Pop up pressing plant offers straight-to-vinyl recordings

This company will be making the rounds of UK events this summer. Both musicians and punters can get a vinyl record made at gigs and festivals. “Impressive,” I thought. Now, though, we have Pabst Wax’s traveling show that offers straight-to-vinyl recordings right on the spot. I remember going to a Pixies show in 2004 and being able to get an instant CD pressing of the gig 30 minutes after the band walked off stage.   Click on the image to get a demonstration.
Pop up pressing plant offers straight-to-vinyl recordings

Random music news for Saturday, May 19, 2018

Random music news for Saturday, May 19, 2018
The White House has officially killed the Yanny vs. These 13 rock and metal bands have been banned by Disney. Do you listen to radio? ABC News–yes, the news division–is planning a two-hour Michael Jackson special. And you might want to start with this. More streaming drama for Tidal: Following accusations of fudging streaming results, they’ve launched an investigation. More artists are writing songs “in the key of AI.”
And in the not-too-distant future, there will be a #1 song written entirely by AI. The Barenaked Ladies are getting their own museum exhibit. 50 Cent is now embroiled in a revenge porn suit. Fun fact: The Deadpool 2 soundtrack is the first soundtrack to ever received a parental advisory warning. I just have time to watch the Royal Wedding from an anti-monarchist pub down the street from my London hotel before I have to head to Heathrow. Here are my weekly music recommendations for GlobalNews.ca. Tom reminds us that today is Joey Ramone’s birthday. Do you use today’s technology like this? Whatever happened between Queen and Vanilla Ice after “Ice Ice Baby” copied “Under Pressure?” This. Laurel debate. See here and here. Had he lived, he’d be 67 today. Coming soon: A super-fast iPhone charger. The violinist in the Dave Matthews Band is facing some #MeToo troubles. Now some music news for May 19, 2018. Want to avoid dementia? Apparently, Marilyn Manson is a “likable fellow.”
Both Barrack Obama and Elton John really like this obscure band. Never heard of them, but now I’ll have to check them out. Probably for the better. The British government continues to look at switching off FM radio stations in favour of digital broadcasting. Maybe. Learn a musical instrument as an adult. I’ll miss all the drunks following the FA Cup Final, too. Have scientists discovered a way to predict whether or not a song is going to be a hit?

The time Rush opened for the New York Dolls

And Rush once started the evening for headliners the New York Dolls. The date was October 27, 1973, and Rush was opening for the New York Dolls. Stone Temple Pilots once opened for a Toronto band called Hhead. The Smashing Pumpkins and Pearl Jam both opened for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The single light bulbs in the hallways and dressing rooms created the perfect setting for a horror film. The Victory, in its waning days, was faded. Whatever charm it had in 1922 or 1962 had long disappeared and it had become just another dark and dusty haunted building, its plumbing rusty and sweating, its aroma musty and dank. They were a pleasant enough group of fellows who spoke to us not at all, but enthusiastically enjoyed the vibrant conversation and company of their “friends” (I think they were), who also dressed like New York Dolls, but drunker. Alex Lifeson recounts the story in the West End Phoenix. The dressing rooms were more Tower of London chic and gaiety. Keep reading. The venue for the gig was the Victory Theatre, built in 1921 and home to burlesque in Toronto until it closed in 1975. But the catering was good! We were honoured to have worked the same stage as strip artistes Knackers Knock, Ineda Man and Cupcakes Cassidy, whose PR photos still graced the grimy, grey walls of the lounge.
The time Rush opened for the New York Dolls

Is there anything to the idea of the musical mad genius? Maybe.

