It’s Record Store Day! Read this before you head out: 10 things you should know.

9. Plan your route
Go to the Record Store Day website and click on Participating Stores. 1894) in Cardiff, Wales. Take a list
Like grocery shopping, it’s always advisable to make a list of what you’re looking for lest you be overwhelmed by choice. And The Sheepdogs are this year’s Record Store Day Champions of Canada

8. 6. The BBC is hosting a broadcast from the store. 3. Run the Jewels are this year’s Record Store Day Ambassadors

7. So is this vinyl thing real? He deserves a rest after 46 years. 5. 4.Visit some old friends–and maybe say goodbye
Moondance, Canada’s oldest record store, is closing its one and only location in Peterborough, Ontario, this month.   Look! It’s not just about records, either
There are plenty of contests related to Record Store Day here in Canada. Stop in and wish Mike well. 2. You should also look at the official list of limited edition releases for Canada. 1. And here’s me talking about Record Store Day on Global News AM 640

BONUS: The Flaming Lips’ beer record
The Flaming Lips have always been a fan of releasing weird vinyl. 10. Today is the eleventh annual Record Store Day, the day when we celebrate the glories and pleasures of hanging around in a record store. Before you leave home, here are some things you should know. The oldest record store in the world is still going strong
No store has been selling records longer than Spillers Records (est. You’ll be taken to a map that shows the location of all the stores in your area. You can also search by city, country and store name. Here are a couple of charts from Statista to illustrate things. Jack White is the Lord of Vinyl
Here’s why. If you’ve got some disposable income, here’s a chance to pick up some vintage vinyl (lots of stores are having sales of existing stock) and to maybe find some cool limited edition releases. Yes. Here’s where you can download all manner of international lists. This year’s Record Store Day release is a record pressed with beer inside.
It’s Record Store Day! Read this before you head out: 10 things you should know.

Massive Attack is re-released their Mezzanine album in WHAT format? You’re kidding, right?

According to this article, a single gram of DNA can store up to 215 petabytes (215,000 gigabytes). Because threads of deoxyribonucleic acid nucleotides carry more information than anything else in the known universe. After all, DNA contains all the genetic information needed for every single living organism: growth, reproduction, development, functioning–the works. Or is this just a storage thing? Cool. Why DNA? Whenever I want to test out a set of speakers, I bring along a copy of Massive Attack’s meticulously produced 1998 album, Mezzanine. In a single gram. Using technology developed by STEM University ETH in Zurich, Mezzanine is going to be converted into 920,000 short DNA strands. These will then be stored in 5,000 glass spheres that are so small they’re measured in nanometres. That’s the equivalent to nearly 1700 128 GB smartphones. As far as I remember, this is not an option in the drop-down menu in iTunes. Last year, we heard about this song from Miles Davis being converted.  
  But what do you use to play it back? Rather than go down the usual paths of 180-gram vinyl, box sets and expanded editions, 3D and Daddy G went to a lab in Switzerland and had the whole album converted into DNA. That should be enough for some High-Def Audio. Yesterday (April 20) marked the 20th anniversary of the release of Mezzanine. If the speakers can faithfully produce the sonics of this compact disc, they’re worth considering. This is not the first time music has been encoded to DNA.
You’re kidding, right? Massive Attack is re-released their Mezzanine album in WHAT format?

Maynard James Keenan doesn’t talk to anyone. But he did talk to Lars Ulrich.

Maynard James Keenan doesn’t talk to anyone. But he did talk to Lars Ulrich.
Yesterday (April 20), A Perfect Circle released its first album in more than 13 years. While Maynard James Keenan doesn’t do many interviews, he did agree to talk to Lars Ulrich on his Beats 1 radio show.

Guitar nerd porn: Playing 37 pedals at the same time.

If that’s not enough for you, here’s what it’s like to play a guitar through ONE HUNDRED pedals at the same time. Guitarists interesting in outboard effects are always looking for new pedals. Samurai Guitarist wondered what it would sound like if he playing something through 37 switched-on pedals.
Guitar nerd porn: Playing 37 pedals at the same time.

New Music from the Inbox for April 23, 2018: The Tracys, The Honest Heart Collective, Eleanor Friedberger, & More!


Artist: Amanda Tenfjord
Song: “First Impression”
Album: Single

Trondheim, Norway-based pop-singer Amanda Tenfjord plans to release her debut EP later this year. This new single was inspired by front man Cammy Black’s time living between two busy pubs. They blend old school, west-coast 80s punk with modern pop-punk. Listen:

Artist: Ellie Schmidly
Song: “Wild is the Wind”
Album: Single

Off of her upcoming debut EP, Ellie Schmidly decided to cover this song from the 1957 George Cukor film of the same name after hearing a Nina Simone cover. Her debut single is catchy and full of sass. It takes inspiration from her time spent in Greece. Artist: The Tracys
Song: “I Hate Dancing”
Album: Humdinger

Brooklyn punk rockers the Tracys are full of personality and humour. Listen:

Artist: Eleanor Friedberger
Song: “Everything”
Album: Single

From her upcoming album, Eleanor Friedberger’s latest single is a pop song about a complicated subject: Everything. Listen:

Artist: 13 Crowes
Song: “Lady Luck”
Album: Single

Scottish rockers 13 Crowes pride themselves on having a great work ethic that allows them to make their music despite having very busy lives. Listen: Watch:

Artist: The Honest Heart Collective
Song: “Separate Ways”
Album: Single

Thunder Bay band The Honest Heart Collective are getting ready release their sophomore album. With an anthemic rock style, the songs from their new album are about the internal struggle between who you are and who you want to be. Her clear vocals soar over strings.
New Music from the Inbox for April 23, 2018: The Tracys, The Honest Heart Collective, Eleanor Friedberger, & More!

