The Ongoing History of New Music, Episode 822: The history of nerd rock

This, by the way, is a great option for American listeners who are prevented from listening to the show live because of geo-blocking,

We’re still looking for more affiliates in Calgary, Kamloops, Kelowna, Regina, Saskatoon, Brandon, Windsor,  Montreal, Charlottetown, Moncton, Fredericton, and St John’s and anywhere else with a transmitter. Remember the Revenge of the Nerds movies from the 80s? We now celebrate nerddom. Fonzie was always calling Richie and Potsy nerds for being uncool dorks. The Ongoing History of New Music can be heard on the following stations:

102.1 The Edge/Toronto – Sunday night at 7
Live 88-5/Ottawa
107.5 Dave-FM/Kitchener
FM96/London – Sunday night at 7, Monday night at 11
Power 97/Winnipeg (Sunday nights at 11)
Rock 97.7/Grand Prairie – Sunday nights at 6. It lingered in the slang world for the rest of the 50s and into the 60s before it really took off in 1974 with the debut of the TV series, Happy Days. A single-minded expert in a particular technical field. Song heard on this show:
Weezer, Pork and Beans
Leslie Fish, Banned from Argo
Devo, (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
Talking Heads, Life During Wartime
Thomas Dolby, She Blinded Me with Science
Pixies, Monkey Gone to Heaven
They Might Be Giants, Particle Man
Barenaked Ladies, If I Had $1,000,000
Nerf Herder, Van Halen
alt-J, 3WW
Here’s Eric Wilhite’s handy playlist. Nerdishness is now so widespread that nerds even have their own genre of music,. Example: a computer nerd. 2. If you’re in any of those markets and you want the show, lemme know and I’ll see what I can do. Here, then is a short history of what we unreservedly, unashamedly and unironically called Nerd Rock. Seuss in 1950. Sonic 102.9/Edmonton
The Zone/Victoria
The Fox/Vancouver
Live 105/Halifax
WAPS/WKTL The Summit/Arkon, Canton, Cleveland, Youngstown The show runs at 11 am Sunday. I can’t tell what “nerd” refers to in that book because it’s written in Old Spanish and I couldn’t be bothered to find a translation. The geeks have truly inherited the earth. By the end of the 70s, and coinciding with the rise of the culture around the personal computer, consumer technology, Star Wars and other sci-fi pursuits, the use of the word became even more widespread. To him, a nerd was some kind of creature found in a zoo. Shows like The Big Bang Theory and Silicon Valley are big hits. Don’t forget that you can get the podcast version of this podcast through iTunes or wherever you get your on-demand audio. A foolish of contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious. 1. According to these nerds, “nerd” shows up for the first time in a book called A True Discourse of the Assualt Committed Upon the Most Noble Prince, Prince William of Orange, County of Nassau, Marquesse de a Lever & C by John Jarequi Spaniarde [sic] with the True Copies of the Writings, Examinations, and Letters for Sundry Offenders in that Vile and Diuelifh [sic] Attempt. nerd: (nərd) n. This brings me to music. informal. And as you might guess, it falls squarely in the world of alt-rock. Props, then, to Henry Winkler. Today in our technological society, being called a nerd is a compliment. Then, the following year, Newsweek reported that nerd was being used in Detroit to describe an awkward sort of fellow who just wasn’t very cool. People asipire to be nerds like Bill Gates, Elon Mish and Mark Zuckerberg. This is an old word, too. I do know that the word fell into disuse after about 1725, returning to the popular lexicon thanks to Dr. The, er, nerds at Google have a thing called The Ngram Viewer, which scans the texts of books going back to 1500–virtually the dawn of the printing press.
The Ongoing History of New Music, Episode 822: The history of nerd rock

Random music news for Saturday, May 12, 2018

A Hong Kong heiress just bought Sting’s place in NYC for $50 million. It launches in Canada May 16. Meanwhile, Rihanna’s lingerie line is getting good attention. Logic is selling his California compound following news of his divorce. It’s International Nurses Day. Creepy robots that dance. Apparently. Possibly. People are still unpacking all the imagery and messages in Childish Gambino’s “This is America” video. The newest home assistant is Google Home Max. What to people think about the new data plans offered by Canada’s telecoms? Hug a nurse–but ask first. What is Bastille’s Dan Smith doing with this mystery phone line? Can hackers take control of Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa? When it comes to music news for May 12, 2018…

