipso
Song: “Servant To It”
Album/EP: Edges Run

Heartfelt Americana straight from North Carolina, “Servant To It” is off of Mipso’s fourth studio album. No, that’s not what they’re included in this list. Watch/Listen: 

Artist: LSD
Song: “Genius”
Album/EP: Single

Don’t call it a modern supergroup but don’t ignore the lineup, either: Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo have teamed up for one hell of a pop offering. Melodic and grand almost to the point of operatic proportions, the vaguely orchestral arrangements help add to the ambitious collaboration. The song’s easy-listening feel is heavily carried by singer/fiddler Libby Rodenbough’s crystalline vocals, with plenty of help from some bright harmonies and an easygoing slide guitar. What an effort! And what a lead it is: powerfully peppy with the staying power of a harder-hitting genre, “Waste Me” is a promising start for what’s to come. Maybe it’s the similarities to Vance Joy? Lush harmonies mesh with grounding vocals and a perpetually shifting sonic palette of synths and guitars keep a fresh tune feel even shinier. Watch/Listen: 

Artist: Sons of An Illustrious Father
Song: “When Things Fall Apart”
Album/EP: Deus Sex Machina: Or, Moving Slowly Beyond Nikola Tesla

Yes, actor Ezra Miller is in this group. Watch/Listen: 

Artist: The Dreggs
Song: “Feel Alive”
Album/EP: Seas Embrace

Whimsical and airy indie folk with a mature and full weight about it, this Australian duo nails the warm weather feel in “Feel Alive”. “When Things Fall Apart” is a compelling and haunting song, shifting seamlessly between segments bridged by Lilah Larson’s astoundingly strong vocals. Every beautiful home has cracks in the walls, and this song is the audio representation of that bittersweet discovery. Artist: The Silhouette Era
Song: “Waste Me”
Album/EP: The Silhouette Era

Energetic garage-surf with a melodic guitar determined to wander along its own path, “Waste Me” is the lead track off the San Francisco group’s upcoming self-titled.
New Music From The Inbox – Tuesday Edition! (May 8, 2018): The Silhouette Era, The Dreggs, Brazilian Girls, and more!