Japan goes retro as it remembers Bubble Era music

It was disco-y, electronic, and powered by drum machines and power chords. Need to know more? They dress ’80s, too: The shoulder pads are big, the skirts are mini and the hues are Day-Glo when they aren’t just plain shiny. Now, though, with Japan enjoying its best stretch of economy growth in a while, the sounds of Bubble Era music are coming back. “Now people recognize it as kind of a cool period.”
Kinda like disco, right? Masukodera, 32, wearing a tight blazer with jutting shoulder pads emblazoned with images of the Tokyo nightscape, paired with a miniskirt and gold jewelry. “That completely changed in the last few years,” she added. It was the last gasp of the 1980s, a time of Champagne, garish colors and bubbly disco dance-floor anthems, and the last time many people in Japan felt rich and ascendant. The New York Times has this feature. That turned out to be an economic bubble which, when it burst, sent Japan into a decades-long period of stagnation. Masukodera is helping to bring the rest of Japan’s bubble era back. The time had its own music, too. She performs in a pop-music duo called Bed In that borrows heavily from the keyboard lines, electric drums and power chords of the ’80s. There was a time in the 1980s when it looked like Japan was going to take over the world. Bed In is one of the everyone-old-is-new-again Bubble Era bands grabbing attention today. Bubble Era music fell into disrepute for years, probably because it was a reminder how the good times went bad so very, very quickly. Keep reading. Much like today’s Chinese companies, Japanese entities were on a buying spree, gobbling up assets around the planet. “Until a few years ago, most people saw the bubble period as a negative legacy, and it was considered quite tacky,” said Ms. Here’s a sample. A so-called Lost Decade and many economically stagnant years later, the family’s convertible and beach vacations are long gone — but Ms. Kaori Masukodera remembers, barely, riding as a child with her mother, her hair teased and her lips bright red, in the family’s convertible to the beach.
Japan goes retro as it remembers Bubble Era music

A great point: What will cannabis legalization mean for music?

A great point: What will cannabis legalization mean for music?
“This is uh, kinda weird, eh?” I said, searching for someone even slightly self-aware, to the woman behind the records. This is worth thinking about. Now that cannabis is moving towards legal status, what will that mean for music? But the connection has always been illicit, illegal and frowned-upon by the non-cannabis among us. You may have seen their posters around the city. There was a “hot box” photo booth in one corner and cardboard cut-outs of bongs on each table. The audience was made up of mostly white men, many of whom were wearing golf hats without even the tiniest wink of irony. “Cannabis is not a counter-culture movement anymore,” declares artist and musician Kristian North on the phone from Montreal. An enormous version hung on one side of the venue at the launch, reading, in enormous letters: Beer Today. On a cool evening this past winter, Markham cannabis producer MedReleaf unveiled the first official branding for a legal, recreational weed company at Toronto’s Opera House. To skirt legalities (after all, recreational pot isn’t legal yet), San Rafael ‘71 launched with a beer: 4:20 Pale Ale – with 4.20 per cent alcohol – was made by Amsterdam Brewing, and it’s available in stores. If everyone’s doing it, it’s not really counter-culture anymore, right? Dundas West’s Dead Dog Records hosted a pop-up with crates of vinyl on offer on the other side. Weed and music have been intimately connected for decades, centuries, even. That’s the premise of this article in NOW magazine. Keep going. Inside, a white Bob Marley cover band called Mob Barley & the Railers played an enthusiastic but seemingly endless rendition of every Greatest Hits track, from No Woman No Cry to Get Up, Stand Up. But she just laughed, like a true professional, and politely smiled. Bong Tomorrow.

Tom Cochrane’s Humboldt Broncos version of “Big League” is now available

Tom Cochrane’s Humboldt Broncos version of “Big League” is now available
The fund will support players, families, employees and volunteers as well as emergency service personnel and EMT first responders–basically anyone directly affected by the accident. Click on the image to get/hear the song. After we heard the horrible news of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash that claimed so many lives, Tom Cochrane appeared on TSN singing a special version of “Big League,” the ultimate Canadian hockey song, altering the lyrics to reflect what happened. All proceeds from this version of “Big Leag” will be funneled to the Humboldt Strong Community Foundation, which is the newly-created memorial fund. That recording is now available via Universal Music Canada.

Weekly Survey. You’re God’s promoter. What’s your all-time fantasy dream gig?

You have been appointed as God’s promoter. That means you can choose from any artist, living or dead from any era. Go on. What would your ultimate show be? After running through a bunch of permutations, my night would look like this:

6:30 doors open
7:30: Oasis (Knebworth 1995 lineup)
8:30: The Clash (as they were immediately following the release of London Calling)
9:45: The Beatles (circa early 1969)

I realize that the Clash kinda sticks out, but I don’t care. I’ll start. Cast your own gig. And this isn’t just any gig. If you could put together the ultimate fantasy gig: a pre-opener, opener and headliner–how would that look? This is an extremely speculative weekly survey question, one that is very simple but at the same time very hard.
You’re God’s promoter. What’s your all-time fantasy dream gig? Weekly Survey.