Tory Lanez – March 2nd

Second cycle, the kid is movin’ like Billy Idol
Been backstabbed by niggas I used to smoke with
Loyal to them so I wait back for ’em like they my niggas
I came from real situations
Been grindin’, finding my way in so much bros like the Wayans
I spit this shit from way back for ’em
Niggas got clapped for little insinuations, time and impatience
Niggas got clapped before the day end
In a Bentley smokin’ on a fat 20, jealous niggas don’t offend me, Dior dripped in the Fendi
As far as rap I’m not the one to toe-to-toe with or go at it blow for blow with the silly shit no for no with
I done lost some good girls and niggas that I would cope with
I do it for the family OGs that never sent me on mission when I was down to put clip in and leave it empty and work
Tux black as the strap I’m using to hit the rival
It’s young Fargo
To walking through the city and niggas screaming I did it
"I’ll come back" but never came back for ’em
Put 20k on the tab and buss it up every time, you get me?
I made it this far as a great tastemaker without a spread from Complex and them covers that come in from FADER
With some past due W’s that I’m still entitled
I’m at tables with mans you love it
City love me I treat it like it’s a bridal
Calculating this vision, I sum it up for the grind
So ’til that day, still at war, I’m still at pay
Never change boy, we still that way
I’m blessed, when I think about who shot at me and missed
I promise when I got it I’d fuck it up for the times
When we was both dealing, I used to throw in the pigeon
This for niggas that told me
Fuck it, I made it from buckets
I ain’t trippin’ ’bout who got at me and dissed
Sometime it weigh me down whenever they try weigh in
It taught me get my money in lump sums
Knowin’ they isn’t, these niggas so insufficient
Slept in the rugged seats of a Civic
Last album was great but I know this one is greater
I guess, that mean nothing when niggas start coexisting
Money on the line, its money all on my mind
The city I come from, taught me that there’s nothing to run from
In the day out, in the day in, shooters on say when