Here are my weekly music picks for Is this the future of album collaborations? Perhaps. Are streaming music statistics useless? Here’s another story on how promoters are trying to fix the gender imbalance for performers at music festivals. Are these the ten most divisive albums of all time? Yep. Maybe. This is the man who dressed the Mods. Allegedly. Americans are beginning to realize that Toronto has become a multi-cultural hip-hop mecca. Kanye had a big retail FAIL in Sydney. Russian trolls tried to sew discontent and division in America over…Beyonce? Does the Apple Watch portend an iPhone-free future? Not much, really, “They suck” is the phrase you hear. YouTube has made some adjustments to their music charts.
Random music news for Saturday, May 12, 2018

If you wear headphones all the time, will it mess with your hearing?

As you take out your sweat-encrusted earbuds and put them on the nightstand, you wonder: Are you damaging your hearing by spending most of your waking hours with two miniature speakers stuffed in your ears? Before the Sony Walkman came along in 1979, headphone listening was limited to when you could be wired to your stereo. How loud is too loud? In 2015, the World Health Organization issued a statement echoing your mom, warning that 1.1 billion young people are at risk of permanent hearing loss due to loud music from personal devices and the decibel levels at events. But does all that headphone listen damage hearing? After work you exercise to the sweet sounds of EDM and bass-heavy pop, and then commute home to NPR updates. Vice takes a look. The WHO analyzed data from studies in “middle- and high-income countries” and found that almost 50 percent of residents 12 to 35 were exposed to unsafe noise levels from personal devices like smart phones and iPods, and 40 percent got a potentially damaging earful at venues like bars, nightclubs, sports stadiums and concert spaces. The WHO said that noise levels of more than 85 decibels were dangerous during an eight-hour duration, like a work shift, and 100 decibels shouldn’t be endured for more than 15 minutes. You listen to podcasts on the subway, and queue up a Spotify playlist to stay focused amidst your workplace’s open office plan. Keep reading. Finally in for the night, you might log into HBO Go and, so as not to disturb your roommate, plug in your buds and snuggle up with your laptop. Today, though, people wear their ‘phones and ‘buds for hours and hours at a time. And if so, how much. You live in a big city, which means you spend 75 percent of your day with earbuds lodged in your external auditory meatus.
If you wear headphones all the time, will it mess with your hearing?

Covers I like: A funk cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”

It stands up to repeated and unexpected reinterpretations. Here’s an example of The North 41 who have found a way to funk up Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.” How do you know a song is truly good?
Covers I like: A funk cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”

Let’s celebrate George Carlin’s birthday with the seven words you can’t say on the radio

(Thanks to Tom for the reminder.) Were George Carlin still alive, he’d be celebrating his 81st birthday today. To commemorate the occasion, let’s revisit one of his greatest routines which has become the unofficial standard of what you can and cannot say on the radio.
Let’s celebrate George Carlin’s birthday with the seven words you can’t say on the radio

Israel wins Eurovision 2018

Israel wins Eurovision 2018
  Damn. Eurovision is the biggest and goofiest music competition in the Sagittarius arm of the galaxy. After tight voting by national juries and a phone/text in vote from the audience, the winner was Israel’s Netta with a song called “Toy.” That means next year’s final will be held in Jerusalem. I was rooting for this piece of weirdness from Moldova’s DeReDos. Forty-three nations hold competitions and then send their winners to the finale, which in this case, was held in Lisbon.

Winners of the 2018 CMW Indie Awards

Winners of the 2018 CMW Indie Awards
Halsey) (OVO Sound)
Shaun Frank – No Future (Performed by Shaun Frank ft. Vincent (Loma Vista Records) Dyson) (Ultra Music)
Fast Romantics (Light Organ)
Partner (You’ve Changed)
Said the Whale (Hidden Pony)
The Courtneys (Flying Nun Records)
The New Pornographers (Dine Alone)

DVBBS (Ultra Music)
Grandtheft (Mad Decent)
Jacques Greene (Vase Music/Arts & Crafts)
Neon Dreams (Dreaming Out Loud Entertainment)
Shaun Frank (Ultra Music)