The study looked at more than four million people, discovering that those who studied some kind of creative subject at the university level were 90% more likely to develop schizophrenia, depression or bipolar disorder than the general population. Turns out that this may not be just a subjective impression.   From The Times of London:
A definitive link between creative brilliance and mental health has been hard to establish, however, partly because of the difficulty in defining what creativity actually is. Their brains are so wired towards making music and being generally creative that you can tell that they’re somehow different–a bit made, even. Having interviewed hundreds of musicians over the years, I can tell you that some of them are a bit…off. Now a review of census data taken from Sweden’s extensive public records has shown that creativity and mental health conditions are associated with one another, and could even point to a common cause. Researchers were careful to point out that this did NOT mean that studying the creative arts led to illness. Rather it seems to suggest those genetically predisposed to these sorts of mental illnesses take an interest in them for some reason. Researchers defined “broadly creative”  as someone who was deep into theatre, media, dance, visual art, and music.
Maybe. Is there anything to the idea of the musical mad genius?

UK Rock’n’Roll Landmarks Tour, Day 7 (Thursday, May 18)

UK Rock’n’Roll Landmarks Tour, Day 7 (Thursday, May 18)
Soho, London
After dinner, a couple of us decided to walk through the drunkenness that is Soho on a Friday night. Another day at leisure for the group, so everyone scattered to enjoy various areas of London before a farewell dinner. And that’s it! Troubadour, Earls Court, London
We had a private room at the back. We started at a gin joint. We must do this again.   Marilyn, one of the group, was celebrating a birthday so we had cake. The group signed a card for me.

Does a sexy music playlist actually make for better sex?

Does a sexy music playlist actually make for better sex?
Back in the day before mixtapes, sexy music for sexy times came on albums like this,. “More than 60 percent of people said the reason music makes sex better is because of its rhythm, while 50 percent said it was more about the artist’s voice or the song’s melody.”
But does it really make a difference, or is it simply something we’ve learned from onscreen sex? It could actually make a difference in your sex life. Keep reading. It’s something most of us can agree on, too — at least anecdotally. This is from MelMagazine.com:
There are countless Spotify playlists, YouTube playlists and articles dedicated to listing all the songs meant to supercharge your boning experience. Now we have thousands of sexy mood music playlists on the streaming music services. A study of 2,000 participants conducted by music-streaming service Deezer found that 30 percent of them reported being more turned on when tunes are playing during sex. “Twenty-five percent said it made the sex itself feel better, and 15 percent agreed that it at least makes things less awkward,” reported Stylecaster. But when the mixtape arrived, it was possible to make things more personal. And it’s nearly impossible to imagine a sex scene (be it in porn, a movie or your own bedroom) that isn’t accompanied by some sort of musical composition. Which brings us to this question: Do these playlists actually make sex better?

Into vinyl? Here’s how to press a record

Into vinyl? Here’s how to press a record
With the resurrection of vinyl, there’s been renewed interest in how records are actually made. Read on. For a music format that exists on a microscopic level, perhaps the most intriguing thing about the way in which records are pressed is the sheer industrial and mechanical nature of the process. From growing stampers in chemical baths to shrink-wrapping the gatefold sleeves, the pressing of a record is at every stage both an incredibly physical and exact process. Short of going inviting you all for a tour of the factory ourselves, we asked photographer Marco Walker to document the stages of how a record is pressed – with captions provided by The Vinyl Factory’s Stephen Galton – to take you up close and personal with the machines behind the music. This is from The Vinyl Factory.

Cities are different when it comes to passionate music fans

Cities are different when it comes to passionate music fans
This chart outlines the passion index of cities around the US. (Thanks to Jeffrey for the link to ZeroHedge.com) Compare going to a gig in Toronto vs one in Montreal. Someone should put together a similar chart for Canada. Or any city in Canada vs one in the UK. If you’ve ever been to a concert somewhere other than your hometown, you’ve probably noticed a difference in passion when it comes to the audience reaction.

