Random music news for Thursday, April 26, 2018

Random music news for Thursday, April 26, 2018
Maybe, maybe not. And what is going on with YouTube? Not for this next album. Did Mark Zuckerberg tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth when he testified before Congress? Satan has moved beyond rock. Maybe. Meanwhile, in music news for April 26, 2018…

For some reason, Panic! Kanye: The Corporation. Could it be cutting-edge forms of multimedia? The Arctic Monkeys usually release music from a new album ahead of time. Today is Melania Trump’s birthday. Indie bands are getting on the vinyl revival thanks to some new boutique pressing plants. YouTube is going to produce a documentary on disgraced boy band svengali Lou Pearlman. Didn’t seem to affect Q1 earnings. At the Disco has been sending fans potatoes. Moby is selling off some of his gear for charity. Go here. That’s what his girlfriend says. I wonder what she really wants? Prince Harry and Megahan have announced the musicians for their wedding. This will be interesting. How did K-pop get turned into a propaganda tool? Meanwhile, the rock is dead/long live rock debate continues for the 40th year in a row. Another possible Spotify feature: an “explicit filter” for families. Interested? Like this. This isn’t good. The Charity Single Era: a good idea at the time, cringe-worthy when we look back. The Dark One has infiltrated hip-hop. Fraud detection software is coming to the music industry. This could change a lot. What’s the future of concerts? Was Prince suffering from depression in his last days? #DeleteFacebook? Sky-TV has ordered a documentary on Blondie drummer, Clem Burke. Fascinating: the language we speak can change our perception of colours.

New Music From The Inbox: Harlequiin, Galaxie, Tryrer and more!

Discordant synths and glitchy beats contrast a soulful voice and catchy vocal melodies to create something delightfully bold, fun, and unique. This is definitely an interesting one. Watch/Listen:

Artist: Johanna Warren
Song: Cleansed By Fire
Album: Gemini II
Cleansed by fire feels warm, comforting, and safe. Artist: Harlequiin
Song: Your Heart’s Afloat! Watch/Listen: Listen:


Artist: Let’s Eat Grandma
Song: It’s Not Just Me
Album: I’m All Ears
It’s Not Just Me is a quirky and anthemic electro-pop song that overflows with shimmering electricity. It’s basically the sonic equivalent of your favourite fuzzy blanket. Listen:

Artist: Tyrer
Song: Times We Had
Tyrer’s intriguing voice shines accompanied by simple electric guitar on her wistful and sensitive debut single. Listen:

Artist: Galaxie
Song: Phénoménal
Album: Super Lynx Deluxe
From Montreal group Galaxie comes an energizing and intoxicating mix of hip hop, rock, and punk that is too bold and cool to be ignored.
New Music From The Inbox: Harlequiin, Galaxie, Tryrer and more!

Gymnasts bust out the metal for this routine

Gymnasts bust out the metal for this routine
Now it looks like gymnastics is loosening up, too. US gymnasts Emily Davis and Aubrey Rosilier competed in Belgium recently debuting a routine choreographed to Disturbed version of Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence.” Back in February, purists were taken aback when Olympic figure skaters were allowed to perform to music with lyrics for the first time. Everyone else really seemed to dig it.

Don’t protect your hearing against loud music? This could be the ultimate cautionary tale