Canailles (Dare to Care)
Catherine Leduc (Dare to Care)
Corridor (Corridor)
Mara Tremblay (Audiogram)
Peter Peter (Audiogram)

Iskwe (Iskwé Musik)
JB the First Lady (JB The First Lady)
Mob Bounce (RPM Records)
The Jerry Cans (Aakuluk Music)
Wolf Saga (Mukwa Records)

Christian Hudson (Mathurmatics)
Coleman Hell (604)
Marianas Trench (604)
Ralph (604)
Ria Mae (Ria Mae/Sony)

RAP/R&B ARTIST/GROUP OF THE YEAR                  
Allie (Oracle)
Majid Jordan (OVO Sound)
Pierre Kwenders (Bonsound)
Quake Matthews (Fontana North)
SonReal (Black Box)

Big Wreck (ole)
Bleeker (Five Seven)
One Bad Son (604)
Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs (Dine Alone)
The Wild (eOne)
Leeroy Stagger (True North)
Leif Vollebekk (Secret City)
Matt Mays (Sonic Records)
The Barr Brothers (Secret City)
The Weather Station (Outside)
Alvvays – Antisocialites (Royal Mountain)
Daniel Caesar – Freudian (Golden Child)
Gord Downie – Introduce Yerself (Arts & Crafts)
July Talk – Touch (Sleepless)
Weaves – Wide Open (Buzz Records)

Allan Rayman – 13 (Communion Music)
Death from Above 1979 – Freeze Me (Last Gang)
DVBBS – Not Going Home ft. Here’s the list of this year’s winners. Gia Koka & CMC$ (Ultra Music)
Mother Mother – The Drugs (Mother Mother Music Inc.)
Virgina to Vegas – Lights Out (Wax)
Broken Social Scene (Arts & Crafts)
Hollerado (Royal Mountain)
Stars (Last Gang)
The Glorious Sons (Black Box)
The Rural Alberta Advantage (Paper Bag)

Daniel Caesar (Golden Child)
Jessie Reyez (FMLY)
Lido Pimienta (Lido Pimienta)
Mac DeMarco (Royal Mountain/Captured Tracks)
PartyNextDoor (OVO Sound)

Alvvays – Dreams Tonite; In Undertow (Performed by Alvvays) (Royal Mountain)
Daniel Caesar – Get You; We Find Love (Performed by Daniel Caesar) (Golden Child)
July Talk – Beck + Call; Picturing Love (Performed by July Talk) (Sleepless)
PartyNextDoor – Wild Thoughts (Performed by DJ Khaled ft. Another highlight of Canadian Music Week is the Indie Awards. Cole (Dreamville Records/Interscope)
Migos (Quality Control Music)
Run The Jewels (Run The Jewels Inc.)
Sampha (Young Turks)
St. Winners are in bold. Rihanna, Bryson Tiller) / Not Nice(Performed by PartyNextDoor) / Damage (Performed by PartNextDoor ft.

Covers I like: This acoustic guitar version of “Billie Jean” is certainly different–and very good.

Covers I like: This acoustic guitar version of “Billie Jean” is certainly different–and very good.
Check out this acoustic guitar version of “Bille Jean” by Michael Jackson. I’ll say it again: the mark of a truly great song is one that can be infinitely re-imagined by other artists. (Via Laughing Squid)

Apple has been sued for causing an airliner to crash with a flaming iPhone or iPad

Apple has been sued for causing an airliner to crash with a flaming iPhone or iPad
Apple and EgyptAir have yet to comment on the allegations. On May 19, 2016, EgyptAir flight 804 was over the Mediterranean ready for decent on its flight from Paris to Cairo when something went very wrong. Aviation experts aren’t keen on the idea. But a new lawsuit alleges it was an iPhone 6s or iPad in the cockpit that overheated and caught fire, quickly incapacitating the crew. TMZ reports that the litigants believe the small device fire caused a much bigger blaze, which they say explains the indications of smoke in the cockpit. Was it a bomb? Investigators couldn’t figure it out. There’s some evidence that the jet may have broken up in mid-air. The crash happened without a mayday or any other warning. The cause of the fire is still a mystery. After an extensive investigation, no traces of explosives were reported. Sudden structural failure? Sixty-six people died when the Airbus 320 hit the water 180 miles north of Alexandria. They maintain that although there was a fire in the cockpit, it probably began below the floor in the avionics bay. The wreckage wasn’t located for four weeks. None of the above has been proven. An electrical or hydraulic issue?

