All of our music is WRONG! The great 440 Hz conspiracy

This is where things begin to get very, very weird, Keep reading. What I’m about to tell you will shake your faith in all the music you’ve heard in your life. This frequency became the standard ISO-16 reference for tuning all musical instruments based on the chromatic scale, the one most often used for music in the West. As early as 1885, the Music Commission of the Italian Government declared that all instruments and orchestras should use a tuning fork that vibrated at 440 Hz, which was different from the original standard of 435 Hz and the competing 432 Hz used in France. In 1953, a worldwide agreement was signed. Those of you with tinfoil hats may wish to ensure that they’re fitted snuggly. [This is my weekly column for – AC]
Gather ’round, kids. If you look down the right paths, it becomes clear that governments and various security apparatuses have used music to control us using music. In 1917, the American Federation of Musicians endorsed the Italians, followed by a further push for 440 Hz in the 1940s. Signatories declared that middle “A” on the piano be forevermore tuned to exactly 440 Hz. All the music of the West that’s based on the standard 12-tone scale is used for the management of crowds as well as thought control. If musical performances were to sound the same the world over, some standardization was required. All the other notes are tuned in standard mathematical ratios leading to and from 440 Hz. Let’s begin with some music theory.
The great 440 Hz conspiracy All of our music is WRONG!