Don’t protect your hearing against loud music? This could be the ultimate cautionary tale
Sometimes, he’d get right between the big speakers in Studio 2 at Abbey Road so he could hear exactly what the Beatles were playing. Meanwhile, Giles transformed these experiences into a full-blown career as a producer and the spiritual successor to his father when it came to working with the Beatles. He was renown for his ears and his ability to hear the tiniest nuances in a performance and a recording. Sir George would be right on the floor with Beck and his mountains of amplifiers. He saw that the needles on the machines were moving, but he couldn’t hear a thing.   For a record producer, this was the worst possible handicap. Sometimes around 1977 when he was in his 50s, Martin was calibrating some tape machines with some high-frequency tones. Here’s an example of the tag-team production work father and son did in the early 80s. No one outside his family
In the early 80s, he brought in his teenage son Giles. This had to be kept a secret. Be careful with loud music. For the rest of Martin’s career, Giles worked as his–for lack of a better term–hearing-ear dog. Martin’s hearing continued to deteriorate for the rest of his life, robbing him of his ability to enjoy, feel and create music. How could he continue to work if he couldn’t hear much of the music? Cycling the tones lower until he could hear something, he soon realized that he was going deaf. Giles’ job was to listen to the high-end frequencies and relay to his father what he was hearing. In the 70s, he worked guitarist Jeff Beck, another guy who believed in volume. If you don’t think you need to protect your ears from overly loud music at concerts or through headphones, give some thought to what happened to George Martin. If the man who made the Beatles were here, he’d tell you the same thing. Sir George will forever be remembered as the producer who brought the best out out the Beatles.

Thursday timesuck: A short musical film featuring actor/comedian Jay Mohr

Thursday timesuck: A short musical film featuring actor/comedian Jay Mohr
This project will also come with a double album this fall, which will include a collaboration with the Dandy Warhols. Give it a watch. Jay Mohr is best known as an actor, comedian and radio host as well as a podcaster. He’s teamed up musician Logan Lynn to create this short film called My Movie Star, which takes us through the fakery and crap that comes with being famous in Hollywood.

Smart assistants are getting smarter. But are they getting smarter fast enough?

The good news?   All these digital assistants seem to be getting better. Check out this chart from Statista. Google Assistant proved to be the best, scoring 77.2%. I thought it just me, but apparently not. It seems like she gets half my requests wrong. Siri could only answer 40% of the questions and of those she got only 80% of them right. An American digital agency called Stone Temple tested out all the different smart assistants with 5,000 general knowledge questions. Siri frustrates me.
But are they getting smarter fast enough? Smart assistants are getting smarter.

Is quadraphonic vinyl trying to make a comeback? It looks like it.

The presentation was in quad, mixed live by Ciani from the Buchla 200e, a twenty-first century recreation of the classic early-seventies synthesizer. Multi-channel sound didn’t return until digital technology came along, making it possible for 5.1 sound (at a minimum!) to be enjoyed on even the most basic home theatre setups. Kamran says he learned a valuable lesson while he was helping program Moogfest: “You found that you learned a lot by looking backward to look forward.” And when he saw the reaction to Ciani’s piece, he says, “Something clicked; I realized there was an opportunity here.” The result was that he wanted to release Ciani’s performance in an analog format that, much like the Buckla synthesizer, would harken back four decades ago: quadraphonic vinyl. A return to quad vinyl? The challenge, however, was to figure out how to make that happen. Beta, etc.). Discrete signals were sent to front left and right channels as well as rear speakers on the left and right. In today’s parlance, quad (which is what the cool kids called it) was 4.0 surround sound. The performance, recorded by Vance Galloway, was played back later that same year at the North Carolina Museum of Art at Moogfest. Keep reading. This is from ProSoundNetwork.com (via Chris)
Is the world ready for the return of quadraphonic vinyl records? Quad never really got off the ground. The format was problematic from the start. In March 2016, keyboardist, composer and sound designer Suzanne Ciani gave her first solo performance on a Buchla synthesizer in nearly 40 years, at Gray Area in San Francisco. Competing technologies didn’t help (think VHS vs. In the early 70s, quadraphonic records and amplifiers were briefly all the rage. It was just too expensive to produce and too expensive and cumbersome to enjoy. Not only were two more speakers and a special amplifier required, the source material needed to be encoded in quad. That also necessitated a special stylus for the turntable. New gear was required at every stage of the recording process so that it could be pressed onto special vinyl with four channels’ worth of music in the grooves. But what’s this? Long before 5.1 Surround, Doby ATMOs, DTX and THX, sound engineers sought to expand music listening beyond two stereo channels. KamranV, co-founder of Bedrock.LA, a multi-room rehearsal and production facility in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles and former president and CTO of Moogfest, believes the answer is yes.   By the middle 70s, quad was pretty much dead. There was also a dearth of quad vinyl.
It looks like it. Is quadraphonic vinyl trying to make a comeback?