The FCC says net neutrality changes June 11. We’ll see

For months, many politicians and special interests have tried to mislead the American people about the Restoring Internet Freedom Order. The move would trigger the Congressional Review Act, which could be the “first step toward overturning the FCC’s action and reinstating the rules that were designed to ensure the uninhibited flow of data online,” the LA Times reports. Sen. By the way, Comcast did that and essentially extorted Netflix, throttling their service and slowing streaming capabilities for its customers. Remember, there’s still a lawsuit to be settled and nothing ever happens according to the calendar in Washington. Pai’s regulations would allow internet service providers to charge streaming companies in order to ensure unfettered access for their services. Things have gotten a little more complicated, unfortunately, in the past week. “We will embrace a modern, forward-looking approach the will help the United States lead the world in 5G, the next generation of wireless connectivity. Would voters see their elected officials “protecting average consumers and middle-class families, or are they protecting the big corporate special interests?”
The Democrats, who have a minority of seats in the Senate, have enough signatures in the 100-seat legislative body to force discussion of the proposed changes on the Senate floor. “That’s exactly what we had for decades, starting with the Clinton Administration.” That’s the MO here, by the way – point to something a Democrat did in order to say hey, we’re cool kids too, we’re with what the youngsters dig and if a Dem supported it, it must be good! Signatures from 30 senators require the Senate to hold a vote that can’t be filibustered or blocked by the majority leader.”
A vote is expected next week – if one is determined, it must take place before June 12, in line with the FCC’s stated enactment of the new regs. The repeal of net neutrality will allow internet service providers to put their profits before the consumers they serve and control what we see, do and say online.   Circle June 11 on the calendar – that’s the day the Federal Communications Commission says it will start enforcing the new net neutrality regulations. The Obama regs also ensure that companies like Comcast can’t force websites and services like Netflix to pay more in order to have the same speed and ease of access as its own partner sites. Last Wednesday, 15 Senate Democrats testified about the importance of maintaining Obama’s regulations for truly protecting net neutrality. The charge was led by Eric Schneiderman, the former attorney general for New York who resigned abruptly Monday evening after he was accused of assaulting at least four women. “I strongly support a free and open internet,” said free-and-open internet killer Ajit Pai, the FCC’s chairman. As the FCC released its statement Thursday, she spoke up on net neutrality as well: “A free and open internet is critical to New York and to our democracy. It would allow ISPs to create levels of service or charge more for access to certain bundles of sites based on popularity, frequency of use or whatever it wanted. “The internet wasn’t broke in 2015, when the prior FCC buckled to political pressure and imposed heavy-handed Title II rules on the internet economy. This office has proudly led the suit to block this illegal rollback of net neutrality — and we certainly won’t stop now. We look forward to making our case in court.”
(By the way, Pai himself is also under investigation for some shady dealings.)
There are other efforts underway to prevent Pai from having his cake and eating it too. Odds are, nothing will change that day. If the FCC moves forward to undo the protections that the Obama FCC worked for years, through the legal system, to perfect and enshrine, expect more delays and legal challenges to be thrown in the way to muddy the water. So much for the Obama net neutrality regs being a solution in search of a problem, as many opposed to it claimed. A group nearly two dozen state attorneys general have filed a lawsuit to prevent these rollbacks from taking effect. Ok, that’s just not true – the section of the Telecommunications Act that the Obama-era net neutrality rules are based on actually dates back to the ‘60s, not the ‘30s, and regulates utilities to ensure fairness. (Schneiderman, by the way, was also a leader in efforts against ticket bots.)
The current acting AG in New York, Barbara Underwood, was sworn in on Wednesday. “On June 11, we will have a framework in place that encourages innovation and investment in our nation’s networks,” Pai continues, despite the overwhelming evidence that the Obama-era regs did nothing to deter broadband investment and innovation. So, again, circle June 11 on the calendar. “The 1996 act allows Congress to overturn a federal agency rule by a simple majority vote in each chamber. Now everyone will be able to see the truth for themselves.”
Let us not forget that this, too, is Pai, trying to convince people that everything will be juuuuuust fine in his world with his version of net neutrality — a really weird video staring one of the right wing conspiracy nuts behind the ridiculous “pizzagate” scandal. Chuck Schumer (D-New York) said that this would be an important time, both politically for them and in the lives of their constituents. It doesn’t make sense to apply outdated rules from 1934 to the internet, but that’s exactly what the prior administration did,” Pai said. And it could very well make it harder for artists to reach their potential audience with the same ease they can now.
We’ll see The FCC says net neutrality changes June 11.