How the music industry screwed up music streaming the first time around

How the music industry screwed up music streaming the first time around
Good for them—and possibly also for consumers. When file-sharing of music first popped up in the middle 90s, the music industry didn’t pay much attention. Nothing to worry about. But it’s not hard to forget that the music industry, caught off-guard by new technology in the late 1990s, tried to force the issue of getting paid through the launch of forgotten services like MusicNet and PressPlay—and despite the similarities to the way we stream music now, it got burned, badly. But when Napster hit in June 1999, the industry began to take notice. The industry, for the first time in more than two decades, is seeing significant growth, largely off the back of streaming technology such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora. Dial-up connections were slow–it could take up to an hour to download a single song–and the only people interested in this technology were nerds and dweebs. Motherboards look at how they messed it up. As the lawyers did their work, the music industry, still flush with cash from CD sales, made some half-hearted attempts to get into the download business. It wasn’t always this way, but life is pretty good for the music industry these days on the streaming front. To say it screwed things up royally would be an understatement. Keep reading. Perhaps that was a foregone conclusion, but the response to Napster is still very much worth analyzing. Why did a very similar spin on today’s streaming services crash and burn, anyway?.

This new Google News feature could be the most important thing in a long time

Take modern jazz, for example. That’s not good. Years ago I ran across a great term: ego-casting. Instead, it’s perhaps the app’s one feature that takes an old school approach by dropping the algorithms altogether. From TheNextWeb:
Announced at last week’s Google I/O keynote, the AI-powered Google News app officially landed today on iOS. It’s too complex, too rich in nuances, for the average person to get it right away. As one poly sci professor once told me “There’s right, there’s left and somewhere in between is the truth.”
This brings me to the new Google News feature. I like it. It’s called “Full Coverage.”
Full Coverage drops the algorithmic sorting and opens your mind to opposing viewpoints. I’m not saying you need to be forced to listen to this music, but it’s very helpful if someone takes you by the hand to explain what’s going on. But whether intentional or not, Full Coverage is the antithesis to the way most of us consume news. Otherwise, it’s just too much trouble. Keep reading. The same goes for news. The app, which serves as a replacement for the seemingly-abandoned Google Play Newsstand on iOS devices, is excellent. And vice-versa. For Google, it’s just doing what it does best: indexing everything. Sometimes we need repeated unintentional exposure to things that we don’t like before the penny drops and you begin to really understand what’s going on. No one likes it at first listen. Some will only watch Fox News and feel that MSNBC features nothing but insane liberals. It describes our tendency to only seek out and consume things that we agree with that which makes us feel included and comfortable. But it’s not the AI that I find most compelling. While it’s great to have algorithms that recommend media that we might like, this isn’t always a good thing. It leans heavily on Google’s superb AI to surface stories you’re most likely to care about, whether in your backyard or across the globe. With the click of a button, Google displays dozens of competing takes, voices, and sources for the same story. Social scientists call this confirmation bias. The result is that we created personal bubbles that protect us from anything disagreeable. No matter on which part of the political spectrum you live, it’s natural to only read/watch/consume the information that reinforces your worldview. Same thing for opera or classical music.
This new Google News feature could be the most important thing in a long time

Stalley – Walking Dead lyrics

Stock, stocked out money
12, 12 gauge shotty
Try not to catch a body
Zombies all around me
All my niggas walking dead
No this ain’t a show
All my niggas on the go
One word they let it blow
I be on some fly shit
O-of white pyrex
[?] from my sidebitch
[?] tell [?]
[?] Ostrich
4, 4 door, [?]
Pull up like Caine in Menace
Go [?] in pendant
Run like Emmitt
Gettin’ dope by the minute
On my 24th hour
Then I got 24 minutes
Ko-Kobe in the clutch
Ko-Kobe with the finish
Mr. Flawless with the finish
Rolex, diamond sittin’
I pray for the sinners
And I pray we keep winnin’
But that’s mandatory
When you live with no gimmicks
Stay high like Hendrix
Party as [?]
Wear shades in the spotlight
Cut red like a spotlight
And you know it’s double stuff
When you broke, can’t double up
Get your hustle up
Get your muscle up
Be a legend in the game
Don’t just worry ’bout a change
That’s a little gay
(I said that’s a little gay)
(That, that’s a little gay)
(Gay, that’s a little gay)

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