Dr. Dre (the rapper) loses his court case against Dr. Drai (the gynecologist).

Dre to make an appointment for a pap smear. Drai (an actual doctor) writes books with titles like 20 Things You May Not Know About a Vagina. Dre in 2015 against a gynecologist has been settled after a trademark court ruled in favour of the gyno. Burch, a practicing Pennsylvania gynecologist, women’s health media personality and author, trademarked his name “Doctor Drai OBGYN and Media Personality.” Dr. Hmm. Draion M. Dre objected, saying that such a similar sounding name would “cause confusion” amongst consumers. Whatever. Case dismissed
(Via Metro.co.uk) A court case initiated by Dr. Dr. Drai for a pair of headphones while other women call up Dr. Then again, that test might uncover a condition that is chronic. To be clear, Dr. That things anyone wants is hitting up Dr. So easy to mix up, right? Dre releases albums with titles like The Chronic while Dr. I know.
Drai (the gynecologist). Dre (the rapper) loses his court case against Dr. Dr.