Chris Cornell’s widow tells Dr. Oz about what she learned about Soundgarden’s final show

Oz about what she learned about Soundgarden’s final show Chris Cornell’s widow tells Dr.
As soon as he turned around, I saw a huge bald spot in the back of his head. Oz last week to discuss Chris’ suicide, including his behavior during Soundgarden’s last show.  
  The photographer sent that to me and said, ‘I didn’t notice until I noticed.’ His bandmates also saw it, they saw there was a weird bald spot on his head. He couldn’t sing from note one, he was trying really hard, he walked off stage a few times, he was clearly struggling, he forgot words to songs. Here’s a transcript of some of what she said. During the interview, Vicky tells of what she learned about that last Soundgarden show. I didn’t know about that, so I looked at footage from the show, it was the first time I did it, at some point in July. If you’d like to review it first, take a look at the video. It was not a Soundgarden show, it was not a Chris Cornell show. You can watch an excerpt of the interview here. At one point in the conversation, things took a detour to a “strange bald spot” on the back of Chris’ head. It was at the Fox Theatre in Detroit on May 16, 2017. Vicky Cornell appeared on Dr. I thought uh oh, maybe this has been photoshopped, so I sent messages out to his bandmates and Soundgarden’s photographer, and I asked if anyone saw anything. (Via Alternative Nation)
Even from crew members, and people who have been on tour with him for over 10 years, and fans pretty much said the same thing.