Is the CD dead? Let’s take a look.

This is from Audiophile Review. I was recently paying for some new music at what is one of the remaining few, and perhaps best known brick and mortar stores in Charlotte to purchase music – Manifest Discs. Pundits would have everyone hopefully believe the compact disc, affectionately known since 1982 as the “CD,” is destined to become a memory of how music used to be. I’ll admit when I read both Target and Best Buy, once bastions of CD sales, will discontinue selling them, I could not help but imagine if this was the beginning of the end of “perfect sound forever.” Will it come to pass that “forever” only lasted slightly north of thirty years? It will ultimately and unceremoniously become relegated to the same place as the 8-track tape – wherever that may be. I was asking the manager how business was doing and the reply, not surprisingly, was “not too bad.” When I inquired further, he did admit sales of new CD’s were mostly stagnant, used CD’s were robust but not especially growing, and the only real growth was in LP’s, both new and used. If you go back to today’s Random Music News, you’ll see that CD sales have taken another huge dump, dropping more than 30% from this point next year. Are sales of physical, hold in your hands CD’s declining – replaced by the popular and ever growing practice of streaming? If recent developments in two of the nation’s largest retailers yields any clue, one certainly must wonder. Probably so. So here’s the question: Is the CD dead? Is this a microcosm of what is occurring across the US? Keep reading.
Is the CD dead? Let’s take a look.

Random music news for Thursday, April 5, 2018

Random music news for Thursday, April 5, 2018
Here’s how it happened. A BIG one. Right. Time to start guessing about what Apple is going to call the next iPhone. Yes. Mick Jagger may be 74, but he still likes to bust a move. Nope. That’s the only explanation. Reverend Adele? North Korea says its sorry over banning the press from a concert in Pyongyang. Meanwhile, Amazon’s Alexa is coming to Fire tablets. (Via Tom)
This could be the first time an album makes it back onto the charts because of an Internet meme.  Back to Apple: Props to Vulfbeck for landing a cool synch deal. It looks like Billie Joe Armstrong has a new band outside of Green Day. Radio is still doing fine, thank you. Beware making music videos because as Bon Jovi says, a bad one can ruin a career. The Beatles animated film, Yellow Submarine, is coming back to theatres for its 50th anniversary. Sixty years ago today, there was a big underwater boom in Canada. Whale jazz. Speaking of old stars, get ready for a lot more Elvis thanks to HBO. Seriously. When Sting acquires a New York apartment, he doesn’t mess around. Let’s see what’s booming in music news for April 5, 2018. Timesuck quiz: Can you identify the guitars on these classic album covers. Not that one. Let’s be honest: Facebook tricked us into giving it all our data. Can you imagine U2 and Guns N’ Roses touring together? That’s rare. Which streaming music service pays artists the best? Aliens. And will it have a curved screen? It almost happened.

New Music From The Inbox: Hop Along, Finneas, Tommy Down, and more!


Artist: Decora
Song: Can’t Speak
This is a sweet and elegant rap song about “the relationship we’ve all had or are currently in that doesn’t fit our character.” It also marks his first time singing on a track! The delicacy of the beginning brings attention and appreciation to the full ending and the whole song is honestly just beautiful. It instantly hits with its strikingly dynamic and sensitive vocals and soft piano melodies before adding rolling drums, bass, and harmonies. Listen:


Artist: Finneas
Song: Heaven

This synth-pop track is absolutely mesmerizing with its dark, brooding synths and haunting melodies. Listen: Down says that “The track tries to act as an analogy. Yet in spite of knowing this; we don’t seem to care and almost revel in being like this,” a message he puts across in a fun way in the lyrics. It tries to show how our generation is fully aware of how narcissistic and unhealthy it can be. The vocals are expressive and honest, the string parts are dynamic and light, and the upbeat drums and acoustic guitar keep it moving the whole way through. Watch/Listen:

Artist: Tommy Down
Song: Superficial

This song isn’t super busy and honestly it has enough going on with it’s absolutely undeniable hooks and groovy guitar. Artist: Hop Along
Song: Prior Things
Album: Bark Your Head Off, Dog
This song is really sweet but also has an edge to it that makes it super interesting. Listen:

Artist: IAKO
Song: Queen Of Balance
This song works in kind of two parts. I challenge you to try not to move along while listening to this- it’s impossible.
New Music From The Inbox: Hop Along, Finneas, Tommy Down, and more!

When They Awake premiere: Indigenous musicians come to the fore

Facebook event shared here. From hip-hop to rock to EDM, established as well as emerging native musicians are working with these genres to tell their stories and When They Awake serves as the fly on the wall to this generation of artists, as they tear up the rules when it comes to melodic storytelling. Twitter event shared here. – AC]
On April 22nd the Regent Theatre in Toronto will be premiering a film that not only documents the exceptional talents of many indigenous musicians, but also gives voice to a music scene that refuses to go unheard, and man oh man are people listening. With 20+ artists, featuring A Tribe Called Red, Tanya Tagaq, Leela Gilday and ISKWE’, When They Awake rocks the music industry with the raw truth behind the lyrics, a moment and movement like no other for Indigenous North American musicians. Tickets are available here. [Another report from correspondent Elisa F.G. The Toronto premiere will also include a post-screening Q&A with its inspiring filmmaker P.J. Marcellino and a special live performance by Juno nominated artist Iskwe. When They Awake is a documentary that follows Indigenous musicians working with their music, and through their music, to channel the pain of the past, and turn it into powerful tunes for the future.
When They Awake premiere: Indigenous musicians come to the fore

Props for Def Leppard for this new online ad

Props for Def Leppard for this new online ad
Def Leppard is touring with Journey this summer–plus all their music is finally available on digital music services. That calls for a commercial.

If you’re dragged into a conversation about Spotify’s debut on the stock market, here are five talking points.

Call it the world’s most valuable music company. 4. The NYSE made a stupid mistake. In fact, it may be bigger than the entire music industry. In a big oopsie, someone ordered that the Swiss flag be hung, not the Swedish one. As of this week, Spotify is trading on the stock market and it’s the only thing the industry is talking about. 5. The major labels made out like bandits
Unless you were plugged into Spotify’s financials, you wouldn’t have known that the major labels had equity positions in Spotify. If you should find yourself caught in a conversation on the topic, here are a few talking points that will make it sound you know what you’re talking about. All this money is good for Spotify, but won’t mean much to musicians. Spotify has yet to turn any kind of profit. Its costs are huge. 7. 6. It’s also bigger than companies like Hewlett-Packard, General Mills and Yum Brands (Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, KFC, etc.)
2. The company is awash in cash, but will any of that impact musicians? Spotify is unbelievably freakin’ HUGE
To put that into perspective, Spotify is worth more than Universal, Sony and Warner combined. Sony’s stake is $1.5 billion. And another. Part of the reason this offering was such a success is that Wall Street is worried
Spotify’s IPO/DPO is one of the few huge offerings in sight and the guys in suspenders are concerned. And another. You have to wonder how the relationship between Spotify and the majors may change going forward…
3. Are the good times nearing an end? The New York Times takes a look. Spotify shares took a dump on day two, but…
…that was just the expected profit-taking. When a new company debuts on the NYSE, the flag of its nation of origin is flown. 1. Here’s one opinion on that. Probably not–at least not yet. That included Sony, which sold off some of its Spotify holdings. Spotify still has a huge mountain to climb. And it’s being hacked on the deep web. If you’re into reading what financial analysts are thinking, go here.
If you’re dragged into a conversation about Spotify’s debut on the stock market, here are five talking points.