If you love camping out at music festivals, have I got a vehicle for you

A German custom shop called Bochum is reinventing VW T6 Kombi minivans into a rolling party central for any music festival (or tailgate party, for that matter). An upgraded electrical system, thermal insulation and LED lighting. Camping out at a summer music festival can be fun, but not if you don’t like sleeping on the ground in a smelly, cold tent. Full details at NewAtlas.com. A massive sound system that pumps music both inside and out. A bamboo roof deck where you can sit in your lawn chairs. No idea. A disco ball that hangs over the side door.   But it won’t be cheap. Price? Features include:

Full camping amenities: sleeping area, kitchen, portable stove, fridge, sink, a 27-litre water tank, an outdoor shower, cabinetry and a table where four can dine in comfort. What you need is the new Volkswagen Discarvery [sic] Open Flair Edition. Full security system, including GPS tracker just in case someone tries to steal your party van.
If you love camping out at music festivals, have I got a vehicle for you

Got dirty vinyl? This new machine will clean things right up.

This new machine will clean things right up. Got dirty vinyl?
Read more here. This is why I’m intrigued by this new device called the Degritter which will go on sale May 8. While there are many solutions, they can be messy and cumbersome. Dust and static electricity can seriously gum up the works. Vinyl is wonderful, but it does attract crud.

Avicii’s family has issued a second statement about his death. Read what you will into this. UPDATE: Did he leave a suicide note?

Avicii’s family has issued a second statement about his death. Read what you will into this. UPDATE: Did he leave a suicide note?
He wanted to find peace. (Via Variety)
Meanwhile, The Sun thinks that the above means he left a suicide note. Read what you will into this. Authorities have already stated that criminal activity is not a consideration. Stockholm, 26 April 2018
Our beloved Tim was a seeker, a fragile artistic soul searching for answers to existential questions. He really struggled with thoughts about Meaning, Life, Happiness. The person you were and your music will keep your memory alive.We love you,
Your family
Avicii was found dead in his room at a luxury resort in Muscat, Oman, last Friday (April 20). Tim, you will forever be loved and sadly missed. An over-achieving perfectionist who travelled and worked hard at a pace that led to extreme stress. Three days after the family of EDM star Avicii (real name: Tim Berling) released a statement about his death asking for privacy, they’ve released a second statement.   When he stopped touring, he wanted to find a balance in life to be happy and be able to do what he loved most – music. He could not go on any longer. Tim was not made for the business machine he found himself in; he was a sensitive guy who loved his fans but shunned the spotlight.

Beer-chuggin’ Dave Grohl

Beer-chuggin’ Dave Grohl
Dave having a beer in Bossier City. CHUG! “CHUG! Chug! Chug! CHUG!”

Chug! 🍺 #concreteandgold #foofighters #davegrohl #chug #beer #burp #goodtothelastdrop
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New music from Tool. WAIT! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

What we hear in the video might be (1) a proper studio recording, which would be brand new; or (2) a soundboard recording of a live performance. And TOOL PREVIEWED SOME NEW MUSIC. After 35 ABBA announced a reunion and has promised two new songs, their first new music in 35 years. On the 12th anniversary of the release of the 10,000 Days album, a new song called “Descending” appeared in this clip promoting Tool’s upcoming music clinic tour. Still, Tool, right? The leaders of North and South Korea met face-to-face for the first time and promised to formally end the Korean War after 65 years. To be entirely fair, Tool has been known to perform a song called “Descending” on various tours over the year, so this may not be completely new. Three unbelievable things happened over the last twenty-four hours.
New music from Tool. WAIT! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?