Today’s most important read: Spotify says “Make love, not hateful content.” Good in theory, but…

The new policy states that when Spotify is alerted to content that violates the terms, they have full permission to remove that content or refrain from promoting it or including it in playlists. R. Just don’t be a wiener about it because Spotify is now on the lookout. Kelly from featured playlists before Spotify’s announcement and that Pandora does not currently promote the singer’s music. Keep reading. Art is based in personal expression. To help determine if content can be deemed hateful, Spotify partnered with a number of rights advocacy groups and have created an internal content monitoring tool on the app called, Spotify AudioWatch. Sources told Pitchfork and The Blastthat Apple Music had quietly pulled R. So, make music. Look no further than the recent example of Childish Gambino’s “This Is America”. The streaming giant may have expected to be hailed for its woke-ness and its solidarity with #MeToo, which called Spotify out — along with RCA Records, Ticketmaster, Apple Music and a North Carolina venue, all of which promote or host the artist’s work — last week when it joined the #MuteRKelly movement. As artists or content creators, our works are always infused with a little bit of ourselves.   Keep reading. Spotify recently announced their new policy on Hate Content and Hateful Conduct, and they are intent on cracking down. The following day, Apple Music and Pandora announced they will also stop promoting the R&B singer, who is facing multiple sexual misconduct and assault allegations. It outlines that they will address the entire context when determining if a song is offensive so that a song isn’t wrongfully taken down. BONUS 1: Does this band go too far? While some content may not be considered hateful, Spotify is keeping an eye out for artists or creators who have personally demonstrated hateful behaviour. If you want to learn more about the policy, click here. Spotify isn’t saying that they will necessarily censor the work, but if there is especially hateful content, it can drastically affect how they will work with or support that particular artist in the future. Here are more artists whom Spotify could stop promoting as well. While this is true, some people misconstrue this as a pass to produce projects that are racist, sexist or make light of things like religion. Spotify is making it clear, that every service they provide, from content creation to distributing and promoting projects, reflects the values the company holds at its core. From Variety:
It is probably safe to say that Spotify did not get the reaction it expected on Thursday when the company announced a new policy against “hate content” and “hateful conduct” regarding the artists it chooses to promote — and then announced, via a simultaneously published interview, that the first artist to be targeted by this policy will be R. Keep reading. Kelly’s music is still available on both streaming platforms – and Spotify’s – but users have to search for it specifically, rather than coming across it on company-curated playlists. As much as they want to support artists, they make it clear that their choices still must reflect their company values. Make lots of music! (From Alan Cross)
The fallout spread. Kelly is the first major artist that Spotify has publicly said it would no longer promote — but he shouldn’t be the last. Some experts, though, say that this particular policy goes too far. Maybe. From the NY Daily News:
R. A source confirmed that rapper XXXTentacion has been given the same treatment. BONUS 2: Apple Music and Pandora have joined the fray over R Kelly. Now, we’ve all become painfully aware that things are a little touchier than they used to be. Kelly on its playlists. In art, we like to believe we have the right to free speech. BONUS 3: What other artists should be banned? From Rolling Stone:
Spotify caused a mighty stir yesterday when it announced that, under a new public policy against “hate content and hateful conduct,” it would no longer feature R. Kelly (and, hours later, rapper XXXTentacion). After all, who could argue with a policy that prohibits “hate content” — defined as content that “expressly and principally promotes, advocates, or incites hatred or violence against a group or individual based on characteristics, including, race, religion, gender identity, sex, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, veteran status, or disability” (which would seemingly rule out several presidential campaign speeches) — or declining to promote artists who engage in “hateful conduct” — “something that is especially harmful or hateful (for example, violence against children and sexual violence)”? I subscribe to the idea that offense is taken and not given, and the new policy states that what is offensive to some, may not offend others. This isn’t the article to delve into the symbolism of the video, but it’s clear that there is a message being conveyed through the music. Sort of. (From Alan Cross)
Spotify and all the other streaming music services have a right to refuse content on their platform. (From Alan Cross)
If R Kelly, Chris Brown and XXXTencion are verboten, then who’s next? In the case of musicians, they use rhythm, tone and lyrics to convey a message. The streaming service announced Thursday that all songs by the scandal-plagued Kelly have been removed from the site’s recommendations algorithm and won’t appear on Spotify-owned playlists because he violates the company’s hate content and hateful conduct policy.
Today’s most important read: Spotify says “Make love, not hateful content.” Good in theory, but…

