Random music news for Saturday, April 14, 2018

Or else. Rod Stewart paid tribute to the Humboldt Broncos at a show in Calgary this week. Good story: Five musical geniuses who overcame physical disabilities. Your data is being sold, too. Huey Lewis and the News has canceled all 2018 gigs because Huey can’t hear. A Mariah Carey memoir? You know Katy Perry’s plan to purchase that convent? They had 12 employees arrested. That could be weird. This reminds me: It’s time to watch Scarface again. Apple hates leakers. Advertisers are going after podcasts. Maybe Apple’s HomePod speaker isn’t selling so well. The doc-style TV drama, Autopsy: The Last Hours Of… is set to tackle the death of Chris Cornell. Go home, polar vortex. That’s all I’ve got–other than these music news items for April 14, 2018. (Via Tom) Art Bell, the former host of the late-night radio show Coast to Coast, has died at 72. Here’s how the money is being spent. Here are my weekly music picks for Global News. You’re drunk. Nuns are appealing all the way up to the pope to make her stop. He’s a hockey dad, too. An interesting auction: the doors to the rooms used by Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and Leonard Cohen at the Chelsea Hotel in New York have been sold for big money. If you’re going to go on an international tour, make sure you have all the proper permits. Fruit Punch Music is a streaming music service just for kids. Did you ever have a MySpace account? If you listen to music on SoundCloud, you might like this new mini-player that allows you listen while you browse. This is interesting.
Random music news for Saturday, April 14, 2018

Once again: No, Apple is NOT abandoning iTunes music sales

Once again: No, Apple is NOT abandoning iTunes music sales
Things just took off from there. The story has one main source. “It’s very simple.”
That was enough for stories to appear with headlines like Apple will kill iTunes and stop selling music downloads, boss Jimmy Iovine admits. 2. 1. However, DMN has been rabbiting on about “sources” inside Apple saying that the company had plans to shut down iTunes beginning on March 31, 2019. None of the sources have been named. Nevertheless, people have taken that date as gospel. People then freaked out over a throwaway quote. Apple’s Jimmy Iovine’s quote deep in a BBC article about streaming has been given far too much credence. The main source for the story is Digital Music News, a fine site that I read every day. That’s right, one. I quote:
Apple has previously denied rumours it would “phase out” the iTunes download store next year, but Iovine told the BBC such a move was inevitable. How long did Steve Jobs say Apple wasn’t working on a mobile phone or a tablet? Case closed. 3. (Then again, Apple has had a track record of denying things until they actually happen. Apple has now had to calm the waters
British paper The Sun managed to get an Apple spokesman to deny all the we’re-killing-iTunes rumours on the record. Let’s kill off this rumour about Apple killing off iTunes next year once and for all. Hmm….)
  There is no concrete timescale, but he said: “If I’m honest, it’s when people stop buying.

The yodeling boy of Walmart performed at Coachella. The Internet is both confused and bemused.

The Internet is both confused and bemused. The yodeling boy of Walmart performed at Coachella.
😂🤠🤠 pic.twitter.com/BIBqv3UEFo
— paul.psd (@pauldonatelli) April 13, 2018 ur welcome everyone. and it happened. i love u mason and i love the internet pic.twitter.com/VSjLjS9mU4
— eric turtle (@dubstep4dads) April 13, 2018

yo @whethanmusic just brought out the yodel kid at coachella!! after the yodel kid followed me i dmed him to try and get him to come out as whethans guest at coachella. He did. No, seriously. Mason Ramsey, the 11-year-old who has recently come to the Internet’s attention for his insistence on yodeling Hank Williams songs in the aisles of Walmart, has made his Coachella debut.

Coachella and the concept of “booking green bananas”

Organizers made the call that hip-hop and R&B would rule with their audience, so they’ve pivoted away from their traditional rock-based lineup. Saturday

You could make a case that Coachella got Sir Sly cheap. A year ago, no one knew much about her. But what about the second, third and four-tier bands you need to fill out your lineup? That’s a healthy loss of $460,000. On the flip side, is Haim really that much of a draw? Promoters spend a lot of time looking for acts that they hope will blow up (or be close to it) by the time the festival rolls around. Here’s where it helps to be psychic. When she was first approached months ago, her people negotiated a performance fee of $70,000 per weekend for a total of $140,000. You just dangle shipping containers full of money on front of them. Friday

Greta Van Fleet is heading towards something big but at the time they were signed for Coachella 2018, they only qualified to be mentioned in the second-smallest font. And it’s even worse when you consider that there are other costs: musicians, travel, roadies, and other staff. This is where the concept of “booking green bananas” comes in. Because she’s committed to delivering a top-level gig to her fans, she has no choice but to spend $600K on Coachella while only reaping $140,000. Her stage show has expanded with her star status and now tours with a production that costs $300,000 per show. In other words, she’ll be down half a million for the opportunity to play Coachella. That seemed like a lot of money back then, but given her current status, she could have commanded a much higher fee. Because there is so much worldwide competition for acts during the precious summer months, promoters have to read a lot of tea leaves if they’re going to put together an event that will sell tickets. That means nailing down bands months and months in advance. Sunday

Cardi B. They may be obscure today, but in 6-9 months time, the hope that their career trajectory will have made them household names. Booking festivals is a tricky thing, part social science, part data analysis and part voodoo. This brings us to Cardi B. Yes, a promoter will want to secure big-name headliners. Those are easy. Today, though, she’s one of the most-talked-about pop stars on the planet and a highlight of this year’s Coachella. Is it just me or have they failed to live up to the hype?  
  Meanwhile, Cardi B finds herself in a quandary. ‘Nuff said. Turns out they were bang on. Let’s talk a look at the 2018 Coachella poster and see if we can’t find any other green bananas. The whole weekend

Compare this year’s Coachella with previous editions. Good call, that. But which acts? Coachella recognized her as a “green banana” and ended up with a superstar act for a pittance.
Coachella and the concept of “booking green bananas”

Chris Cornell’s widow tells Dr. Oz about what she learned about Soundgarden’s final show

Oz about what she learned about Soundgarden’s final show Chris Cornell’s widow tells Dr.
As soon as he turned around, I saw a huge bald spot in the back of his head. Oz last week to discuss Chris’ suicide, including his behavior during Soundgarden’s last show.  
  The photographer sent that to me and said, ‘I didn’t notice until I noticed.’ His bandmates also saw it, they saw there was a weird bald spot on his head. He couldn’t sing from note one, he was trying really hard, he walked off stage a few times, he was clearly struggling, he forgot words to songs. Here’s a transcript of some of what she said. During the interview, Vicky tells of what she learned about that last Soundgarden show. I didn’t know about that, so I looked at footage from the show, it was the first time I did it, at some point in July. If you’d like to review it first, take a look at the video. It was not a Soundgarden show, it was not a Chris Cornell show. You can watch an excerpt of the interview here. At one point in the conversation, things took a detour to a “strange bald spot” on the back of Chris’ head. It was at the Fox Theatre in Detroit on May 16, 2017. Vicky Cornell appeared on Dr. I thought uh oh, maybe this has been photoshopped, so I sent messages out to his bandmates and Soundgarden’s photographer, and I asked if anyone saw anything. (Via Alternative Nation)
Even from crew members, and people who have been on tour with him for over 10 years, and fans pretty much said the same thing.