A Rage Against the Machine Reunion? Well…

Well… A Rage Against the Machine Reunion?
I quote (VIa the NME):
[N]othing would make me happier than to be able to fuck shit up right now with Rage Against The Machine. Rage’s first period ended in 2000 when Zack decided he wanted out. It’s just really a matter of getting us all on the same page. Wishful thinking? He’s been…reticent. If that will happen again or not, I have no idea, but I know at least the four of us are amicable and can talk to each other, and actually even go hang out on occasion, so I think more we just want to be friends first more than anything. There were some reunion shows in 2007, but nothing stuck. Or does he know something? Vocalist Zack De La Rocha. Brad Wilk appeared on the Let There Be Talk podcast. Three-quarters of the band, Tom Morello, Timmy Commerford, and Brad WIlk have been working together continuously for more than twenty-five years, first as Rage, then as Audioslave with Chris Cornell, and now within Prophets of Rage. In terms of raw numbers, it shouldn’t be that hard to get Rage Against the Machine back together. There’s just the one holdout.