UK Rock’n’Roll Landmarks Tour: Day 1 (Saturday, May 11)

UK Rock’n’Roll Landmarks Tour: Day 1 (Saturday, May 11)
9. After rounds of lager and cider, most everyone retired for a nap before meeting up in the lobby for a walking tour through our era of the city. [All this week, I’m leading a group of music fans through a tour of rock’n’roll landmarks of London. David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust phone box, Heddon Street
Flip over the Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars album and you’ll Bowie and an old-school English phone box. Former Site of the Beatles Apple Corps HQ, 3 Savile Row
The Beatles were great as a musical group but rubbish at running a business. 7. 4. It’s still a working studio, but it’s used mainly for voiceover sessions. Trident Studios London, Soho
The Beatles, Elton John, and so many others recorded here. This building house Apple Corps for a couple of years in the late 60s. Shame, that. Naturally, none of the rooms were ready–check out time is 1 pm and departing guests were being annoyingly slow to get the hell out-so our only option was to head over to the nearby Horse and Groom pub to wait it out. 5. A gathering of rabid fans outside a Beatles show in October 1963 was probably the start of Beatlemania. The place is currently occupied by a high-tech hologram coming. This is a good thing, by the way, because he’s excellent. 6. Their office and rehearsal room was here. Liam Gallagher’s Pretty Green Clothing Shop, Carnaby Street
Nice gear, but it’s bloody expensive. 100 Club, 100 Oxford Street
Founded as a jazz club in 1941, The 100 Club was the site of infamous Punk Rock Festival in September 1976, featuring the Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Jam, The Damned, The Stranglers, Siouxise and the Banshees and The Buzzcocks. While this box is in the same spot, the replica was removed long ago. The brutal Don Arden (father of Sharon Osbourne) managed the Small Faces back in the day. 2. Despite suffering through a cold and having to walk us through the rain., he was a trouper. The Former site of IBC Studios, 35 Portland Place
Some of the most famous musicians in the world used to record at IBC Studios.  
  1. Every single time I’ve booked a walking tour of London, I somehow get Richard. Single. Time. Still, it’s nice to see something marking the spot. Every. Small Faces Headquarters, Carnaby Street
One of the cool things about London that there are plaques marking the locations of where cool music things happened. London Palladium, Carnaby Street
Probably the most famous theatre in all of the UK. 8. A word about our guide, Richard. It’s also here that the Beatles performed for the last time with their rooftop concert on January 30, 1969, It’s now an Abercrombie Kids. BBC Headquarters
If it comes from the Beeb, it has to come through these buildings. Here are highlights of day one.-AC]
The bus from Gatwick rolled up at the hotel in Fitzrovia around 10 am Saturday, disgorging a group of travelers knackered from an overnight flight on WestJet. 3.

Last-second cancellation for Liam Gallagher/Richard Ashcroft show at CMW

(Via a very disappointed Jody)

  What kind of electrical problems would be severe enough to cancel a gig? Toronto fans who showed up at the Sony Centre to see Liam Gallagher play with Richard Ashcroft were greeted by this sign on the door.
Last-second cancellation for Liam Gallagher/Richard Ashcroft show at CMW

Dave Grohl brings his daughter onstage to cover Adele

Dave Grohl brings his daughter onstage to cover Adele
  Details here. Judging by this rendition of “When We Were Young,” the kid’s got talent. Dave Grohl’s daughter, Violet, joined daddy onstage for a performance that was part of a benefit for children’s hospital charity.