Random music news for Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Random music news for Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Jet lag is real. Wow. Gavin Rossdale got a little more than he bargained for during a Bush concert the other night. Spotify, Deezer and SoundCloud have all been sued by an Internet troll. Spice Girl survey, That’s all I can be arsed to write. Ted Nugent, Second Amendment man. I’m still so dizzy from the time change (12 time zones!) that I’m not even sure that this is, in fact, April 10, 2018. Sure, voice control is cool for smart speakers and other devices, but this is a much more fun use of the technology. Who knew? Interesting fact: The B-52s prompted John Lennon to come out of retirement. Fascinating theory: the death of Martin Luther King gave birth to hip-hop. Priscilla thinks so. Ed Sheeran didn’t get quite the emergency treatment he expected when he broke his arm. Whatever the case, his replacements have already been named. Can a tribute album save a career? Manchester is planning a singalong to commemorate one year since the concert bombing. CHVRCHES saved a music school that ran out of funding. Did it Elvis kill himself? Canadian music sales vs. U2 is apparently rehearsing for their Songs of Experience tour in Laval, Quebec. Never thought of this before: The barriers facing deaf and disabled fans when it comes to buying concert tickets. Or was he fired? An Australian DJ who head-butted an ex-Prime Minister is going to jail for six months. Lindsey Buckingham has left Fleetwood Mac. Here’s some music news–and damn, there’s a lot going on. Security, you understand. Jay-Z and Beyonce are building a big compound their $88 million Bel-Air mansion. this time last year: Total albums, -25.5%; digital albums, -23.6%; digital tracks, -19.8%; physical albums, -26.7%; CDs, -30.9%; vinyl, 47,9%; streaming, +55.5%. Yes, it can.

New Music From The Inbox – Tuesday Edition! (Apr 10, 2018): West Thebarton, HALFNOISE, Donny Benét, and more!

New Music From The Inbox – Tuesday Edition! (Apr 10, 2018): West Thebarton, HALFNOISE, Donny Benét, and more!

Artist: The Elation
Song: “XO”
Album/EP: Clickbait

It’s funky! Even has a bit of an early-career Against Me! Watch/Listen: 

Artist: Dorsal Fins
Song: “Ascension”
Album/EP: Single

An ethereal, spiralling, entrancingly colourful instrumental from hiatus-bound Dorsal Fins, “Ascension” is quite the hypnotic ride. Polished and peppy with just enough of a touch of indie rock to feel familiar, this is the kind of tune to mix in to a Friday night playlist and start the evening off on a high. Did you know that founding member Zac Farro is also in a one-man side project? Shifting between darkness and jubilation without every really landing for long on a comfortable theme or trope, this track is quite the sonic journey. vibe to it. Watch/Listen: 

Song: “All That Love Is”
Album/EP: Flowerss

Remember Paramore? But that’s kind of how life works, isn’t it? Except it’s executed so well that Teflon Don is also a sincere recreation of a bygone shag carpeting era. It’s dancy! Pulsating and rhythmic, “XO” might be the name of the tune but the band’s title might more accurately portray the overall tone of this single. Gravelly garage rock with twinges of grunge, psych and plenty of anthemic energy to share is the flavour of the week in their latest release. In any case, don’t let the falsetto sing-alongs fool you, but don’t feel guilty for enjoying them either. Watch/Listen: 

Artist: Donny Benét
Song: “Love Online”
Album/EP: The Don

Hey PornHub, you folks looking for a theme song? Watch/Listen:  Trebly alt rock borrowing heavy influences from mid-00s garage indie, the lyrical content explores a far darker existentialism than the instrumentals necessarily reflect. Artist: West Thebarton
Song: “Stuck On You”
Album/EP: Different Beings Being Different

Big beautiful noise coming from the brash 7-piece from Australia, West Thebarton show why they’re one to watch with “Stuck On You”. And before you know it over 5 minutes have passed and you’re still not quite sure what the trip meant, but in this case the journey is the destination. “All That Love Is” is the newest funky release from the band, a low-key glitzy single that gets creative with glimmering guitars, bittersweet happy/sad dynamics, and some ever-present bongo drums. It’s poppy! It’s fast! Watch/Listen: 

Artist: Hotel Mira
Song: “3 AM Lullaby”
Album/EP: Single

Rebranded from previous band name JPNSGRLS, Hotel Mira’s latest single “3 AM Lullaby” is not exactly the soothing song you’d expect. A beautifully thick bass line, a seriously slick synth, and the dad bod to end all dad bods (usually we don’t consider the video, but this is a special occasion) oozes confidence, suaveness, but most importantly some sincerely silly fun. “Love Online” seems like a 70s-funk pastiche on the surface, but deep down its an intensely catchy tune – satire notwithstanding.

Looking to jazz up your written correspondence? There are new fonts based on the handwriting of Kurt Cobain, David Bowie and John Lennon

There are new fonts based on the handwriting of Kurt Cobain, David Bowie and John Lennon Looking to jazz up your written correspondence?
Arial leaving you a bit cold? You can also get fonts based on the handwriting of Serge Gainsborough and Leonard Cohen. Bowie’s looks like this. Bored with Helvetica? Created by Julien Sens and Nicolas Damiens, they say “Songwriting is about inspiration. The Songwriters fonts have been created to give songwriters inspiration.  
  Then maybe it’s time to investigate the Songwriters Font project. Calibri not doing it for you anymore? And if you want to write like Lennon, download this. Writing lyrics with the handwriting of influential songwriters helps imagination to develop.”
Here, for example, is the Kurt Cobain font chart available for free download. Write songs as the ones who inspired you before.

It’s not just musicians who are having their stuff pirated. It’s novelists, too.

It’s not just musicians who are having their stuff pirated. It’s novelists, too.
The scumbags behind sites like these and others simply scrape the ebooks found on Amazon and other digital sites and then re-sell them. Her publisher–a small house based out of the UK–has been no help at all. What’s galling, though, is the piracy of my wife’s books. All those hours of writing, rewriting and editing are being stolen and sold on sites like this. And how frustrating is it for her to know that people would rather go through the trouble of acquiring the books from an illegal site than paying $2.99 for a legitimate ebook. Her last royalty cheque for six months’ worth of sales was just under $100. I’m sure many musicians can relate. That, however, doesn’t give anyone anywhere a license to steal. So here’s a plea: It’s tough enough being a writer in the digital era. And if you or someone you know is into well-written, well-crafted chicklit, take a look at The Wife’s work. They’re all very, very good with great characters, exotic locales, celebrity, food and plenty of sex. (I confess that it was a bit weird reading those passages. Without a powerful agent, a big publisher,  mightly promotional dollars, and a lot of luck the books reached a sales plateau and stalled. She’s been very good at sourcing out these pirate sites–most seem to be in Eastern Europe–and sending them threatening emails. Whoa.)

In an alternate universe, all the books are bestsellers with every one of them being optioned for movies starring A-level stars. Barts. Requests for assistance in crushing these illegal sites have been met with a shrug. Think The Wife gets a cut of any of this? Did all that that come from my wife’s head? But the publishing racket is just as difficult as music. Many lose money writing books and only do it because it’s their passion. Such is the lot of the artist. Nope.  
  To everyone else, f*ck you. You won’t be disappointed. [Graphic from CNET]
A couple of years ago when she was between jobs, my wife started working on a series of romance novels set on the Caribbean island of St.

Why do bass players always look so bored?

Danny forwards us this video that explores the phenomenon. With the exception of Flea, that seems to be the stereotype. Ever notice that the bass player in the band seems to be the most bored person onstage?
Why do bass players always look so bored?